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Never Again.

I've been a professional in this business for 22 years, and have _never_ dealt with a worse registrar in terms of their online portal, product management, or technical support. I have been a paying customer for more than 10 years, and... I just can't do it anymore. As a professional systems administrator for a public /16 and more than 150 individual companies, I will not use again, nor would I recommend it for any of my customers.

I have used nearly all north-american registrars and have consistently had a better experience with every single one. This is a low bar.

I made the decision more than 10 years ago to give a try for my own personal accounts, as it was literally the least expensive at the time. Well as they say: "you get what you pay for." Never again.

Biggest Pro: Will Successfully Process your Card
Biggest Con: Will Not know what to do next...

F for A

I Researched companies at the time (a and thought they were the way to go. I built a website from scratch traveling to Europe and taking photos. Everything was done by myself. As Time went on I got busy with other jobs /projects but still maintained this business. My site went down and figured it was because I did not update the who is information. I figured as soon as I had a moment this would come back. I was wrong. After I had updated the site it did not come back. I called support numerous times. I found out later that it should have never come down, regardless if the info was updated. When the website finally came back, ½ the website was gone. All the pages listed from sales/ and my business were gone (I counted 42 pages) they said they updated it from the most recent. They told me it was a coding issue and that I should use a more current program. Granted there are newer programs out there but lets go back to the issue, there was no problem previously and the website worked fine. I do not have time to rebuild or look into updated programs. I paid a server, who lost my site and now is blaming me that it can not be brought back. Yes this is something I wanted to do, however at the time I built the best site possible and did all the coding. I moved a lot and figured my info was protected and out there. I was wrong my website is not functioning and all the work I did is lost and I cannot replace it. According to them it is my fault. Really…I am in the process of addressing this in between real life but I can assure you I would not recommend them and I will handle this in due time…

Biggest Con: lost my work

16 Years of Loyalty - All for Nothing

I have been with APlus through thick and thin since 1998, even recommending at least a dozen clients to them, through 20012. Now, I just want OUT. If I didn't have so many domains on their system, I would have left long ago.

Since Deluxe took over, tech support has gone to the dogs. Completely. Every domain I've purchased in the past two years has been set up wrong. The first action by Deluxe staffers is to blame me for "user inability." Ummm...NO. I've been designing for the web since 1993...since far before many of your tech people were even BORN or out of diapers. I am considered an expert in my field and have led companies at the C-Level. And your tech support is telling me that their problem is mine? Mine, as in the paying customer?

I had one problem that was highly unusual for Wordpress - across all of my WP domains. Text wouldn't appear in the text boxes for input of posts. I troubleshot everything on my end BEFORE calling AP. Then, "You're doing it wrong. We won't help you with Wordpress." I kept telling them it was on their end. "No. User error." TWO WEEKS LATER, they identified that they had a problem with some server changes and "it is affecting Wordpress users." They provided a workaround. TWO WEEKS I lost business time.

Now, I have no email assigned to an operating domain. NO EMAIL. It is 2015. For a week, a trouble ticket has been in for tech support. STILL NO EMAIL. How can I do web-based business with NO EMAIL????

I have no less than one trouble ticket every single month for odd glitches and weird things I've never had issues with on other hosts. Business and life cannot wait for APlus by Deluxe. Deluxe wrote a check they can't cash, in buying APlus. IN OVER YOUR HEAD.

I've had it. This is ludicrous. It is ALWAYS something. Major internal inefficiencies, appear to have too FEW TECH SUPPORT people on staff, current tech support always blames the customer (how mature, in the first place), and even customer svs reps say "we know what you are saying...we understand why you're're right, it has been too long for this ticket..." I feel sorry for customer svs, as they have to deal with irate customers like me, due to BAD TECH SUPPORT.

Biggest Pro: NONE

Frauduelnt Charges

I called Aplus in November to cancel the entire account as we were switching to a new hosting company, new website with a new designer etc. The woman I spoke with kept trying to make me agree to continue and after like the 6th time I probably yelled at her that we are CANCELLING our account and moving elsewhere.

January 27th we receive an email THANKING us for our charge of $65.45 for the coming year! I spoke to two different operators at Aplus to reverse the charges and both pretended there was nothing they could do to fix it. In other words they refused to acnolwledge they made a mistake and will not solve it. Operator #2 even mumbled over me while I answered his questions which he then claimed he didn't understand: Shut the hell up while a Customer is talking and then you will hear their answer. Unless they trained you to do that?
Shady company guilty of fraud at the moment.

Report is filed with the BBB AND will be with my Bank first thing Monday morning!

