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Excellent service & value for money

I don't know where I would be without Agility Hoster. Fabulous company, great service, excellent support. Your team is always helpful and friendly when I need them. I absolutely recommend your service to anyone looking for a reliable hosting service that comes with extras such as the website builder, which I have just purchased a full version of after using it to test on a couple of designs. Perfect!

Quick and Easy WEB Host company

First of all, I´d like to say I am very happy working with AgilityHoster.
They are very nice to support me and have the total experience to solve issues. I have received outstanding support from these guys.
So, in fact, for me, I have great satisfaction levels while dealing with agilityhost team and I have valued your fast and accurate response in particular.
Regard uptime, I don´t remember when they have problems. It seems old fashioned system, but everything works very nicely.
Was a good decision to host my business in this company.

The only reason not to give a maximum grade was that I want to implement in my e-commerce the ApplePay form of payment and they use (or Linux uses) a directory that I cannot have permission to use in order to validate this form of Payment. They didn´t have a workaround to support me.


Biggest Pro: Excellent Support team
Biggest Con: does't have ApplePay support for e-commerce

Excellent Support, Great Value

I signed up with AgilityHoster when I wanted to get my first website produced. They offered me an excellent deal for my first year which I simply could not refuse. Close to a year later, I'm having excellent results so far! Customer service is by far the best part, as my issues are resolved within mere minutes. This is something I value highly, as good customer relations speaks very highly of their services.

On the odd chance they're performing maintenance, it usually finishes very quickly, and my website has very little downtime even on a shared plan.

Biggest Pro: Amazing Customer Support
Biggest Con: Maybe not the highest possible speeds (but I'm not on the top plans anyway)

Totally Pleased!

I actually have five domains registered through AgilityHoster and couldn't be happier. Their customer support is the best I've ever dealt with. At one point, I made the huge blunder of registering my domain with another company and then decided to move it over to AgilityHoster. The other company refused to acknowledge my support tickets or emails. AgilityHoster's support team kept in constant contact with me for over 24 hours! The hosting is superb! I have never had a problem with my hosting other than outside issues and they still helped me to understand the technical lingo! Not only do they answer their support tickets, they answer their phones! I have gotten to the point where I expect companies that I deal with online not to respond. That is a sad thing, but AgilityHoster is different. I have recommended them to many friends and family members. I would recommend them to anyone! Their control panel is very user friendly with many options and their FAQ answers just about any question you could have. I love them!

Biggest Pro: Awesome customer service! You won't find better!
Biggest Con: NONE!

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