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For Spammers Only

Legitimate businesses may want to avoid Aplus. They seem to prefer only spammers. After using Aplus for years, last year I notice many of my emails to customers using portals including Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail were routinely blocked. I lost track of the number of times. My suggestion, avoid Aplus.

They blame ME for their problems!!! reminds me of those hosts where you get unlimitted space, bandwidth, etc. all for just $10/year, but without the price.

I tried to run one of their built in scripts but had several failed attempts. Basically just trying to run a basic web site to show pictures to friends. Funny thing is their built in scripts (Gallery) weren't working. When I called them they said that the problem (Aplus control panel gave me error saying that my domain was not recognized). I tried everything that could have possibly be resulting from my computer, flushing dns, restarting, flushing again, restarting, clearing cache, cookies, etc., flushing dns, restarting, nothing. THe tech insisted that their servers were fine and it was my cache.

Another error involved them somehow blocking my IP address so that I couldn't send or receive email. I had to use a VPN to get into my work's IP space to get my email, then I was able to get another IP from my ISP (in same class C sapce) and it worked but they refused to acknowledge me email. Not to mentioned turned my firewall clear off.

They continued to claim my email client wasn't configured correctly in this case, but my email client (using laptop) worked fine when I connected to a port in the same ISP!!!

used to be good

They used to be a quality hosting company but the service has gone downhill big time lately. After years of using them I am shopping for a new server. I regularly get a 30 minute plus wait time when I want to talk to someone, and they stick you with intentially obnoxious tehano music that replays every twenty seconds or so and makes you want to spit nails after about five minutes. It is an obvious attempt to get people to drop off rather than spend the money on support. I can in no way now recommend this company

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: Tehano mexical music during hour long holds

Could be better, could be a lot worse.

Aplus hosts my adult site. I am not the owner of the site, but the webmaster and/or a partner. Needless to say, aside from the billing, I deal with the host solely.

The host has a very good back-end, very easy to use. The features are numerous, and once unlocked are well developed and convenient. That being said, I wish you better luck in getting them to enable certain features. I say this because we purchased a domain through them and they have not added it to the list in the host panel, and I still do not have my Secure Socket Shell unlocked. This combined with a very strict firewall makes it difficult to install various 3rd party scripts that would help run my site.

One other issue I've had- and this may be me- but I seem to use more CPU time (proportionately) than I do bandwidth. I would like to maximize my bandwidth plan and script time, but I cannot increase the CPU time unless I go dedicated. To sum it up- we pay for bandwidth we don't use or pay for extra PHP beyond out rate plan. You may or may not have the same problem, I doubt you will.

For beginners that will never need these advanced features, this is not a problem as the all around the price, reliability, space, and ease of use are some of this hosts strong-points.

Biggest Pro: Reliable
Biggest Con: Firewall

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