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Poor service

Account manager Steve is the worst and incompetent employee that works there. He can't execute an one page website on deadlines. I am still without a website that is passed the deadline. He doesn't reply to emails nor send emails like he supposed to. He is a lazy dog. I wouldn't recommend anybody working with him as their account manager. I wouldn't recommend this company. They need to better train employees that is suitable and can execute deadlines. When talking with him on the phone is nonchalant. Very unprofessional.

AIT is a bad investment

We contracted an external VPS from AIT hoping to discover a source more cost-effective speed.
Initially we were month-to-month, then contracted them for a year.
It took India around a month to set up the yearly billing, so that is our assessment of their billing.

We have to use a different provider and DNS fail-over to get any value out of this contract.

Downtime, is measured independently by primarily by Pingdom, but several other server monitors as well. We've sent them evidence, from several server up-time montors that their server is consistently down all over the world. They blame us and Pingdom. They are consistently way below the service level agreement (SLA).

Bittcha says their speed is just acceptable.

AIT does not provide DNS servers with VPS hosting. WHM is provided in raw state to set up your own cPanel. It took 5 attempts at password changes, through their support system (not WHM) to get us logged into WHM initially.

Customer service is their worst feature. They blame, they distract, they close tickets without resolution, they try to up-sell, but they do not address the issues. It is clear their customer service does not even understand hosting issues.

Biggest Pro: Cost-speed ratio
Biggest Con: Downtime and incredibly poor customer service.

AIT has come a long way

I've been with AIT for about 15 years through ups and downs and many a technical glitch. This company has worked hard to establish a good rating in the hosting business. For the past few years, I've hardly ever had to put in a trouble ticket. When I had a major problem, their customer service reps were there 24/7/365 LIVE to help. They are all courteous and helpful. This is important when you have virtual host accounts who need the reliability for their businesses. The CEOs also care and make themselves available for feedback.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and reliability
Biggest Con: When on hold, the offer to do website makeovers.

Two Thumbs Up

I've hosted at AIT for 9 years. During that time I've also worked on other hosting providers' systems leaving me in a position to compare. I couldn't rate AIT more highly. My uptime is very close to 100%. Tech support, as rarely as I've needed it, is quickly available and extremely competent. Bandwith and other performance factors are excellent. I'm a big fan.

Biggest Pro: Quality of tech support.
Biggest Con: None.

TERRIBLE uptime and customer service

Lost much business due to this inept company. It's gotten much worse over the years. This last time the site was down for 3 days - 3 tickets filed, multiple tries for calls - took 2 days to finally get someone then another day to get it back up again. The usual "we're sorry and thanks for your patience"... no more - that stated it's TOUGH getting real reviews of these places - there are so many bogus "fan-club" sites that make you believe its a review site but they're just hawking their own company under a different banner....

[ratings: uptime number represents the impact of uptime and not a percentage number]

Biggest Pro: Can't think of any other than now i have to go through the hassle of moving
Biggest Con: WAY too much downtime for too long with no response

Started good but gone downhill

The previous review matches my experiences identically. When we first started using AIT everything went just fine. But over the last couple of years things have continued straight downhill. Luckily, my current term is coming to a close and I'm hoping that my choice of new hosting services INMOTION will be much better. Based on the reviews at this website, INMOTION HOSTING sounds like a winner.

AIT on the other hand has terrible uptime any more. Just like the previous reviewer, our site has been down several times a month, some time several times a week for 1 or more hours at a time. I just wished that I started monitoring the uptime with an automated service long ago. Last year things got so bad with downtime, that I moved all our email accounts to our in house Exchange Server instead of using their POP3 mail service. I laugh now when I think about how impressive the company sounded with Colonel Klink in charge and 80% of their staff being ex-military. Wow armed guards and 10 foot thick concrete walls !! Now in retrospect, I think the armed guards and concrete walls are just to keep out the ticked off customers.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 support sometimes
Biggest Con: Over priced, too much downtime

AIT is nothing but frustration

AIT has no reliability whatsoever. We are constantly down with email and domains. Even the company site itself goes down for days.

