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AMHosting service and reliability at all time low.

I was with AMHosting for over 14 years and today I had had enough. I have watched as their service and reliability have dropped down to low low levels (both my website and email being repeatedly down). It got to the point where, for critical issues, I had to start giving out my Internet provider email address, instead of the email address connected with AMHosting. It just got to the point that I could no longer trust their service. Then today, they shut off my website and email without any warning—it took hours to get it back up. I found a new website/email hosting provider at half the price of AMHosting. This new provider also offers free domain name renewal. So, before using AMHosting, look around first—there are much better options out there. I used to recommend AMHosting, but never again.

Biggest Con: Can no longer trust their service.

Hopign improves

Hate to write this review because I know Amhosting has tried, but they are failing miserably. Our web server was working til about 7 years ago when the staff at convinced us to go onto their servers. All our websites went down constantly. Over the past few years it's gotten much much worse. Now I can almost say our whole server goes down at least once a week, and on the weekends it's down til monday morning. We've lost all our paying customers years ago who were pissed about down time, Then about a year ago we noticed all our emails are being rejected by the big email systems. After pleading with the " reps" we get no response to why, or how that can be fixed. Amhosting moved from Reno last years and now I have a feeling it is just a shell of a company. And, to add insult to the fire every month when they bill us the threaten to shut us off if we don't pay our monthly bill promptly. I tell them, it's a little tough paying bills WHEN ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE GONE!!!

Do not use this company, the only reason we are with them is the possibility someone will buy their clients and add them to a real hosting service. PS while I was writing this I was waiting for the chat rep to respond…. nothing. All our websites are down, again, since who knows, last night? will no doubt be down til monday. I expect any day for all our websites to be offline for good… we will then find a real server host.

AMHosting has trashed it's former reputation as a good hosting co

I have beene a customer of this company for more than 15 years. About five years ago, they dumped all their old staff and service policies. Using them as a serve platform ever since has been hell. Last weekend my website was trashed by hackers and they couldn't even both to respond or help until days later. Moving to a new server company ASAP. Stay away from this company because it just wants your money without providing any vivable service or support. It's an embarrassment to the Internet world.

Biggest Con: LOUSY SERVICE and no support unless they find it convenient to talk to you.

Stay away from AmHosting

This company was decent several years ago, but has recently become unreliable with poor customer support. No help can be attained except during PST office hours. The telephone number only gives a recording to call back during office hours. There is no Live Chat available after hours. Evening emails are not answered. As they recently informed me, their claim for 24/7 support is only for minor issues. Do not use this company if your site contains ecommerce. Your sales will suffer if you do. There are also questionable issues about the SSL certificate we purchased for our site along with questionable issues about AmHosting’s own SSL certficate. Protect your site and use a more reliable responsible host.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: Unreliable and poor customer service

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