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I can understand many of the reviews here but....

I have been with Arvixe since September or so of last year, and I just renewed with them a couple of weeks ago. I did have a couple of issues with them, and it is true that sometimes there response time is not great to non-existence.

However, you have to remember that when there is a problem, sometimes that problem is in between the cracks and is really tough to find. We all demand better service, higher technical expertise and cheaper services. The three don't necessarily go hand in hand. Especially when you are talking about the variety of programs offered on the likes of softaculous.

My experience with them has been that they are trying really hard. When you submit a ticket, they are checking and need a bit of time to monitor the situation to see what is going on, and they spend as much resources as they can on it. They are good people, trying hard to make a good business, and they all generally have the know-how to understand and fix the problem, it's just that it takes time. Which is better for you- a half hour spent replying to you, or that same half hour spent getting the problem fixed more quickly? They have always replied at the end that they had been monitoring the situation since my ticket was submitted.

In addition, they do monitor to check that no one is hogging all the shared resources too much which is good for the majority.

I know it is frustrating, and some might go elsewhere, but if you back up regularly, then you might not have a problem.


Biggest Pro: technically competent staff checking the problem out as soon as the ticket is submitted
Biggest Con: can take time to fix the problem, and on occasions they need quicker updates about what's being done.

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


Thank you for your understanding.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve, and we are doing that right now in many ways.
We appreciate your patience, thank you!

Posted on March 5th, 2012 at 09:59 EST

An open letter to ARVAND: Suspended WITHOUT Warning

I was suspended today because of a spike in service. The server's CPU was over 10% around noon. My website deals with the old movie reviews of Siskel and Ebert. The suspension occurred on the same day of the Academy Awards. I chatted with a tech and he told me to "please check the scripts mentions, they were causing load on the server which was causing unstability to server or I won't be allowed back on the server until you fget them fixed.

Fix what? How do I control someone elses desire to visit my website? There WERE many people visiting earlier today.

I tried using CuteFTP a little while ago, and it won't let me in. So how can I fix scripts if I can't get in? This is a pat answer for Arvixe when they know a website is busy.

A second issue is the weekly email harassment of site usage. Arvixe's website states the following "Plenty of space and bandwidth to handle your websites: Unlimited Space / Unlimited Data Transfer!” They told me that I was using my website as storage. Yes I placed my video files on their server for all to see! I have been receiving that email for nearly a year. But strangely, they wanted me to renew my yearly service with them... which I did (unfortunately).

Mr Arvand, I went with your company back in January 2011 because the reviews were favorably good. But in the past year, your service has been taking a nose dive. What you did with the suspension is inexcusable, because I wasn't aware of the CPU usage until after the fact. I don't have a meter on my computer showing the CPU usage. How could I? But for some reason, you think I do!

How do I control traffic? I thought you said "unlimited data transfer?" It takes CPU to do that. Traffic means data is being transferred and it takes the muscle of the CPU to do it! You do understand that don't you?

You need to relook at the verbage on your website. The word UNLIMITED means "Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent."

Well it has been three hours, since I talked to a Kim at Arvixe tech service, and my site is still SUSPENDED.

Biggest Pro: my site was up for a while
Biggest Con: They have no idea what UNLIMITED means

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


I am sorry for the issues you have encountered and I apologize for the inconvenience. I do realize how frustrating it is to have your account become inaccessible.

Current loads on your site and its daily averages does seem fine at this point. It appears that the technician working on your server at the time saw many PHP processes running and felt that your account was causing the overall server load to be highly elevated which was creating slow response times for other users. They took this action to restore loads on the server to normal levels.

The plan you are on does supply unlimited bandwidth, however it does not supply unlimited server resources such as processing power or memory usage. Bandwidth and the servers processor can affect one another, but they are separate resources that are provided to your account and measured using different metrics.

We want you to be happy as possible and part of that is understanding the differences between these resources.

We have received your complaint in our support desk as well and service has been restored to your account. I am going to personally check your account periodically over the next few days and look for any anomalies. In the event I notice anything I will get in touch and offer additional feedback.

Thank you!

Posted on February 27th, 2012 at 22:43 EST

Arvixe is the worst

I booked my VPS from Arvixe more than two weeks ago, The server is down most of the time, Every time i speak with the support i get nothing, he tells me hold on and after one hour he tells me that he couldn't connect to my Node, and a server administrator will solve this issue for me and i will open a ticket for you.

