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Gone disastrously downhill

Atrocious support, even with an expensive VPS hosting plan. I'm sitting here after SEVEN DAYS still waiting for an SSL cert to be renewed. Wait times to chat online with support people (who can't do anything but submit a ticket to more senior folks) are between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. And phone support is gone.

Arvixe USED to be great. Once EIG bought them, it went to hell in a handbasket. I've got a number of regular shared hosting sites with them as well, and they've been unstable since then.

Oh, and their email server for my VPS site is on a blacklist with Microsoft and they can't get it off.


Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Catastrophically bad support

Never a problem with Arvixe in 5+ years

I have several websites hosted on a shared Windows Server by Arvixe for over five years. Up-time has been remarkable. Service has only been interrupted for system upgrades. Tech support has been very good as well. The few problems that I have had were caused by me. Arvixe's staff has been very swift to help solve the problems. I have recommended Arvixe to others on many occasions, and I will continue to do so.

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Arvixe is an Awesome Host

I've used Arvixe for 5+ years and I don't have one complaint. Everything is easy to use. I've contacted tech support once on a weekend to fix my screw-up. The response and fix were done within an hour. I don't know about any down-time if any in the entire 5 years. They keep the Windows server up to date with the latest fixes. The price-performance is great. I'm a developer and use many other hosts and none come close to Arvixe. My latest project was a Wordpress application that I moved from Microsoft Azure to Arvixe because it was much easier to set-up, and cost much less.

By Mark Rogers on September 7th, 2015 at 07:32 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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Whats up with Arvixe!!! Really gone down hill and fast.

I've been with Arvixe for years and man have they gone down hill recently. I cant reach anyone by phone, their website is terrible, and they just don't seam to care. I tried to register two new domains and was lost for where to pay - shopping cart nowhere. Then I tried to call for help - forget that. I attempted to get through with IM - 30 minutes later and I'm still waiting. This company will go down the tubes if they don't get their act together soon. I have a hosting account and 50+ domains and they could care less if I'm having a problem.
Thanks Arvixe!

Fraudulent company - Warning!!! Keep away from reach of anyone

I decided not to continue with one of my domains I had with this company and I did not renewed it on the expiration date 11/29/2015 (of course they suspended the services since then). After a month this people charged my credit card without my authorization for webhosting renewal even when the account was not set for doing it automatically. I submitted a ticket to have the refund for more than a month now and so far I only got from them non-sense excuses without admitting they did this unauthorized charge to my credit card, it is like asking them for pears and they answering about a moon walk. Maybe this was a good webhosting company in the past, I used to have five or six domains with them, but it is a nightmare at present time. Of course having this experience I moved all of my other domains from them. Wish you luck if you continue with them.

Worst Webhosting in My 20-Year Experience

I climbed up the ladder along with the Web since the mid '90s. I've used a score of webhosting services in that time. Realistically, I have to discount the garage-service experiences that were the only things available in the '90s when DARPA morphed into the Web.

But webhosting became a monetized commodity in the 21st century and we all began expecting a minimum level of performance and service.

I built a website on spec for a non-profit organization. I opened it up for their consideration late last year, and the Arvixe server was up and down more frequently than a kid's bouncy jump-house. The 501(c)(3) completely lost trust in the Arvixe, and I only retained their business by moving the site to a different host. Dealing with that on-spec domain and hosting service is my current dilemma.

Sometime in 2015, Arvixe seemed to have decided it would squeeze every penny out of every sucker it could and provide as little service as possible. Mark my words: look for these hucksters to declare bankruptcy soon and abscond with whatever they have already billed to your credit card.

Thankfully, my CC on file was replaced by the card issuer with a new chipped one, one that had a new number. The old one was supposed to become invalid on January 15, but guess what? I'd been trying since December 29 to cancel that spec account I'd created on Arvixe and, to no avail, they charged my card on January 16 anyway. Over 23 days after that initial cancellation request, it still has not been resolved despite hours of ticket updates, online support chat, and a 60-minute-plus telephone call. They still have the payment I attempted to cancel, and it seems now my only recourse is to contest the charge as fraudulent through the issuing bank. Thank goodness I kept meticulous, detailed records of all communications...even have a voice recording of a useless, antagonistic, one-hour long telephone call with Arvixe "support."

FYI, on that front, when you dial Arvixe's support number, option "3" is for Billing. The agent told me Billing would have to address my issues. I told her I had pressed "3" for Billing. "Oh," she said, "Billing doesn't speak to customers on the phone."

