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My experience with Arvixe was not bad

I used Arvixe shared hosting for almost 2 years from 2015 to 2017. They call their basic shared hosting ‘PersonalClass’. To be very honest, my experience with them was not very bad. Khurram, a friend of mine, suggested me Arvixe. I was initially very nervous considering this hosting company because I had seen many bad reviews on social media and hosting review sites about their support. I brought this to Khurram’s notice but he assured me that this hosting company is perfectly fine and even big companies have bad reviews. So eventually I gave Arvixe a try and It really worked for.

In my opinion, Arvixe is the way to go if you have a limited budget and want to host a couple of websites. They can offer you up to 6 add-on domains so with a small monthly fee you can host up to 6 websites. In addition to 6 add-on domains, they will let you register one domain for free.

I have never tested Arvixe with huge traffic to see how their server treats websites with large traffic. My websites were new projects and even I can remember ranking some of my websites on different keywords so I can’t remember much about server down-time as well as bad IP that may affect SEO rankings.

I will recommend Arvixe to savers who want to host a few websites with a single monthly charge, however, I will not let you close your eyes because many bad reviews on the internet about them can’t be wrong. Worth mentioning that they don’t have phone support so I never talked to real people.

Down time and unauthorized billings

I left arvixe due to their down time over a year ago. I am still having to reverse charges to my card for their continual renewing of domains that I migrated a year ago. Ripoff. I've told them several times to stop charging my card and I've migrated all my domains away from their services. I received another charge this morning for domains that moved a year ago and didn't have auto renewal. This pattern is very disturbing and I'm reporting them this mornkng to the authorities

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Down time and unauthorized billings

A Great Company Gone Bad

There was a time when Arvixe was great (thus the positive reviews of years ago), and I moved all of my websites to their platform, but after they were bought out things changed dramatically to the point where I moved everything away from them. I wrote my story about the problems they gave me in another place, but there is another issue I will address at this point.

Five days ago I received an email invoice from them telling me that they were going to charge me for another year. I wrote them back and explained that I no longer used their service so the invoice can be cancelled. I had previously allowed them to take my hosting charges from Paypal and despite my email they took my money anyway.

I was able to get someone on chat and they were unapologetic. It was explained to me that they did not refund money for "old accounts" (this contact was literally hours after my money was taken) and my only option was to log into my portal and make the request there. If accepted, I would receive credit, not a refund.

Fortunately, Paypal returned my money and I guess they will deal with Arvixe. So if you decide to be drawn in the low monthly charge (the phrase "you get what you pay for" applies here) then understand that there could be grief down the road. My recommendation is that you look through reviews to find a company that does not have experiences such as mine, and they despite what you end up choosing, the company could be eventually bought out and things could turn sour (this was my second experience of this happening).

So awful!

I am having a constant battle with this hosting company. I have transferred several of my domains to another hosting company, but they keep my domains in the dashboard on Arvixe, triggering all sorts of threatening emails.

Support is non-existent. The people who man the live chat (if you are lucky you get to talk with one) are usually unable to help, or make promises they don't keep.

I have cancelled my account, can't wait until I am rid of them.

Service gradually declining to nothing

Terrible experience with Arvixe hosting in the last year (2016). Before that everything was OK and in the beginning it was even perfect but last year was terrible. They allowed all my web sites and most likely many other web sites go down for many weeks. It was even close to month long. For that whole time all my web sites returned error 503 to all visitors.
More over and probably more important they make false statements. They state unlimited storage for the web sites but in the reality as soon as you take a little bit above 50GB their abuse department suspend your account and don't even let you to delete extra content. You enter endless loop trying make them unsuspend your account and all this time (many days) all your web sites again are not available to your regular visitors.
They employ terrible help desk practice. They have live chat support but again in reality they never do anything. They cannot even flip the switch and unsuspend the account. The only thing you are going to hear from them is we escalated your request to our senior administrator or something like that. So, it does not even make sense to contact their live chat, you anyway end up waiting until they deign to answer your question via their ticket system and the usual turnaround is days, in some cases weeks.

Leaving Arvixe ASAP. Don't get sucked in.

For the last 6-12 months reliability has tanked. Don't believe anything you read about 99.9% uptime or "unprecedented" support. Let me take that back, support is "unprecedented" in the sense they are slow to respond (can be weeks or months if you submit an electronic ticket) and incapable of anything except sending links to their knowledge base or referring the matter to "senior support" (which I've learned to interpret as "see--no support". I say that in jest, but seriously, my clients have been without email for almost 3 weeks; I've been told more than a dozen times that the server team is working on it and a resolution is imminent. I've asked to be migrated to a new server and was told I needed senior support for that. OK, give me senior support, then. "Senior support will get back to you soon".

