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Bye bye awardspace

These guys are insane. Ludicrous customer service. I opted for a promotional offer for my personal website. Then I recommended it to a customer that hired me to build their website. Different name, different credit card, all different except for the phone number that was mine since I am the developer and should be contacted. What a mistake! They denied the offer! And they decided to teach me a lesson or two. The customer is always wrong!!!! Lol

Extreme slow server response time

I am using awardspace free hosting on my website( It has the following pros and cons:
It is free and it has a large disk space of 1GB and a reasonable monthly bandwidth of 5GB for my website to use. MySQL account is available(30MB) too.
There is tons of banned words and links. It is a little bit annoying and it affects the freedom of posting content on the website. It has extremely slow ttfb time. It requires up to 12 seconds and the speed index I checked on google page speed is 14.1s.
I recommend for people who wants to create small website and have a small traffic every month.

Biggest Pro: It is free!
Biggest Con: Slow TTFB

absolute rubbish

I bought a domain name, and after a full day I am still getting 404 errors. I get the impression this hosting company is some half baked geekster running a server in his bedroom.

SO my website doesn't work, so I send a support request, telling me to build a website, I have built one and bought a domain name, but it doesn't work so I am convinced they are using a simple pattern matching AI algorith to give a sort of scripted template response, I rue the day I came across this shambles

It has a ratings section here on the right - how can I rate something that doesn't work!

I used to use Weebly and with that I could get a site up and running and published in 10 minutes, no big deal. The only reason I moved away from Weebly is because I needed an mySQL database. if it were not for that I wouldn't give AwardSpace house room

Biggest Con: it doesn't work there isn't a much bigger Con (-) than that and support is no use

Trustworthy and Easy

I have used Awardspace hosting for quite a long time and am very happy with it. It is very easy to use, good pricing, and lots of features. My only complaint is there were a few snags of extended downtime, but this was a few years ago now and there hasn't been any issues with the servers since then. I do wish they had tech support without having to log in to your account and I miss the old forums but other than that, great host!

Worst Support and bad down times

I used for 4 years because I never felt like actually going through the effort of switching hosts. Throughout the 4 years they had pretty bad downtime relative to other hosts. What got me was last night I noticed all of my sites were down. I tried to login to my account and kept getting a message about invalid user. If you call up you get connected to another company that provides support and they are located in India which made it very hard to understand what was going on. They deleted my account even though I had been paying for it for years now and have not gotten back to me in over a day now about my issue. My account was deleted because they said I was sending spam emails, however, the only email scripts I had were the ones that were set up for the contact forms on my sites and all emails were sent directly to me.

They are by far the worst at dealing with support. They do have some good features but overall I would avoid them.

Biggest Con: Terrible customer support

Always Down

We can't argue with the price of Awardspace, they are very cheap and affordable. We do have a problem with the downtime however. It is shocking. It will be down almost every day for an hour or two, which really annoys the people that want to use our site. There's only so many times we can apologise to them.

The downtime is horrendous but the customer service is top. They respond to trouble tickets within 20 minutes

Biggest Pro: Value and Customer Service
Biggest Con: Down Time - Awful

great customer service, but rather slow

The customer support was amazing... I would write a ticket and have an answer in about ten minutes or less. It's that great.
I upgraded partially because of customer support :)

WARNING: the free hosting is so SLOW. The file manager will take fifteen seconds to open, and your website (if complicated) with take quite some time to load. If you're looking for free hosting, you can chose Awardspace IF your site is simple and no connections. If not, look somewhere else or upgrade.

The paid hosting is superb, but occasionally they have server errors. It's not that often though, so don't hold your breath for it.

Amazing customer support, good prices, I like and you should too :)

Biggest Pro: customer service
Biggest Con: slow speed for free hosting

Service did not work renewed me without my permission

Last year I used their summer plan. I could never get my website up and running. Also, a some point, I could not even access my account.

About two weeks ago, June 2012, they emailed me about renewing. I would have logged onto my account to let them know not to bother but again I could not access my account information. So I ignored the email since it was asking me to renew and not informing me of a renewal. Well, ironically was trying to set myself up with another hosting company and it would not go through. I checked my bank account and was livid that I was billed anyway. It overdrew my account and the email said it would take 7-10 days which is unacceptable even if it did not overdraw my account.

So I give this company basically all zeroes. The only bright spot is their ticket center to resolve website problems. This team was tops and answered in a timely manner no matter how many tickets I created.

Biggest Pro: Technical support
Biggest Con: Billing me without permission/ too technical to setup

SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW AND you guessed it . . . . SLOW!

could awardspace be any slower? i can't even log in and if by chance i actually get the privilege of being able to do so, i can't load a singe page!


you DON'T rock!

seriously, you have to speed up the service.

i get slow, but awardspace is dead, as in not moving, not loading, not logging in, etc etc etc.

get it together, mate!

Biggest Pro: free i guess, but with such aggrevation . . . who needs it?
Biggest Con: slow slow slow slow can't even load a page or log in

Response by Bob Ronson, who is an employee of AwardSpace:

Hello Lester and WebHostingReviews Visitors,

At first we have to stress that the review is about our FREE hosting. As of today we have over 2 million users to go through our systems and they are all doing this for FREE. The system might have been slow, or even rarely down, however our free hosting is compared to paid hosting plans in terms of >> Uptime up to 99.8 >> Can SEND Emails + Webmail, IMAP & POP3 email Account >> Email Filter >> Email Alias >> MySQL Database Support >> Joomla & Wordpress Automated Installer.

Research on the search engines, has excellent reputation. We offer FREE Hosting, Shared Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting & VPS Hosting at unbelievable low prices can check at

Bob Ronson
AwardSpace Customer Support Supervisor

Posted on June 13th, 2012 at 10:08 EST


I have been reciting emails stating my account will expire in X days time. My account panel states my account will expire in X days time.

However, come the day, they charge me MORE than double the original cost of my 1 year account. They simply scammed me into thinking I do not need to cancel my account as they stated everywhere it is going to expire. Then go and charge me and state I CANNOT HAVE A REFUND!

There service is so so so poor, their servers are down on a weekly or even daily basis. I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL. Very slow servers.

Horrible, horrible experience. I do hope this puts people of, as they simply do not deserve to be a business. Absolute scam.

They may be cheap but they are not worth it still.

Biggest Con: Absolute scam who will keep your card details.

Response by Bob Ronson, who is an employee of AwardSpace:

Hello WebHostingReviews Visitors,

We have been in touch with the client in regards the matter he describes, and kindly found a way to resolve the issue for both sides. He agreed and also wrote a post-review over email to @webhostingreviews stating the issue was promptly settled and he wishes webhostingreviews to remove his bad review.

In general what happened is recurring (automated renewal) has been setup as a standard service, which on annual basis renews his hosting account and domain. The emails we are sending are just a reminder of the account expiration and in case client wants to renew earlier without taking risks of expired credit card we had on file or other payment transaction failure, which may cause website inaccessibility and all the consequences of that for a high traffic website. We offered full refund although domain has been renewed and this is in general not reversible as per ICANN rules. free web hosting, premium(paid) web hosting, VPS web hosting, domain & SSL services are still considered to be on a very high level in a matter of service / price comparison. Anybody can search and read hundreds of positive reviews for our web hosting services over the Internet. Thank you for reading.

AwardSpace Customer Support Supervisor
Bob Ronson

Posted on February 24th, 2012 at 04:34 EST

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