Biggest Pro: None!
Biggest Con: Fraud

Billing Incompetence

Nothing but problems with billing. From "holds" being placed on funds in credit card (not being reversed for 30 days), double-billing (then being assessed a chargeback fee 3x amount to be rebated), account locked/suspended for failure to pay chargeback of refund I am due (with no way to repay since account says no invoices are due).

Technically, not much to brag about. Provides standard service with nothing special. However, with the level of incompetence in the billing and customer service departments receiving resolution brings A-Plus to a very sub-par provider. Avoid.

Biggest Pro: None really
Biggest Con: Billing Department and Customer Service incompetence.

Cplus I don't Think so try FMinus

When the great migration took place my sight crashed and it took 4 months before I told them what the problem was & they fixed it. On August 8th of this year we had problems with their generic SSL and our customer were unable to check out. We purchased a new certificate and the cart still does not work. We are going on 3 months now and I cannot do business. $0 earned. I have told them where the specific problem is and it is still not fixed. I call everyday and I am told that the senior techs have the ticket but nothing is happening. So either when the tell me the senior techs have it they are referring to their technicians who are 100 years old and move very slowly or they have hired the U.S. Congress to do their tech support, I am not clear on which it is.

My recommendation is to not go with APlus find another company, because that is what I am about to do so I can get my sight back up and running.

Best of luck. If someone from Aplus finds this and reads this my recommendation would be to put some serious money in to tech support because you currently only have customer service with no tech support! You need to fix it before it fixes itself!


Biggest Pro: Good price but...
Biggest Con: No tech support for the simplest of problems

Need to change their name to

I have had webhosting with since early 2005. I selected them because they were rated #1 at the time. And they lived up to their rating until mid-2009 when the shared hosting business was sold off. Every single thing about them when from first class to crap almost immediately. The "upgrade" was an utter disaster and there are still things that don't work. I am in agreement with almost all of the other reviews I see here. Lousy operation, slow, unreliable email, lies, slow tech support, on and on and on. PHP is glacially slow and they deny it completely. If it wasn't such an immense task to move I would already have done so.

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Eveyrthing

Constant problems, frustration, lies with

I've used them last year at a company and it was good service. I decided to join myself this year and ran into more problems than it was worth. Day after day after day would I receive problems, frustration, and wasted time.

#1. My account was marked as fraud. Anyone with half of a brain would know my account wasn't fraudulent. I used the billing address of my credit card. Matching Phone number, etc. If they had half of that brain they could've called me, looked up the whois on my domain and noticed all the information was the same again. But instead, they froze my account for 3 days. FIRST sign of waste of time for aplus

#2 Constant backend items wouldn't function /work properly. The Mysql DB manager would tell me 'error making database, please try again later', but in fact the DB did get created.

#3 Same with creating username. Then trying to delete the username or DB? Same problem. LAME

#3 Directories constantly changing / files ghosting / etc. They're going through data mirroring problems or something. MORE PROBLEMS
Your files/directory will appear somewhere else unexpectedly.

#4 Constant mysql problems. (They're using v5.0) My wordpress stopped working. I call them to get them problem fixed. They say they fixed it but my site still doesnt work properly. Says error 'connecting to database'. I ddin't make any modifications to the wordpress.

#5 The lady in the fraud dept I spoke to sounded like she had no idea what she was doing. Sounded like she wanted to be at home knitting.

Well, it's been a NIGHTMARE. What a waste of a couple weeks for me to try and wait for all the problems to be fixed. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Biggest Con: admins there think they know what they're doing.

Worst hosting I've ever experienced was acquired by MarketJuice and it has since gone downhill. I've worked with more than 25 different other providers and I've been in IT for over 20 year. In my personal experience no one has been so horrible in providing a web hosting service! My site has been down for more than several weeks due to database & server issues and they have not even started to resolve them. For months before this I've had the worst performance of any account I've ever used. Stay away and go with just about anyone else!

Biggest Pro: There are other choices?
Biggest Con: They are horrible!

Stats exploded once I moved my client's site off APlus

I'm a web designer and I created a custom WordPress theme for this client in 2009, making numerous improvements since. For about a year the client comlained that the site was slowing down. When they talked to APlus, the customer service reps suggested that it was WordPress, that the pages were too large, etc. PageSpeed plugin in FireBug showed 85% load speed, there just seemed to be this incredible (5-8 second) lag loading each page. I still don't know what it was. Four days ago we moved the site to, where stats have expoded, jumping over 35% to levels that they haven't seen since April. Bonus: They don't have to wait a minute or more to get into the dashboard to post to their blog.

TL;DR: APlus either didn't know what was wrong or didn't care, but once we moved to HostGator, visits jumped 35% in four days.

STL;DR: Don't use APlus.

Biggest Pro: Nice customer service
Biggest Con: Can't manage to serve a web site competently.

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