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No 24/7 support, Not Unlimited

They say everything is unlimited, it is not. Could not get anyone on email or phone during the weekends for critical issues. Avoid.

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:

I am quite sorry for your issues. I've emailed you personally to see what issues you are having and to assist you in resolving them. We have one of the most lax policies on unlimited usage in our industry and we hope you realize that by comparing our offering with others. Furthermore, we have, for sometime, maintained the policy of having as many staff members on during weekends and nights as we do during the week days. It is however possible that during rare emergencies, the amount of incoming calls/chats are too great for our current staff. In such cases , our staff are always advised to call back messages for missed calls/chats as quickly as possible.

Lastly, in a general sense, its quite unfortunate that has chosen to take the dishonest route of not approving any good reviews about Arvixe and to only display disgruntled customers' reviews due to their relationship with other hosts on this website. Our reputation elsewhere on the web and the fact that we are responding to this review on the same day that it was placed outlines our commitment to providing quality hosting.

Posted on July 20th, 2011 at 02:41 EST

Incompetent Support

I had hosted a huge static site with arvixe and read reviews claiming the service is good. and thus decided to host other site with them again and on a vps, what a mistake that was.
It cost the company so much to move all the site over , and then discovered that all the email scripts didnt work, and had to change all the sites with this problem, because arvixe couldnt /wouldnt make the vps supoort CDONTS,

and also the language encoding has a serious problem and the .mdb cant support the lang. on the new windows server.
And arvixe does noting about it after multiple requests. & you have to set up stats for each account, the chat support is pathetic/ clueless and they make you wait 15miniutes for one question, told them about that too.....
And now i'm stuck with them, coz it will cost the company to much again to move to another server. and all the email scripts are set differently.

Now i live and dred hearing issue regarding asp site's cox i know i have to do with arvixe

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: support

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:

We are quite sorry to hear about your issues. I also see that your tickets have already gotten the attention of management. Please note that your VPS comes with administrative level access which allows you to make whatever change you wish to make at any point in time without having to consult our support staff. Also, all VPSes come with a certain level of management and support which would support any software that is currently still being developed and was installed on your VPS.

Microsoft has outlined that CDONTS is deprecated. We've also provided several different code examples of how to use CDOSYS. The coding change is a difference of 3-4 lines. Furthermore, you always have the ability to login to your VPS to add CDONTS capability yourself without ever contacting us. I believe your issues came about as a result of having software written using libraries that are no longer supported/available especially on the new Windows Server 2008 framework.

Posted on May 31st, 2011 at 19:17 EST

#1 host on the internet - a hidden gem - A++++

I have been a customer of Arvixe for over 3-years now. Before Arvixe I was with a couple of the big names but my servers would go down, and then they outsourced all their tech support so I couldn't understand a single person who I talked to after waiting for 20+ min on hold just to speak with a real person. Since joining Arvixe I have tried various promotions with other webhosting companies just to make sure I was still getting the best deal, and time and time again I come back to Arvixe.

There is nothing else like them! If you call them, someone picks up the phone! What a weird concept? I was having troubles with one of my websites really late at night (that's when I like to code) and a super nice chat tech helped me get my website up and running and pointed out some of my errors. No other hosting company would be that patient, they would give you some scripted response and send you on your way without even trying - not Arvixe.

And how about Price!!!! Arvixe most basic plan offers Unlimited Data, Unlimited Bandwith for $4/month. What is all this ******** that other webhosting providers have? They charge all these hidden fees, setup costs, etc. etc. The Godaddy unlimited plan is $15/month (almost 4x Arvixe price) and you are limited to a 200MB MSSQL database, and 1GB MySQL database. What kind of unlimited is that? And then you have to pay their insane domain registration fees while you get a FREE DOMAIN FOR LIFE with Arvixe!!! Why would any one pay $12 for registration and then an addiditional $10 for private registration? PRIVATE REGISTRATION IS FREE FOR ALL DOMAINS with Arvixe.

Arvixe really is a no ********, no hassle, web hosting company. You sign up, you get all the goodies for one low price, and if you need something there is a real person - not a scripted overseas agent - happy to give you personalized service.

Arvixe is #1 in customer service, they deserve to be the #1 web hosting company. I hope you will try them and agree.

--- About Me ---
I have been designing websites for 15-years, and been a customer of at least 5 of the top 10 most popular web hosting companies. All of my clients are customers of Arvixe and they reward me with their great affiliate program - the highest payout in the industry.

Biggest Pro: customer service and price
Biggest Con: hidden gem of internet webhosting, not enough people know about them

Very Disappointed

I read some good reviews on Arvixe, and tested their chat support and everything looked good. I then ported all my websites and emails over because I was looking for a place where I could look after and manage everything.

I signed up in March, and was reasonably happy until the 12th of July at 2pm. Suddenly ALL my websites and emails were down. When I consulted the Arvixe support, they couldn't tell me exactly what happened, except that I had too much traffic, and that certainly that didn't make any sense to me. They just kept telling me to get my web developer to fix it. This is SO bad.

After my sites were down for about 24 hours, my web developer checked everything and found nothing wrong. His first idea was a hacker, but there was no evidence.

Finally Arvixe told me they wouldn't put my sites back up unless I upgraded to their business plan which was 5 times the original price I paid. So feeling desperate I paid for 1 month on the more expensive plan, and I'm now looking for a new host.

I finally found out the reason for the problem when I was chatting with In Motion Hosting sales. They explained that my CPU usuage must have spiked, hogging the processor on the shared server - fair enough - thanks In Motion!

I'm disappointed with Arvixe for a few reasons:
1. Why did I not get any warning before they took down all my websites and emails
2. Why could they not explain why? and I had to find out from another host.

So in summary, and due to this event, I do not recommend their hosting.

Biggest Pro: Good Price, Fast Support, Easy Set up and Manage
Biggest Con: Killed websites and emails without warning, Incompetent Support

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:

Dear Customer,

First, we're quite sorry for your experience here at Arvixe. Please be assured that such an experience is not common and we're here to make sure that it is not repeated in the future. I have reviewed our records and noted that while we have outlined the issue was due to excessive CPU usage, we may not have been quite as clear as we should have in outlining which exact scripts of yours may have caused the issue. As it has been several months since your interview, it is good to note that we now employ automated warnings and furthermore provide more details so you can properly identify the scripts being abused and disable them prior to further action being taken.

Please however note that what we had done was necessary to protect the integrity of our services. On a shared environment, it is very important to identify and in extreme abuse cases, suspend users that are abusing resources to make sure that all customers on the server are provided with the best hosting experience possible.

We do invite you (as you have identified some great pros within our services) to utilize our services again and would be more than happy to extend a discount. Feel free to contact us at qa .at. so we can make sure that you are setup properly to identify that Arvixe is truly the new leader in web hosting services.

Posted on December 30th, 2010 at 04:09 EST

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