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Don't Let the Goofy Name Fool You!

Don't let the name fool you - this is a serious company with serious, dedicated employees.

We recently switched to this host at a friend's recommendation and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. I almost feel a little guilty giving this site all 10's like I'm cheating the system somehow, but everything has genuinely been fantastic.

The customer service responses to ANY ticket I've submitted - even my tickets marked "low priority" - has never exceeded three hours in spite of the difference in time zones (the company is located in Britain and I'm in America), and most of the time they have a "live chat" option available for even more immediate assistance.

I spoke to them about customizing my plan because I wanted additional features that were outside of anything that they provided in packages or add-ons and they were helpful and willing to accommodate my specific needs.

I admit that I was reluctant to switch to this company because of the silly name - I just could not take a company named BigWetFish seriously - but their technical support, customer service, and overall service is no joke. If you've been jerked around by hosting companies in the past and are sick of it, this is going to be a really refreshing change for you.

Biggest Pro: Customer service/tech support
Biggest Con: Silly name


When I came to BigWetFish I had come from a long line of frustrating hosting experiences. I got frustrated over and over again, and it caused a bigger headache than it was worth. A friend of mine is a web developer, and he suggested I use BigWetFish. BigWetFish also offered me a coupon code for a cheaper rate to come for the first month with no obligation. They also offered a trial, which was awesome. I was pleased with this.

I had a few site issues, most were my fault. They fixed these issues. When my server had problems, they were on it almost as fast as I was able to report it. They have notified me about server issues about things I did not even notice. They're upfront about the server administration, the backend, and are extremely reliable. As a customer, I greatly appreciate this. People don't realize how hard it is to manage a server.

The staff are friendly, fun loving, and fans of the internet. They treat me like a person, as if they're a small host only hosting a few people, but, in reality they're a growing and kicking host that has managed to keep great customer service. Now if you look around people recommend them right and left. There is a good reason for this. I'm one of them. This was the best host I found. I don't have headaches and frustrations now from hosting problems.

It was worth the move to BigWetFish. Greatly worth it. Their cost is amazingly affordable. They don't make high promises, their Terms are straightforward. I love all of these. If I have a simple odd question, they're patient enough to answer.

Biggest Pro: affordable and high quality

Highly Recommended

Excellent value for money, reliable, flexible packages, superb customer service - what more could you want from a host?

An inexperienced user may find the controlpanel a little clumsy, but from a web designer/reseller's point of view, that's a good thing - we don't want everyone to get the hang of it or we'd be out of work...

Biggest Pro: Customer service
Biggest Con: The name (it's a bit rubbish)

BIg Wet Fish Hosting

I have been using big wet fish for a number of years to host several different websites. I would thorougly reccommend them to anyone who is looking for a web host. Their packages are rock bottom anually paid fees and you get a free domain when buying a package. For all the time I have used them, there has been 100% uptime, websites always max out a visitors connection, they have so many payment methods it's very easy to pay, it's the best value after looking around and they've replied to all of my emails within at the most 24 hours, or 6 hours if it's urgent!

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