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So far I am happy with A2 Hosting

I have been with A2 Hosting for about one year and so far I am very happy with their service. I signed-up for a 3-year package (which I believe is their max) and saved several hundred dollars in the process.

I've only had to use their support a small handful of times but in all cases they were very helpful. On one occasion, I had a question about viewing my web site so that we could set up a test area before changing our site's DNS. They sent me instructions for changing the host file on my local computer which proved to be invaluable during our development phase.

The speed of our web site is excellent. We have an A+ rating on sites like Pingdom and GTmetrix. I think people forget that a poorly coded web site will be slow regardless of the server it is hosted on. We were able to achieve excellent ratings by making our code efficient. Our work on this task probably played a bigger factor for speed than using any particular web host.

There was one occasion where A2 Hosting temporarily disabled our outgoing email due to suspected spam. They asked us to put a reCAPTCHA on our form which we did. They promptly re-enabled outgoing emails and things have been fine ever since.

I was a little annoyed at the time but in retrospect, I can't fault them for doing this because they are just trying to maintain clean IPs for their customers. Some hosts don't care about their IPs being blacklisted for spam. At least A2 Hosting cares and reaches out to customers who may have insecure web forms.

I recommend A2 Hosting to anyone reading this review. I plan on writing a follow-up review if my opinion about the company changes.

Biggest Pro: Customer support and economical pricing
Biggest Con: Occasional wait times on live chat

Will Terminate Your Account without a Second Thought

My review of A2 Hosting: I thought I had found the best reseller hosting out there. I had about 20 client web sites I needed a home for, and at first they were helpful in getting them migrated and everything running smoothly. Once all the client web sites were running smoothly, I began the long process of setting up and entering all the client data for billing and automation via WHMCS. This took about 30 days to get all data entered, credit card and domain renewal interfaces, and every little automation bug stomped.

After that, everything worked fantastic. The billing automation worked exactly as expected, the customers were happy, and it had gotten to the point where I wasn't even putting in any support tickets.

Then one day after four months with A2 Hosting, suddenly and inexplicably, I was sent an email saying my account had been terminated and I had 24 hours to move all sites off their server. They said “TOS violation”, and I thought well, this is probably a mistake, if there were any violation, it was unintentional and they will give me a chance to correct it. In fact I thought it must surely be a mistake, since there were no porn sites, no excessive bandwidth usage, no mass mailings, or ANYTHING I could even imagine might be a TOS violation. So, I asked them to tell me what it was, and I would correct it. They said and I quote, “Our decision to terminate your account is final and not open to discussion” and that I had until the end of the original 24 hour period, and then my sites would go offline. I spent 8 hours of that 24 waiting for them to respond to my request for more information.

It took me about 30 days to get everything running smoothly and set up with A2, so to expect me to migrate multiple websites and billing in less than 24 hours is ridiculous. Even DNS changes say they can take up to 48 hours to resolve. I ended up putting in a lot more work to quickly get backups of my sites and move again, and I lost some customers in the process. A2 Hosting absolutely refused to inform me as to what initiated their decision to terminate my account, so therefore I could not offer a correction or a defense.

In conclusion, I would say that if you are thinking about using A2 hosting for your reseller business, that technically, they work well, but they may suddenly terminate your account without a stated reason or explanation, or an opportunity for discussion. I'm not disputing that they have the right, and if you think that is good business practices, then you may want to take a chance that it doesn't happen to you. Otherwise, you are taking a chance on suddenly having to move all your sites and billing to a new server, in an impossibly short time. Remember, no explanation or opportunity to correct given.

Biggest Con: Will terminate your account without explanation or reasonable time to move


Don't use A2hosting, you will regret it!

A2 hosting deleted my files

A2 Support deleted files from my server. I paid for secure managed VPN hosting and in just a short time was the worst hosting experience I have ever had.I

I was very new to A2hosting and after such a terrible service so quickly I have no option to transfer to another company.

1) I sign up to managed VPN hosting (i shared the login details with nobody)
2) I transferred my site via cpanel) The site worked ok for a few weeks and then the site went down and showed "Server Error") I contact the live chat and somebody says they are fixing the problem
3) A few hours later the "Server Error" message has gone, but the site does not load... just a blank page. I contact live chat again and they say somebody removed files at 9:56am.
4) I submitted multiple supports tickets and the unhelpful support team confirmed the files had be deleted but would not provide me with the reason the files removed the files.

Despite deleting my files, and causing my site to go down or 3 days A2hosting refused to even provide me with a refund for the 1 month disaster hosting!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: horrible customer service, they delete your core website files!!