Just the latest incident of several in the last year.

Biggest Pro: Supports ASP
Biggest Con: Support is pathetic

Arvixe is THE WORST hostting company ever

Before my plan was even due for renewal, I was already having severe problems with Arvixe, so I opened an account with but I kept my account at Arvixe since the account was not yet up for renewal, although it was inactive, since I was using WebHostingHub. Then, when my account came up for renewal, Arvixe renewed the plan automatically and charged my credit card $72.00, although I continued to keep the account inactive. Then I received an email from Arvixe saying that they had to do an emergency migration to new servers, so I presumed that the hosting plan would now be problem free. So I decided to host some of my domains with them again, and transferred the domain names to their new shared servers. That was more than a month ago. Since then, they have not managed to get me to login to my cPanel, and they have passed me on to different people in their tech support, NONE of whom is able to fix the problem. Not a single person in their tech support department has been able to help. I was copying their founder, Armand Sabatien, with all the communcation, hoping he could help me get the problem fixed, but instead of helping, he blocked me from sending him copies of my communication with his tech support staff. Thinking that it was hopeless, I asked for a refund, only to be told that I was not entitled to a refund but that they would be happy to issue a cancellation of the account if I still wanted to cancel. As of this writing, I am still not able to use my account.

Biggest Pro: zero

Poor choice for CMS, Awful Support, Suspect Billing Practices

Been a customer for over 4 years, but last six months has been a complete fiasco: constant downtime, slow servers, security issues, and shambolic customer service.

If you have a small simple website with little traffic, it's probably not too bad of a choice given the price and features.

Uptime ranges from month to month. Although they guarantee 99.9%, i get at least five or six pingdom reports a day. Sometimes the site will only be down for a few minutes, occasionally an hour or two. This has only happened since the winter of 2015.

In terms of features, the plans are cheap and good value, however the servers are sluggish and extremely slow if you are using a CMS, so steer clear if you are using wordpress, joomla or drupal.

Support has gone from pretty good to awful.

Live Chat waiting times are around 15 minutes on average, unless it's a busy period, then it could be 30 minutes, which isn't really a big issue. The live chat staff are usually polite enough, but can't solve anything but the most elementary issue. They will just open a support ticket normally, which is where the chaos begins. The time for a ticket to be replied to is abominable. I've had tickets which were never replied to, just ignored and closed. On average, response time for a ticket is at best 3 days, and thats after several live chats to try and escalate the ticket. Even worse than that, the staff member replying doesn't even bother to read the submitted in full, and often answers something completely irrelevant or different than what you asked. When you reply again, you'll be waiting another 3-4 days for a response, meaning that any significant issue can take weeks to resolve. It is a very frustrating experience. All the tickets were very simple issues to resolve, but it just takes forever to get anywhere with them.

The billing practices are suspect too. I never paid by credit card, always using paypal. They begin to automatically charge my credit card via paypal for invoices 2 weeks in advance, despite the fact that i never authorised them to do so.

I've used many webhosts over the years for different sites, and in terms of downtime, value and features, Arvixe are far from the worst i've experienced, but the support and customer service is, by far, the slowest and most frustrating i've experienced with any hosting company, especially one that used to have a good reputation for support. That reputation is built on experiences prior to summer 2015

Biggest Pro: Price, Monthly payment option, Account Features
Biggest Con: Awful Support/Customer Service, Slow for CMS, Excessive downtime, suspect billing

Was great at first, but has been a giant headache since

The first couple of years were great. 99.9% uptime and great support. The last 5 months have been hell. There have been long and I mean week long lengths where my site was down and I lose customers. That is HUGE when it comes to some businesses. I'm not talking a few hours...were talking days! And support just gives you basic polite answers of why. It's a bunch of crap if you ask me. The site has been down for hours here and there a few times and a couple of times down for days in just last few months. I just have no idea where to go to handle site...sigh...and I dont want to lose all my data in my database.

Hero to Zero

Cant believe such a great hosting service provider gone to the dogs...
Have been with arvixe for 5 years and its time to move on. Their support used to be really good but its the worst ever now. Looks like their support crew is bunch of high school kids. Cant diagnose a simple issue. Keep reply a the same message from a template.
Avoid at all costs. Would not recommend them. Not even for my enemy.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Support

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