I have two other domain names registered with Arvixe via ENOM that I am desperately trying to move out of Arvixe's grasp. For one of them Arvixe provides me no interface at all for management. I've emailed ENOM with no response. I registered and own the domain name, but Arvixe is essentially holding it hostage.

Stay away. Stay very, very far away from Arvixe. I have one webhosting account paid through August 2017, and I fully expect that to become a total write-off.

Biggest Pro: It's cheap
Biggest Con: It's a flat-out rip-off

How the great have fallen- AVOID ARVIXE!

When I signed up, I was paying $3.72 monthly for really excellent service. The support was good, not great, but adequate. Beginning in about June of 2015, things started to go downhill fast. I noticed that eMail wasn't as quick and reliable as before. I didn't know it but neither were my three websites. Then things got really bad. My eMail was very unreliable for a few weeks while Arvixe gave me several different reasons for the trouble, then I lost the ability to use eMail for several days before switching to another provider. I cancelled my Arvixe account.

But I have since gotten invoices for domain renewal for 2002-2003, 2003-2004 for $0.00 each. Yes, that was in 2015! Then I got payment notifications for those invoices. Since my account wasn't charged I didn't care much. Now Arvixe has sent me another invoice, this time for $72.00 to renew my service. That invoice first says that they will bill Paypal (they don't have my account info to do that), then it says that the card on file will be charged. Fortunately our bank just sent us new SmartCards with a different card number, so Arvixe can't charge us.

I tried to cancel again, and got an error from Arvixe's website. They can't even make their own site work reliably. And this isn't the first time their site has had issues, it has even disappeared completely for a couple of days. Arvixe has no business being in the web hosting business!

I noted that someone from Arvixe (Noah) claims that this site is pwned. I don't know if that's so (they sure have lots of reviews). I know that I am a real person, a former Arvixe customer, and am posting the truth under my real name. So- what's the difference between Arvixe and toenail fungus? Toenail fungus can be cured.

Biggest Pro: You can leave them (but they won't leave you)
Biggest Con: So useless you'll be forced to switch. When you do they don't go away.

Good Products, Bad Customer Service and Support

While the staff act very polite over chat or phone if you can find one, the level of support (meaning fixing your problem) is zero. All they do is tell you the same thing "I escalated the ticket someone will contact you" we are talking their response time is between 3 to 10 days. This year 2015 they have a complete server crash that messed up all my sites and it took me almost 3 weeks to have them fix them for me. Customers were not happy since I have a reseller account. If you are going to host a very important website or business sites DON'T, if is just a personal or project, go ahead. But I don't recommend this hosting provider.

Biggest Pro: Good Price, Nice Hosting Features, Latest cPanel and WHM
Biggest Con: Customer service and support unreliable

Avoid Arvixe at all cost

Avoid Arvixe at all cost. Their service has never been very good, but it in the last year it has been practically non-existent. They have so many server problems. Emails are not getting through and they not really able to do anything about it. Tickets are responded to after months (yes, months!), which in this century is the same as a non-response. There is a lot of downtime, and tech support is completely incompetent. I close my account with them.

Biggest Pro: It used to be price, but there are no pros anymore.
Biggest Con: Unfortunately, everything.

Words cannot explain

I had been a user of Arvixe since 2013. Their service lately made me seek another provider. They changed things so I could not login to my cpanel and billing account. It took several hours of trial and error to get my cpanel login to work. When I told them I wanted to cancel my service, my billing panel would not work and they refused to help me unless I reset the password or told them the last four digits of the current password. The cpanel and billing passwords have always been the same until today. When I asked them to send the reset email they said they had, but I never received it even though I got email indicating my desire to cancel. The subsequently refused to allow me to transfer my domains or change the name servers for them so I could get my sites back in working order.

I called the domain registrar (enom,com) and the said the could not change the servers without Arvixe's approval. Consequently I currently have three websites in jeopardy and cannot resolve the issue.

Do not get caught in this same trap with these people!!! I even question's policies. I will never do any business with either company for any reason.

Biggest Pro: No pros
Biggest Con: borderline illegal

watch out

After reading some good reviews (on other sites) about arvixe I decided to give it a try.
Less than a week after starting to get traffic to to me new sites I got an email message with a "Resource Overuse" warning, telling me to slow down with traffic or they will shut down my domains. This is despite of the fact that in the plan they offer unlimited monthly data transfer. Had to move all my traffic back to go daddy.

Biggest Pro: good hosting if you don't have yp much traffic
Biggest Con: they limit your site's monthly data transfer

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