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Customer +5 years with 2 dedicated servers - they suck

Intermittent down 15 minute or so down time several times a day for past 15 days. I have been begging for 5 days for a call back. Sent multiple trace routes by email. Submitted requests for a phone call to explain to me what is going on in over a dozen emails, by phone, by live chat, by trouble call form, by online request to sales department too. Nobody calls. It is very difficult to move, but I think I must.

Terrible support

Stay away from Alentus. They seem to not care about their customers and are unresponsive to the regular issues on their servers. If you can ever get ahold of someone, good luck getting them to call you back with a response to your inquiry. They don't seem knowledgable, blame multiple issues on the customer (when it was discovered that the various issues were on Alentus' end) and put no sense of urgency on customer needs.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Support, Service, Pricing

Takes website down randomly

As another person said their servers get hacked one too many times. So I am wary of paying them via their online billing. I want to use PayPal but they don't have a payment email. They want to snare me into a recurring payment scheme but no way. So i decide to send them a cheque. Well they decided not to wait for the snail mail and took down my site without any warning--right in the middle of our correspondence about payment methods. Just like that--don't care about people's websites. Terrible host.

Try Transfering?

Alentus resells Wild Wild West Domains as their own.

When Alentus hosts my 3 sites with domain registration and a 3 year customer decides to take the business elsewhere Alentus makes it a most ugly experience.

1.) When notified by telephone that the renew option(s) x3 would not be completed they took the site down in MINUTES. This caused a email issue with the requesting registrar being unable to communicate the codes required to complete the transfers.

2.) Alentus had a security breach 18 months ago advising their customers that their credit card information MAY have been effected. WOW . . .

3.) When trying to call their tech support AFTER they took the site down their telephony blocks your request to speak to a live agent.

4.) All in all A CRAP PROVIDER!

Recen t poblems

Web servers down recently and no one to contact. This has only been a problem to me over the last few weeks. Need to have online chat capability, it does not work now. Phone support is good but sometimes online chat is better. Once contact is established, tech support is very good about understanding the problem, offering solutions, walking you through the options, and following-up if required.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: lack of contact

Alentus is down

My dedicated server at alentus is inaccessible and has been so for over 3 hours now. Alentus does not answer their phone or emails. Very bad. I rarely need them, but when I do they are not around. Their web site is down too. This is at least the 3rd outage this year. It would be nice if I could speak with someone.

Biggest Pro: Reasonable price
Biggest Con: Awful support

Alentus Web & Exchange Hosting

They are a basic hoster. They host offer hosted Exchange and SharePoint but you learn that they outsource this.

Alentus has bad customer service. Search the web and you will find more reviews where their service has gone downhill. I know others that use Atlentus and they too are unhappy.

Right now I'm in the middle of over 16 hours of our mail server being down. They have closed my Support Ticket as "resolved" when it's not and sent me a mail to not bother them so much.

I am moving the web sites we have hosted, Exchange and SharePoint to another hoster.

I recommend you stay away from Alentus. In the end most of hosting is a commodity. It's service that makes the difference and the service at Atlentus really sucks.

Biggest Con: Very bad customer support

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