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The Worst Hosting Company in the Universe?

Here's my cancellation letter, it explains why this hosting company should be avoided. I'm so disgusted with them that I'm signing up for this review site just so I can post a bad reveiw. Given the experience, they wouldn't even refund the remaining 3 months I've paid for!

"I need to cancel my account. I also want to let you know how deeply disappointed I am with aplus. II have been a customer for many years starting with Cedant and recently lost a client because of the problems I've had with your service. Every 4-5 months or so, a problem crops up between your databases and server. I run 8 wordpress based sites and it becomes impossible to update the sites, I've lost so many hours trying to wait for things to update and with technical support. Every time I've been through this with tech support they claimed that the sites loaded fine and there was no problem. "

No response for 7 days on this, ugh

Biggest Con: Database issues, bad customer service

Run, Don't Just Walk Away From Aplus

I launched my first domain and website, with a few years ago, which was the biggest mistake of my life. Recently, I found a better, more knowledgeable webhost and ocntacted Aplus about cancelling my account. They refused to cooperate and to keep my domain and hosting, I paid them 124.40 which I was led to believe would cover everything. It never happened. Aplus sold my domain name to someone else and never bothered to tell me to renew it before its expiration. They lie and deliberately mislead frrequently, so that you can't accept them at their word.

Trying to cancel their service is even more frustrating. I was given an email address to use which AOL refused to accept. I went to the control panel, and discovered that its cancellation icon no longer worked. I spoke to a rep via Live Chat, who kept stalling and didn't do anything to help me, other than to say he was sorry I felt that way. I told him I'm letting my hosting expire and not paying Aplus any more money. He said that I still needed to officially cancell my account, but how??? Never again. They aren't worth the money and refuse to refund what you have paid. They are the WORST webhost in the entire world. Run, don't walk away, from them. is Awful was the first company to host our corporation web site. We are international, and rely on web functioning. In 2000, ranked among the top three web hosting companies. Since the "upgrade" in 2009, we've had significant downtime with little help. lost its placement in top ten rankings. Basic tech support takes weeks, with little to no success. Knowledge at is minimal. Our OSCommerce has worked on and off, mostly off, for over a year. blame our top web designers and web masters for the problem, yet provide no evidence to back up their claims. Their "legal" department, i.e., a paralegal trained at a low-ranking community college, makes false accusations and, when challenged, goes silent. Thus, we find unaccountable for its deficiencies, and dishonorable. After ten years with, we've left for another hosting service, and do not recommend

Jumped the Shark

This company underwent a complete meltdown in the fall of 2009. Up until then I was relatively happy, although their tech support was never very good, and their people were never very helpful.

But last fall, they did a "server upgrade." My page load speeds went from the top 5% to the bottom 10%. My site became so slow I could watch my images unroll slowly as if someone was pulling down a window shade. Some of my pages suddenly took 15 seconds or more to load.

Repeated complaints were to no avail- they told me they "tested" my server and could find nothing wrong.
It was funny, but my site was relatively fast in the middle of the night, only to become unusable in the daytime! On and on it went, and I lost tons of revenue until I got the hell out of there.

Now I'm battling with them because they keep charging my credit card for a hosting plan I cancelled weeks ago. That's another thing - nothing you do in your "control panel" has any effect until you CALL THEM SOMETIMES 3 OR 4 TIMES.

Imho, you'd have to be crazy to use this schlock outfit - they are every publisher's nightmare.

No Longer Viable Hosting Service

I thought I had found a great company, however since the recent forced "upgrade", (which was really a sale to another company) they have been the worst hosting company I've ever used. They even shutdown any web or email changes for a week during the "upgrade". I've never had an upgrade require that before.

Long waits for tech support which now simply enters trouble tickets since they don't have any expertise. They changed settings in MySQL database, and it is still down 2 weeks later. Changed email account login settings without notifying us and still having email problems. Their SPAM filtering took a large step backwards!


Biggest Con: Terrible Customer Support

APLUS is losing ground

We are an APLUS Gold Reseller and were just informed that they are doing a platform upgrade. No problem, that happens with all companies. The problem is that it took several emails to support and phone calls to get the details. The bigger problem is that while our sites, we have 23 separate sites with APLUS on shared servers, will be up during the upgrade, we are not allowed to make any changes for 7 days. How can anyone explain to their customers that that no emergency or any other notices can be posted for 7 days.

We are now forced to find another hosting company and move our sites because we cannot afford for our sites to be static for 7 days. Clearly they do not have the technical knowledge required to maintain their business.

We have used several hosting companies over the past 15 years and never had this happen. It appears they made a decision on what is best for them, not their customers.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: upgrade process

Aplus gets a D-

I was a Cedant customer for years until they brought them out. I had major problems with them billing me for extra band width without a good explanation. Our email has been down for over a day and we just get a run around. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. I have sites hosted with Hostgater and we have never had a problem, here it is one after another.

Biggest Pro: Connection Speed
Biggest Con: Customer Service

Poor Services and no follow up.

I was with Aplus for a couple of years. Many a times whenever we need customer support, there is a slag in waiting time and response. Howevere, this is not my biggest concern as we have to consider their conveniences until recently i was totally blew off.

Aplus changed my email setting without my consent. I have lost all historys of my business transactions. I told them to replace and they said that cannot do anything without admiting their fault.

In the very first place, I did not request for an update, and most importantly, they did not tell me about the upgrade. We were denied log in to our emails for almost a week and no one bothers to attend to us. We log in to customer support and they cant do much things to help.

This company is cheating and spam mails are always sending to us 24/7 without fail. They cannot give us a reasonable answer and simply brush us off.

Avoid Aplus unless you want poor service

Aplus is a nightmare. STAY AWAY. They have limited or no technical expertise and the customer service is abysmal. I have been trying to get an MX record altered for more than 3 weeks and they still cant figure out how to accomlish this 3 minute change. Now they lost all my email distribution lists! Ahhhh!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: everything else

Utter hell

Stuck with another year on contract.

Cant wait to get out of this hell hole.

Horrible customer support and response time is in the order of weeks.

And they have everything covered in the license agreement.

So even if there is downtime of 1 week, the license agreement will take care of it so that you dont get even a penny back.

And the management just wants to make money at any cost. This is largely because there is no standard authority monitoring these guys. They can do what ever the hell they want.

Biggest Con: Support and Management

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