I have tickets that has been added four days ago, and NO one replays me as usual although it is Urgent Situation.

Yesterday, i have chatted with their support more than 2 and half hours, and as usual he didn't solve anything and opened a ticket for me.

Also yesterday, even while all the sites were down, the vps load was 9 !!!!!, How come ?!!! i don't know and i didn't get any replay from them.

Really one of the most worst companies that i have dealt with.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Their Support and everything, I really got shocked from their service

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


I'm sorry for the issues you've had regarding your VPS server with Arvixe.

Please contact us at the following address, and we will be more than happy to look into your issue.
qa -[at]-

Thank you!

Posted on February 27th, 2012 at 23:21 EST

Couldn't be more pleased

I've been with Arvixe for many years - they host 3 domains for me - and I'd recommend them to anyone.
I'd tried other companies before with disappointing and sometimes disastrous results, but here I have no trouble at all. It just works and keeps on working.

I have unlimited space for a quite a low price. I even get 10% off for agreeing to a small link to Arvixe on my main page., Something I would have been happy to do for free as they have been very helpful to me. Customer support are not just there for complaints, but to work out a way to make things better and they will help out even when the problem isn't strictly theirs. A refreshing experience after those I'd dealt with before.

They have a comprehensive backup system which I'm happy to say I've never needed to test, but it gives you peace of mind to know it's there.

They certainly get my vote.

Biggest Pro: Always willing to help

Previous reviews by Panikos

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Excellent all round

I've been an Arvixe customer for over seven years and couldn't be happier. I rarely have to think of what goes on behind the scenes to maintain the service because it just works right all the time.

I'm also comfortable knowing that should I need anything extra they will do everything they can to accommodate me.

The pricing is excellent. I even get a 10% discount for agreeing to display a small link on our main page. Something I'd have been happy to do for free since I remember how hard it is to find a reliable hosting company.

By Panikos on January 24th, 2012 at 10:32 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Pathetic performance

Excruciatingly slow and shockingly erratic.
And I'm not talking of facebook or ebay type of website, people !
I'm talking of about 25 static html pages ranging from 5KB to 50KB.
Even the worst of the Free-Hosting guys can do this without errors.
So imagine my chagrin when I hear " Hey, your site's down again "
more frequently than " Hi ! Good Morning ! "

Imagine Bach, Beethoven etc being played by London Philharmonic
on the streetside, and your neighbour asks you money to hear him
attempt to sing in his bathroom. ( He didn't ? He would, if his name
was Arvixe ! )

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I know ( now ) whom not to
trust with hosting a website. ( Your Mileage Will NOT Vary ;-)

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


I do apologize for any issues you may have had using our service. As a shared service provider we do employ some of the best hardware in the industry.
However, it is shared hosting, and as such it's not always perfect. We do monitor every service on every server every minute to minimize the deficiencies, and impacts that one account can have on another.
Often times, simply opening a ticket, or contacting us via live chat can resolve such issues. Furthermore, you can request to have your ticket escalated to our server management team, or by simply emailing qa [at]
Once again, I apologize for any issues, and would look forward to the opportunity to resolve such issues. Thank you!

Posted on January 18th, 2012 at 22:09 EST


excellent prices if you pay for many years at a time. unlimited transfer, storage, domains and web sites is a great peace of mind. for windows users, they have everything! they always support the newest .net target frameworks and they have unlimited ms sql server databases -- and still even better than reasonably priced. they've got their act together way better than godaddy. their customer service is great too; they don't try to sound all professional to hide that they have no idea what's going on--they know what they're doing. there are just a couple issues i've had with them: for a month or so i my sql connections were timing out and i believe it was because someone else wasn't closing theirs properly, and it took a while for it to stop. other problem is some pages on my control panel take exactly 30 seconds to load, but i didn't bother them too much about this.

Biggest Pro: all the features you want for a good price
Biggest Con: if i had to pick, my control panel takes 30 seconds to load some pages

Unreliable hosting. No way to get a refund for unused time

Signed up with them for a year, cancelled after 3 months.
Very unreliable service. My website was down too often and for too many hours. Control Panel was inaccessible too.
Arvixe blamed the failing application pool, then DDoS. Their customer support is very responsive and polite, but not really helpful.

