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PATHETIC Customer Service

I've got to add my 2 cents in and do what I can to warn people NOT to use Apollo Hosting. I've been with them for 3 years and the level of service has become so pathetic that I am finally fed up enough to make the move to another host. All they seem to be able to do is direct you to their "Knowledge Base". After recently asking the same question 3 different times and being told only to "Refer to the link below..."(which wasn't even a link) to their "Knowledge Base", I finally came to the conclusion that they weren't even reading my emails (my issue began with mis-information in the very file they were directing me to). I'm wary of the hassle of changing hosts, but I can't take this company anymore. They shouldn't be in business.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Everything


When we started with Apollo many years ago, they were great. Excellent customer service, knowledgeble staff, and for the times, reasonable tools & options. Somewhere, it began to go very, very bad. Example: we switched to a VPS from an ecommerce. Apollo handled the transfer of the files. But couldn't seem to actually be bothered to transfer ALL of the files. Which we discovered in dribs & drabs. My favorite response to that was the support personnel telling me to just give him a list of the missing files -- in a website with 1000s of files, this is ridiculous. The OpenWebMail program has got to be one of the worst mail deals going, and then Apollo outdoes itself by switching things to new platforms requiring you to log into your CP and then log in again (different username & PW) to get to another internal CP -- and they decided on the user name without asking me, and insist it cannot be changed regardless of what I think or want. Click on SUPPORT when in your own CP, and you'll be taken to a short list of phone numbers and an email address. Write to the email address they provide and you get a boilerplate response scolding you for not using the Support Console -- which is never mentioned anywhere on the CP. At least you now get a boilerplate and utterly useless response -- in the old days, I'd email for support using the email address Apollo provided, only to have it returned as undeliverable!! Emails to billing, support & sales all trying to get a real person to respond is pointless. Live Chat means spending a lot of time wondering if there's anyone there --- apparently, they cannot train people to say, "Okay - let me look into that. This will take few minutes, so hang on." Nope. They just evaporate, for long periods (25 minutes was a winner - I just went back to working on other stuff), and then, as a rule, return without an answer of any use.

This is just an appalling company. I am seeking a new hosting company, in the wild crazy hopes that there's got to be a better choice out there than this company. Apollo is definitely on a downward spiral, and tanking fast. AVOID THEM.

Biggest Pro: There isn't any
Biggest Con: Horrible customer support, terrible interface & CPs

Avoid Apollo At All Costs!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you of the problems I have had with Apollo. Emails failing to work weeks at a time, websites failing to appear, renewal notices not being sent, support request either being ignored or taking 3-5 days before being addressed.

As a reseller, I had 36 websites hosted with apolla at one time. I spent most of my waking and working hours continually trying to keep these sites and/or emails up and running. Apollo charged me $12.95 each month for each site plus an additional $29.95 to be a reseller.

They have cost me thousands of dollars in cancelled business and hundreds of unbillable working hours.

Stay away from this scam!!!

Apollo Hosting - Not Good

Apollo made changes in August 2009 that put our email into a death spiral. They did not respond to established tickets. They did not give us accurate data to mend our email, requiring days of multiple phone calls to resolve. They were not able to understand the name of our account on the phone (poor english skills). Up until today, when we migrated to another host, our outgoing email continued to fail nearly 75% of the time. We lost incoming emails related to business. All in all, I can not recommend them. This is from a long time (several years) customer.

Biggest Pro: For many years they were great. No significant problems until August 2009
Biggest Con: Recent changes (August 2009) make them not good. Too unreliable.

Horrible Service

You can chat with someone from "Liveperson", a company who chats with customers and tries to placate them, pretending to work for apollo. Phone support just goes to another such service in India, as far as I can tell. No way to EVER talk to a real person at the company. I have had the same migration problems as everyone else in these reviews. I will be leaving them as soon as possible, If I am still in business. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything

New Platform Nightmares

Where to begin. Since the "no down time transition", I have encountered numerous problems. At first I was sympathetic to the enormous task of Apollo's transition and excited about upgrades and improved security. But soon I became embarrassed about all the support tickets I was submitting.

Biggest complaint- My store has been Out of Business for a week. I've been escalated to Tier 3 support ,but that was 2 days ago, and I have no idea what they are doing.

Miva Issues:
Page load times on both customer and Admin sides now take 20+seconds. Pages outside the store load fine.
In my new file manager, I noticed duplicate miva directories nested inside miva directories 5 deep. hmmm, could this be an issue?
Shortened links that were fine, no longer work, rendering all the indexed pages as "Not Found". .htaccess rules no longer work?
The store warns of an invalid security certificate, because now the settings show Apollos' cert instead of mine.
I chanced adding a second store license before Miva's sale price ended. The install timed out, causing the added store to fail. Miva Corp tech support was terriffic. They stepped in to get it installed, but even they ran into problems. They did finally get the 2nd store installed, but It's still useless because of the page load issues.

