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Lights are on but no-one home

Ive been trying to close the account for years.
Live (hahahah) Chat , email, and phones are all unanswered.
Control Panel doesnt work.

No-one seems to have turned the machines off yet, so maybe they paid for server space in advance somewhere.
But now the only thing that seems to be working is an automated request for updated payment details, which for obvious reasons I am not going to provide.
People have been saying the business is dead since 2013.. still seems to be the case but no-one has turned the lights off yet.
Maybe it was a one man band and the owner died?

Biggest Con: No-one there. Avoid is AWOL

I've had my website hosted by for more than 15 years. Was okay in the beginning but something has happened. There appears to be no staff. I cannot access the management pages to update my site. It says there certificate has expired. Customer Support has disappeared, with no live chat, no answer to email, phone numbers are out of service. I think they have taken the money and ran with it. This has happened in the past but mysteriously they come back. This time I think they are gone for good. Have to figure out how to get my domain name released and go to another provider. I think these guys have become crooks!

Biggest Pro: Nothing! They used to be good but have gone AWOL after they take your money
Biggest Con: Everything. Customer Support disappeared with no live chat, no telephone service, no return email.

Never Again

I have been with this company since it started, never had any issues or problems until about a month ago, Jan. 2016 , I tried connecting with anfFTP client to retrieve some files, FTP Classic 2.38 would test a tmp upload and I would receive a write error and cancel out, after repeated attempts to reach support or any other person via email or a disconnected phone, I xfered my domain to Network Solutions and cancelled my credit card that Addr billed, their still sending me a bill for their services , but have yet to answer or resolve the FTP issue , DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: customer service


ADDR.COM was a reasonably good host for my website for about 10 years ... until, in late 2013, incessant technical problems appeared, reappeared and wouldn't go away. Incoming e-mail simply disappeared, or never arrived. My website was up, down, up, down, down, slow, up, etc. With about two exceptions, MANY of my attempted phone and e-mail complaints were answered by an "autoresponder" and ignored by real people. The exceptions? Five or six months (yes, months) after I sent 40+ complaint messages, somebody at finally did reply via e-mail. He explained they had been busy, apologized for the delay, had no idea what my problem was, and suggested that I try again to contact them if I still needed assistance.

That poor excuse of an offer to help came WAY Too Late. Months earlier I had switched to a new web host (ARVIXE.COM).

Five months ago my 2-year prepaid "subscription" for ADDR.COM's services ran out. Obviously I did not renew for another 2-year term. Despite my complaints and messages saying to cancel my account, plus my refusal to pay any more, ADDR.COM's tunnel-vision "pay now or else" billing department continues to try to automatically charge my credit card. Thankfully, that credit account is no longer active or I'd be forced to repeatedly dispute unwelcome and unauthorized charges by ADDR.COM.

One more thing. As it turned out, I should have switched much sooner. ADDR.COM's "control panel" performs a few basic tasks, but other web hosts' control panels are FAR better.

MY RECOMMENDATION -- SKIP ADDR.COM, do NOT give them your credit card number, and go elsewhere for a website & e-mail host.

Biggest Pro: Easy to sign up
Biggest Con: Customer Service is NONEXISTENT parent company Aftergen, Inc. has been suspended by CA

ADDR.COM is under suspension by the CA Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board. There is apparently no one in the company and the servers are running unattended. There is no response to any request for service and no answer when you contact them in any manner. However they are still charging your credit card. I have put a block on charges from them and intend to go after them for damages. Anyone want to join me? Leave a note here.

Get you data and software off their servers before they are turned off.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Basically out of business - get your information off their server.

Stay away from ADDR

I have been a loyal customer to ADDR since 1997 (16 years) using their silver plan.

They used to have great service despite it being outside the U.S. The Last few years I have had a few problems which include the site going down, email failure and currently slow loading. I have not had ANY human contact with ADDR support for the last few years, you used to be lucky to get email responses, but that doesn't even happen anymore. Even if you want to buy services such as website design they won't answer you. The phone ALWAYS have messages saying they are experiencing heavy volume and they will call you back (they don't) their chat feature is always shut down as well.

I am currently shopping for a new host and would advise people to avoid ADDR as there seems to be a variety of better hosts for the same or less money. ADDR in my book rates a 0% for support & service'

Biggest Pro: Was good in the begining
Biggest Con: Absolutely NO support offered


What one time ADDR provided great service. That has changed. Trouble tickets go unanswered and it's not possible to reach them via telephone or live chat.

There problems with emails. They have a serous DNS problem that been going on for several weeks. I question whether they are still in business.

Where is

Can't get addr either on the phone or through email. Emails fail to go through. Not sure what's going on. A link was lost from my home page and I need to have it restored, since it is the way my customers view their event. Anyone else having problems with addr or making contact?

Leaving after 16 years

I've been using ADDR since early 1996. Service was impeccable. Support was superb. In the past year, it's turned really awful. The entire ADDR spectrum was turned off for 6 hours from 9 am to 3 PM on a weekday in June 2011, including the ADDR.COM website. Emails sent to an ADDR mailbox during that time were lost. Completely lost. Phone lines weren't answered. Still encountering problems with intermittent email service. They are no longer very price-competitive either. I'm seeking another web host.

Biggest Pro: Was terrific
Biggest Con: Turned awful in the past year

Formerly Great -- Turned AWFUL recently!

From what used to be a great host, and one I've recommended to many people, I am moving all of my sites because I can't get any tech support, my phone calls go unanswered, only person I've been able to communicate with at all does not have any reasonable command of the English language and refuses to put anyone on the phone who does speak fluently. They've admitted they know nothing about Front Page extensions although their service is supposed to provide that and they managed to totally screw up one of my sites to where it's totally unusable. And they keep telling me it's fixed. GRRR!!!

Biggest Con: No service!

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