Finally, couldn't take it anymore and cancelled my account. Arvixe refused to refund me for unused time referring to their 60 days money-back policy.

Biggest Con: down too often

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


I apologize for the inconvenience, and the issues you faced with your account with Arvixe.
I've reviewed the monitoring logs on your server for the past two months, and can only find a combined outage of about 4 minutes.
Perhaps your application was crashing the websites dedicated application pool?

Also, I did manage to find your account and see that you received a 100% refund on your account, and also received a free domain name.
If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact us via qa [at] Thank you!

Posted on January 16th, 2012 at 11:36 EST


My partners and I, in the past 10 years, have tried more than a dozen web hosting companies. I am very happy to have found Arvixe as I believe they are one of the best web hosting companies with the best tech support. The tech support are able to help you quickly in their online chat and solve the issue quickly. Some of the webhosting companies we used before you would have to wait a very long time or wait for their reply in email which sometimes took more than a few days. For our needs, we need fast response time to solve the issue which Arvixe has been good. So I would recommend Arvixe for those who want reliable web hosting.

Biggest Pro: Fast and available online tech support.
Biggest Con: Wish they could have more discounted plans

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:


Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.

Posted on January 16th, 2012 at 10:19 EST

Wouldn't recommend

My hosting with arvixe was alright for like a year, then I got one suspension after the other. They say it's because there were corrupt files. Which I do understand that have to be cleared out before having a live site but serious I have the SAME website as a backup at another hosting, same gallery and html files and nothing happens here. Frankly I took that other hosting in case I get suspended again!
I'm highly considering to transfer all my domains from Arvixe to another host. Support sucks too, it's alright when you have a small thing going on like when you have forgot your password. But when you need a reply from the management you can wait for it for like a week! Chat support, well they are either unfriendly or they just send you to another one who claims to fix it and they can't.
And honestly I do doubt about the security of their servers!

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:

Hello, I'm sorry for the issues you've encountered. While I'm not sure why your account would be suspended for 'corrupt files', as this causes no problems with the server, I can imagine that having an insecure scripts that's outdated would cause security issues. This attracts people uploading Paypal, and bank phishing pages through the insecurities of the script. It's very important to keep open source and free software updated to the very latest version at all times as these are huge targets for this type of abuse. If you would like me to look into this further, please email us at qa [at] Thank you!

Posted on January 16th, 2012 at 10:20 EST

Arvixe sucks!

I purchased an upgrade from personal class to business class. The staff messed up my website during the transfer and closed out my personal class account before verifying that the websites are working properly on the business class account. Despite many many attempts to reach someone, I still could find someone to work on the issue (there goes to 24/7 support)! I am stuck with the website not working for over a week now. The error is telling me that there are some critical information missing. It is my whole year worth of work!! I was able to successfully migrate this website before from one personal class account to another MYSELF. It blew me away that the technical staff could be so incompetent to mess it up, and so not responsible to not verify the migration actually worked.

Biggest Con: Incompetent customer service and technical support

Response by Arvand Sabetian, who is the owner of Arvixe:

We're sorry for your issues. As you've outlined yourself, the best person to migrate any website is yourself. We do have a website transfer policy outlined at which does outline that we strongly recommend the customer themselves migrate a site. The main reasoning behind this is that as we are not the site owners, we are not sure what exactly needs to be "verified" as your review requests. Only the website owner or the web designer of the website would know all the different areas of the website that need to be tested.

Furthermore, as not environments are similar, it is possible that the same website may not work the same on a different server. We do always need the web developer of the site to be involved even if we are doing the migration to identify what is required on the server side to get the site they have created working.

As you have not identified a domain name or email address and no last name, I have not been able to identify your site or issue on our support system. Please email your ticket ID/issue to qa .at. so we can get it resolved for your ASAP.

****To potential customers, we have repeatedly attempted to contact in regards to their biased positioning of our reviews. WebHostingReviews has thus far received dozens of good reviews in regards to our services as reported by our customers. However, all of them have not been approved due to the fact that there is an affiliate relationship between and the hosts that do have a large number of positive reviews on this site. Many of those who have reported reviews here and have been verified as our customers have had their issues resolved and asked to remove their reviews with no response.****

Posted on October 16th, 2011 at 16:25 EST

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