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Overall RatingFootnote 2 73.4%
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Really good from what i've seen so far.

I signed up to hone some skills at PHP and MySql while going through a book. You know, just to do some samples, and i didn't want to put together another server at home to play with.

So after a bit of a search, i found Awardspace. I have been completely happy with the service, the Faq, the forum, it's all been wonderful. There's some old messages on the forum about when a free server went down, and how quickly they recovered it, and nobody lost information (from what i read). I though "wow, that's something for a free place".

As my skills improve, i'll be moving to a paid account with them, not only for the "comfort level" of already worked with them, but also their paid accounts are very reasonable from what i've seen out there.

Biggest Pro: free service, good forum community
Biggest Con: As with any free hosting option, i worry about them closing their doors at some point in the future.

Nice host

Good host, I like it, very simple and functional. I like it because it is very simple and I can handle it without any problem. I would make it better by making some kind of folder browser instead of the independent process with each folder... anyway it's ok in this way but it could be improved. Very stable, most of the time online, sometimes slow but most of the time is fast...

Biggest Pro: ITS FREE
Biggest Con: Sometimes its slow

Excellent Service for the Price - FREE

As a non-profit, public service organization with no budget, a free hosting service is a great thing.

We needed a method of electronic data distribution and, of course, a web page is the best way to go.

For our needs, has been a real lifesaver in that we can use the tools to easily edit pages.

In addition, PHP scripting is an excellent feature.

Biggest Pro: Scripting for free accounts!

I'm happy with this

I must admit I was a bit skeptical with a _free_ site hosting account, and I wasn't expecting much.

I was surprised though after setting up hosting for a site idea. Everything went smooth and the tools and services offered were a lot more than I needed.

I will be definitely upgrading my account.

Biggest Pro: tools and services offered for free
Biggest Con: sometimes hard to get to what you want to do through the upgrade offers

Great free Service

i started with just basic html.

as i learned php and mysql awardspcae supported all my needs.

and i was in for a pleasent surprize when i could install joomla can you believe everything for free, you just cant beat that.

i am a student and have learned a lot about website development the various technologies and some of the fine tricks.

awardspace is perfect with me.

i did try a few others like 700megs but was disappointed by the servers going down ever so often no such things with awardspace

though the ftp service can be improved

overall its great

Biggest Pro: Joomla 1.5.7 supported
Biggest Con: slow ftp

Absolutely solid

At the beginning what impressed me was the good service for free, NO ADS that was WONDERFUL in fact thats the main reason I'm here and that's why I decide to purchase a hosting , THE FIRST provider to consider from a very positive point of view indeed was awardspace. Keep up the good work guys, the image and impression of your strategy in thee market is very nice, since most of the competitors are too aggressive and money oriented when trying to promote a free service, while you guys make it happen as a positive experience (no ads, no time expiring all kind of file types and a wide tolerance to positive and useful content, no porn or anything else allowed that contributes to destroy social morale and education) the fact of new customers finding a chance to try their luck on the net while promoting your name and outstanding services. Furthermore, I was once late with my first payment for a couple of days and they still allowed my sites to stay up and running, which is something I highly appreciate. I wish u all the best of luck. One last thing, I don't know if this is possible, but if they could do a multiple selection interface, cause its really tiring upload the files one by one and browse for each one of them. Once again, good luck of all of you. Joei

Biggest Pro: Great customer service
Biggest Con: the prices could be a bit cheaper

Review about awardspace

Hi there, I found approximately an year ago.At the beginning was a bit skeptical weather to go ahead or not but I finally decided to give them a chance and when I sign up I was highly impressed with the service they are offering right at the beginning. Not only 200MB disc space and 5Gb traffic for the free account but also scripts php,perl, cgi, not to mention that you have all kind of applications and add ons with the paid account to which I upgraded a few months after I signed up. And the best of all is the 100% dedicated support they are offering. The only issue I had there was that sometimes i had connection issues with my database and and this was when I was on a free account. After I upgraded I literally forgot about issue because it has not happened since. What can I say A big thank you from a really happy customer.

Awardspace user

A word from a VERY satisfied AwardSpace user. I've been with them for 9 months now and I can't wait to renew for 2 years more, coz I know I'm getting all I'd ever need with these guys. The most reliable service and all the attention I could ever want I get with Awardspace. I know many of you out there are looking for a reliable customer oriented web host, and I know how many companies pretend to be such with slogans on their homepages, but that doesn't really count, and you know it. Just try AwardSpace out and you'll want to thank me for the recommendation :P

Award Space is Alright.

I have been with award space for a few weeks now and am pretty pleased. The only real minor complaint I have had so far with Award Space is the server has seemed to load pages somewhat slow at times, but this is not the case all the time. I am not sure if everyone has had similar problems or if its just me, but that is really the biggest complaint I have had over all. Other than that I haven't experienced any down time with them. As of now I am satisfied with the service and would recommend it to others as I continue to use it.

Biggest Pro: good value
Biggest Con: connection speed lagging at certain times.

Great free shared host

I was looking for a host which offer free hosting with absolutely no advertisements, yes, no advertisements from the host. I did research and read many reviews and found "AwardSpace" to be reasonable. I gave a try. I am not disappointed so far. Think I like is with one accound you have host more than one domain. I am planning to put my second domain also with AwardSpace. They have a nice file manager for online editing. I like their multiple file upload. However, you may have to bare their adds while managing your webpage, that is while editing file, uploading file etc., but absolutely no forced adds. I would recommend to any body who want free hosting with basic features.

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