Tech is usually pretty responsive, but 70% of the time they don't solve the problem or respond with a question or useless comment and close the ticket. Rarely do they provide any information to explain why the problem occurred or how they've addressed it.

Google won't even index half my sites, because they are offline and unreachable so often.

I had one customer run a $10,000.00 ad campaign to promote their online product. The site crashed within the first hour and was offline for almost the entire day. The potential sales loss was huge.

I don't believe I have ever been as frustrated with any company in my life, as I have AIT. I would no recommend anyone even considers this company, unless you have no problems with your sites and email being down on a regular bases.

Biggest Pro: decent price plans
Biggest Con: servers down on a regular basis


I can't even begin to convey how bad this company is, and as 1 disgruntled customer, you may not believe me anyway. I suggest you check the other review sites with more reviews of AIT, and check out their "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, and research thier relationship with My complaints are the same that you will find a thousand time over with a little research, plus 1 new complaint that started today;

AIT now redirects 404 errors (page cannot be diplayed) to thier newly acuired search engine "TyBit". TyBit, in turn will redirect some users to an advertised site based (presumably) on the address that lead them to the wrong page. So they are effectively poaching thier hosting customers' customers and automatically lead them to thier advertising customers' sites, generating revenue on both ends, while leaving the end-user completely confused as to why they ended up at a law firm web-site when they were attempting to go to a specific computer company's web-site. This is browser hijacking, and if this were done from the local computer it would be considered malware.

But it gets even worse. Today, all of my email users received numerous emails warning them that thier email account has been changed and they need to follow a link to have thier settings automatically adjusted. I had recently sent out emails notifying my customers of a pending server change, because I am leaving AIT and moving to InMotion Hosting (read that review also). The bogus emails they received today appeared to be from my domain, referrenced information that they were previously aware of, and contained a link to a page on my domain, so they appeared completely legitimate. But the PAGE on my domain that the link pointed to does not exist. These users were able to follow the link and download an executable file, apparently through the exploitation or cooperation of TyBit/AIT. I have not yet determined what, if any, damage has been done to their systems, but I am now looking into taking legal action which will include ALL of the fraud, overbilling, poaching, non-delivery of services and whatever damage may have been cause by today's events. THEY ARE PURE EVIL!

Biggest Pro: My actual web-site was usually accessible.
Biggest Con: EVERYTHING else.

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One of the worst companies I have EVER dealt with

Daily e-mail delivery problems, constant overcharges, monthly billing problems, almost impossible to downgrade or cancel any services, many requests are never responded to, requests that are responded to never see resolution, I could go on and on... Check other review sites and the Better Business Bureau for thier "F" rating. The only thing they are effective at is taking your money.

By Jason Parthum on October 12th, 2009 at 00:20 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Reseller | Platform: Unix | Email: [Logged]

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Used to be very good

We were with AIT for around 10 years. We stayed with them because they were very reliable. Over the last several months that has gone away. Our site kept going down for short periods of time several times a week. Two weeks ago our site was down 5 times in a week that we know of. Every time we called tech the site was back up by the time a tech tested so they refused to believe there was a problem. Several months ago they changed me to another server and I asked if that could be the problem. I never got an answer. We make our living from our website and cannot afford frequent downtime. I explained this to many techs and at least one sales person. Nothing changed.

One other beef I had was that their Cpanel is horrible. Because I had been satisfied with AIT I hadn't looked around. When I did I was shocked at how much better almost everybody else's Cpanel was. Their MySQL interface is also horrible compared to most everybody else. AIT is not cheap. They are expensive when compared to others so you would expect more not less.

I have just changed to another host and so far (knock on wood) everything is great. I wish I had done it sooner.

Biggest Con: reliability and cost

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