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Still not refunding

I contacted Acenet and asked for a refund due to illness (i was in the hospital for over a month) within 3 days of charging and they refused to give me a full refund. The person that emailed me said he was sorry i wouldn't have "time" for my site due to illness. Time! I am fighting cancer and they have a bad attitude? Watch out for these folks when it comes to your money.

Biggest Pro: reliability
Biggest Con: refunds

Control and Pettiness at a Price

Hosted with Acenet for four years on one account and three on another because of the quality of their technical support team, which is superlative.

However, this company imposes business practices that are extremely controlling and absurdly petty. After four years of customer loyalty, I had tech support combing through all my folders and files to determine what was "personal storage" and this was with only 67GB of usage after four years. Had not one but two accounts suspended, after two years of service, due to a minor billing error. Customer is never given the benefit of the doubt.

Acenet is also one of the most expensive shared hosting options out there ($154.00 per year) and for this kind of hassle, they are just not worth it. My current web hosting plan is costing me literally half of what I was paying Acenet and I can run applications that require a php.ini file (can't do this with Acenet).

Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

Biggest Pro: Quality and fast response time of technical support
Biggest Con: Petty, controlling, and abusive business practices. Far too expensive for what you get.

Excellent Service

Wow - I don't know what to say. Reading all these horrible reviews I wondered if it was the same company we are talking about.

I've hosted sites with Acenet for years now. We've got a reseller package at the moment, but I've had loads of other sites in the past too. I've found them to be very reliable. Any time I have had a problem their support staff have responded (sometimes in minutes) to my emails in a prompt and efficient manner.

I really have nothing but good things to say about Acenet and have recommended them over and over again.

I suppose that even the best companies will have dissatisfied customers, but I thought I should really redress the balance here as this page does not reflect my experiences with Acenet at all.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

The worst hosting company - stay away!!!

Be sure to google reviews for ace-host before deciding to go with them. There are hundreds of reports of why you should NOT host with them. In fact, make sure you go to their better business bureau and see all the open cases they have. I reported them as well, but have not heard back from anyone.

The webhosting itself is not TOO bad. Although some have reported problems with downtime or other problems.

The biggest problem with this company comes when you try to cancel hosting with them. Basically, they make it very hard to cancel their autobilling that is two years in advance. YOu are screwed once they charge yoru credit card. If there is no credit card, they will even report you to the credit bureau.

Read more reviews here:

Biggest Con: Thieves

Excellent company

I have been with many companies over the last five years trying to find the best webhost for the best price. I started at Acenet with a shared account, and eventually moved to a dedicated plan to suit my needs. Hosting is down very little, and if it is down I am informed of exactly why it was down if known. Mostly this is due to power-outage. My server is not located in GNAX where their servers are typically located - but in their facility in Michigan (I think it's MIchigan). They were able to line me up with a really good price for my machine.

But read this, and I mean read it good. THEIR HARDDRIVE CRASHED ON MY DEDICATED MACHINE AND THEY REFUSED TO SEND TO GET IT FIXED. They insisted that I should have had my own backups. The reason they would not get it fixed is because they were returning it to manufacturer for warranty and it would have been voided. Other then this one issue in three years I am very happy.

Also the owner emails me periodically in a personal email and asks for my feedback and responds to my questions, complaints, and concerns.

Biggest Pro: Tech response in minutes no matter what time of day or night
Biggest Con: No telephone support

I've been with Acehost for years, I'm incredibly happy with how they've treated me and the kind of services I've gotten from them. I pay $49.95 a month for 15gig storage and 10, 000 gig bandwidth, I've looked around and you don't normally get much better than that. Whenever I have problems, they're normally on top of them within minutes. I've never really had troubles caused by them, mainly caused by myself- though they always seem to fix it semi-instantly.

I honestly recommend Acehost to everyone, as I think it's one of the best out there; and I've tried alot already!

Biggest Pro: Tech support always fixes your problems-
Biggest Con: Customer service are usually slow.

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