Non Miva issues:
FormMail contact page no longer works, and it is up to me to read the tutorial ( which I did with no luck ) to fix it.
Given incorrect mailbox settings.
Get Internal Server Error when trying to open some directories in control panel
I can no longer find error logs, other than for cgi scripts.
Database was renamed by Apollo so one website had all blank pages because it was looking for a db name that wasn't there.
PHP script that ran fine before, now has database upload issues.

I thought I was the only one complaining untill I read these posts. Good luck all.

The NEW Apollo Hosting is INCOMPETENT - Tech Support Sucks

I have two websites, both w/Miva carts and was told I would be migrated with no downtime. I get an email last week telling me I've been migrated. Both of my sites were down almost 36 hours. You call tech support and you get a Tier 1 rep, who basically doesn't know squat. they put in a ticket for a Tier 2 - then you are lucky if you hear from themin 48 hours. I called, emailed, live chat, online support, they don't give a S**t. What a waste of money to hire 2 people for one job. Not to mention, customers deserve better.

I was up until 3am 2 nights in a row because I was getting email on the old server and new server, not one, but from 3-8 emails each. Crashed my Outlook numerous times. I put in a ticket and the guy didn't even know what Miva was. He put the ticket in as Meba Then I get an email the next day saying it's my problem, they don't support Miva. . I could go on about how I called Miva, and how Miva called them, etc. But eventually I started getting orders again until Wednesday, Aug 26, 09 at 4:45pm when I get yet another migration email. They are freakin' idiots. Both sites have been down since. I have called at least a dozen times - they are working on it and will have it up in 5 hours. Yeah right. I'm moving to WebNetHosting, Miva's premier partner. I have to pay $25 more a month but they actually have a clue. Basically, I've been unemployed almost a week thanks to them hiring tech support that are just downright unqualified and stupid.

It's been more than a nightmare. RUN, RUN, RUN from them, go somewhere else, especially if you have a Miva Cart.

Biggest Pro: There are NO pros
Biggest Con: All cons

Migration To A New Platform on a Buisiness Day Down 28 now +

I have been with Apollo Hosting for over 5+ years. So so service until last night (8/25/09)_when with no notice they shut down the servers for a migration to a new platform. Not on a weekend! Not in the middle of the night! Not with any notice!My company was paralyzed today and they could care less. How do you call that any kind of reasonable service? I found out they did half the servers last week in which sites where down for a day and a half or more. Unfortunately I found out to late before the damage was done. Run from these guys as fast as you can. Last night they said 12 to 24 hours. Today at noon it was about another hour. Going on 27 hours of website downtime now and still not up. They won't even answer the phones. NEVER USE APOLLO HOSTING!!!!


POOR migration and technical support

About 3 years ago, the technical support staff was pretty descent and knowledgeable. Not any more. Every time I wanted to make a small change, 50% of the times some else broke. At First, i thought it was me. Then, when I got tech support. Most of them, they would suggest something which I have already tried. Then, after a few tries which i have also proved to fail, they finally fixed it. Asked them why, but no good answer.. It is either they did not know why... just happened to work, or they did not want to tell me... either way annoys me greatly. Then, mail server went down a few times... spam server failed... well, they all took acceptable duration to fix, so I did not bother with it...

But this time, they decided to do a migration 8pm and said it would take 12hrs. Then, a tech later told me 48 hours... later another one told me 24hrs. Then, one even told me it should be up with no problem.. and told me it was my network problem until I proved her wrong... (by the way, being a "tech support", she should have checked it before suggesting it was my network problem.)

23 hours gone by, no sign it would come up. So, i called again. This tech proved to me that they seemed to simply use customers as a quality assurance test!!! The tech could not tell me if they tested this migration before it started to take place. I told him that i thought the minimum is to have a redundancy system to support this.. instead of taking down customers site entirely for 24-48 hours.... the minimum professional thing to do is to have tested this, or keep the old system around before bouncing off to the new one!!! college BASIC ANY SERVER /DATA/SYSTEM MIGRATION 101!!!!

OK... now I finally said to myself I have enough of this. If you have a business account, do NOT use their service...

Don't know about dedicated server... but... I refused to even try it out... because the sales guy did tell me the VPS will reliable redundancy to avoid situation like this to happen... Well, next time, I'll make sure I'll get it in writing!

Biggest Con: poor quality in tech support and hardware system reliability not as advertised!!!!

Awful Company

I could write hundreds of lines, and I can post chat transcripts with the useless customer support.

They have always broken my sites, and this time with their server move, replacing multidomani management features for an all in one (they can't even seperate the stats for each domain) it's all in one. They Broke 4 websites, their DB management tool is just... crap, and they are just... crap.

Don't use their company

Biggest Con: NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT, very unhelpful

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