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Finally free!

I was with Aventure for eight years and, to their credit, it was mostly uneventful. Small issues were quickly resolved through a ticket system and the uptime was generally good.

They're friendly enough, unless you challenge their version of events or make a complaint, in which case they quickly turn nasty on you. For example, they used to have a customer message board where any hint of a complaint was routinely deleted. And that month-long outage a few Christmases ago when one of their servers completely died? Apparently the service level agreement didn't apply to my account, despite them regularly emailing me to boast about it.

The final straw came when they tried to bill me a full three months earlier than usual and tell me that my renewal date was a month earlier than it should be and always had been (despite me having evidence to the contrary). I'm now happy with a different host.

They still spam me with an invoice every morning though.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Arrogant

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