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Awardspace is unreliable

We've been on awardspace for over a year and we are not happy with the service we are receiving. We are on the highest level of paid plan that they have. The servers go down at LEAST once a week unexpectedly, with no warning. They work for a while but then all of a sudden everything just stops. All of the sites go down, and I can't even log in at the control panel from awardspace's website to submit a support ticket to resolve the issue. It is SO bad for business when your websites that you depend on (for making money and selling product!) just disappear without warning. Yes, Awardspace is a bargain in terms of money, but you have to ask yourself -- how much money does it actually COST your business when your website just goes down with no warning and stays down for the entire day?!?!?!?

I would NOT recommend Awardspace for any serious business. And I am currently searching for an alternative to awardspace, so if anyone has any GOOD, RELIABLE suggestions, I'm all ears.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Unreliable, Slow connections, Goes down with no warning, First level support is CRAP.

The best webhosting service

I've had AwardSpace for about 3 years now. After 2 years I upgraded too the 200 GB hosting plan (which is the biggest).

Their customer service is really great. They have helped me alot and I got free domain names even I didn't signup for a new account when that offer was. (Really helpful and friendly customer service)

I've recommended AwardSpace to alot of my friends.

There are some cons with the free hosting plan, but the paid is awesome! You can change your php.ini file and set your own settings and everything. I'm impressed how well everything is, it's even easy to set up your own email accounts and alot of features.

The Best Hosting Service Ever

I've been with awardspace for almost two years now (and surely for many more years to come)and in this two years I couldn't find another hosting provider on the net that offers the same level of service like awardspace. I've used the support ticket a couple of times and the guys there were great. The uptime is great, and also all the other services. My site never down and also I can truly recommend the paid or free account on awardspace to anyone out there who wants a reliable and excellent website hosting service.

Than You

Pieter Coetzee

Biggest Pro: Uptime, MySQL DB, Everything Else...
Biggest Con: Certain file types not allowed in free account, custom error 404 page only in paid hosting accounts.

Great free web hosting service.

I have researched many web hosting services since I first created my web presence back in 1999 and so far AwardSpace is the best free web host I have seen. They offer a moderate amount of space, an exorbitant amount of traffic, and are one of the few to offer any database services on their free access accounts. The only reason I didn't give them a perfect 10 score on all categories is because the free account doesn't allow uploading of any files that are not ascii files. All archive files (zip, rar, tar, etc...) are not allowed. This isn't too big of a deal due to the fact that there are a number of free file hosting services out there that can be used.

Biggest Pro: MySQL DB on free account
Biggest Con: Free account doesn't allow archive (zip, rar, tar, etc...) files.

The best free webhost

I have been with AwardSpace for over a year and have found them to be the best hosting provider I've tried. The free hosting plan looks too good to be true with no forced ads or complicated set up steps. The file manager is good, it includes multiple file uploading and moving files to other (sub)domains and I've had no problems with the connection speed. I transferred my domain last year, and AwardSpace handled it perfectly. There is also great support for PHP, MySQL etc. and the control panel is very easy and simple to use. The only slightly annoying thing for me is that custom 404 pages can only be added with paid hosting packages, although that (and much more) can be accessible for $3.99/month. If anyone needs web hosting, whether for their first website or an advanced one, AwardSpace is ideal.

Biggest Pro: Great free hosting package
Biggest Con: No custom 404 pages in with free hosting

Almost perfect

Basically I am new to web hosting industry, but I have tried several hosting sites and in my opinion, this is one ( is very good. It was very easy to set up my website although the panel is unfamiliar to me. I have had no serious down time yet.

The only problem and their weakness according to me is MySQL database. But this would probably be solved in the near future.

Let me tell you why I think so: It was a week or two ago when I could not connect to the MySQL database and I thought "Oh not again!" Anyway I decided to contact the support and they told me that they are performing an upgrade of their MySQL servers in order not to have any more problems with it. Well for now everything with the databases is working better than ever. I am almost sure that they have fixed the problem.

Apart from the MySQL everything is working just fine the support is friendly and will answer you no matter whether you ask for some simple DNS setting or have serious issue with PHP and they are fast and accurate in their replies. The prices for that service are reasonable. I think the over all service is terrific! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive and reliable host. Thanks Awardspace!

Biggest Pro: Customer oriented company
Biggest Con: MySQL database server had some problems

Too good to be true or just too good and true

The first time when I saw awardspace it did not say anything about having to put banners, or forums posting, or any other forced type of advertisement that you have to comply with in order to get the free hosting. Like probably most of us I said to my self if it is too good to be true then it is too good to be true. Well I was wrong! Not only that there were no requirements to get the free hosting and no banners, adds or whatsoever, but the features I got were plenty, the uptime was rock solid and the support were friendly and prompt in their replies. Right now of course I am on a pro account because there are some restricted features on the free account. The other thing that made a good impression to me was that they have PHP 4 5 and 6 which is quite an advantage for me. It also supports perl and MySQL so it has it all. Well it is simply great for me!!! So at the end it turns out that it is too good and it is true.

Biggest Pro: Technical stability
Biggest Con: Very few but still some restrictions on the free account

Great choice

I've had a free hobby website up for over a year. Amazing how little downtime there is and simply no problems. Feature rich and reliable. Php is great to have, and you can add a Blogger blog under your own domain name fairly simply and integrate it into the website seamlessly. Storing images on a site designed for that (photobucket, imageshack, flickr, etc.) gives you lots of room, and I find the load speeds are good. No ads is a huge plus, too. The forum is useful if you're not a pro and get stuck. All in all I can't imagine a free hosting site being better than this.

Biggest Pro: Reliability

Excellent service provides excellent hosting. i have hosted with them on a free acount for 2 years, using it for many things (under different subdomains) and have never had any problems, least of all with the speed of bandwidth allowances. Have just today upgraded to paid hosting on basic level and using the special offer got even more of the hosting cost. Even got a call back from their customer service team within 5 mins to confirm the account activation. Great host would recommend it to anyone for both hosted and paid.

Biggest Pro: Bandwidth and speeds
Biggest Con: 404 ad banners

Amazing, AMAZING Customer Service and Up-Time!

You can't do much better than's free and paid hosting services! I've been a dedicated member for a few years now. I've never upgraded to paid service because there's simply no need. You get a ridiculous amount of bandwidth and space... unless you're expecting to get several hundred hits per day, you'll be fine with free service. Customer service is awesome. I'm a free member, but I received help (and they even went ahead and corrected the error themselves) within a few hours. My website is rarely down, and if it is, it's only for a few minutes. I hardly have a problem with that. The only thing Awardspace could work on is how quickly the images are loaded, but again, that isn't all the time, and hosting your images elsewhere (ex. will cut down on the time a bit. Best of all, FREE SERVICE = NO ADS/BANNERS! None whatsoever. :) I'll be sticking with Awardspace for many, many more years to come.

Biggest Pro: Free Members: 200 MB Disc Space / 5 GB Bandwidth
Biggest Con: Images Can Be A Bit Slow In Loading If Hosted With Awardspace

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