A2 hosting has been suspending my account for every reason you can think of. I will go through one incident after the other. The last one which occurred just a few minutes ago was their demand to block the comments. And though I added 2 plugins to block the comments three hours ago, about 15 minutes ago, they have suspended the account. Talking to their customer service, though I told him that I added the plugins, took about 15 minutes for him to understand that I did what they have asked for and still they disrupted the service. Now you would believe that I have violated the term of the service, but in fact the comments coming were less than what the limits.

On other occasions, my account was suspended on the basis that it has been compromised. But in reality, the files in my account are my files since I migrated the account. I am sure that their support was able to see them on the server and they were there for several months. But for them, it is very easy to shut the account and disrupt the service even when the account was running without any problem. If you are looking for a host that has total disregard to you sites, they come as number one, and if you see reviews contrary to that most probably they are paid. When it comes to all sorts of continuity of service they should be rated with zero or even below. Of course I will be leaving this company.

Biggest Con: disruption of service for reasons which most host do not implement

Lost 11 of my sites in a migration!

We've had problems from the get go, but this one takes the cake. they told us we were out of memory, and had to switch plans. so we did so, followed their instructions, and when our domains were moved to the new DNS, they lost the files for approximately 11 sites! that's right. 11 lead generation, income producing sites vanished into thin air. we have been working with their customer service for a week, and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If I knew I wouldn't go to jail, I'd bomb their offices and then burn the rubble. and once the fire was out, I'd burn it again. they have cost me thousands of dollars in lost revenue, productivity, leads, you name it. and now I have to build 11 sites from scratch. Don't know if I can file suit yet, I'll be chatting with my attorney soon to discuss the fineprint in their agreements, which probably covers their butts even in their incompetence.

Biggest Con: They "LOST" 11 of my sites. they put me out of business. PERIOD. Absolutely Unbelievable, and should be forced out of busin

Read the fine print

The page states 30 day money back guarantee. I signed up for a monthe and discovered that the plan was not for me. So, then I cancelled the plan; and, went and looked for how to get my refund.

After searching for a while and finding the information, i was surprised to see that refunds must be requested when submitting the cancellation request. So, I trie to redo the "cancellation request" and that was not allowed. I immediately wrote to customer service to help me with this obvious error on my part and was told that the billing department was closed till monday. I asked at least 3 times that my refund be processed and sent to the "billing department". NO Luck. So, I paid the first month and only got a few hours time.

If they will treat you like this and try to find ways to "snag you"-watch out. I am lucky i got out before I became dependent on them.

Biggest Con: big ad for guarantee. Hard to implement.

If you like working email, stay away

The web end of things is fine; no problems. But what, may I ask, is the point of a website WITHOUT email?

I've signed up close to 10 clients with over the years and so I'm reasonably certain than I'm in the best position to be offering advice here. In just the last 2 months I've had THREE clients complaining of endless, pervasive email problems, which a2hosting has attempted to blame on everything from "a possibly blacklisted IP address" to "too many concurrent http requests").

What baloney.

Their support ticket system is apparently useless, as they only respond when they feel like it, their "live chat" is offline more than it's online, and their handy toll free number is a quick way to waste 10 minutes before leaving a message that will never be returned.

There are so many choices out there; don't put your trust in this nitwits.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: No EMAIL!

A2 Hosting is worthless

I bought a VPS account plus CPanel setup on A2 hosting. First off, they never set up my Cpanel. I had to do it myself after calling support. A2 Hosting kept changing my user names and turning off features. But the worse thing is the THE SPEED OF THE VPS ACCOUNT CONNECTION IS NO BETTER THAN THEIR $5 A MONTH PLAN!!! Furthermore, my www setup is not working properly even though I followed their instructions EXCATLY! This company's service is worthless! I am a customer for now but I plan on moving my account as soon as possbile. This hosting provider really disappointed me. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Biggest Pro: NONE really
Biggest Con: Speed of the connection, technical ability

When a company is good we forget to reccommend

A2 is the best .....i have been to several hosting companies and i have seen and unseen....




ok i know i am sounding like a broken record......I recommend them !

Biggest Pro: No hidden charges,very helpful staff,easy to use control panel
Biggest Con: None

Excellent web hosting company!

Taking the advantage of the opportunity, I wanna thank a2hosting team for providing me with good services. Basic shared hosting plan was more than enough for me to host my web site vincent12(dot)name. Whenever I had some problems in beginning, their online customer support was always there to help me. A periodical checking is done to the server by the administrators so that the server never crashes. It happened so that it is one of the rare companies that are not overselling their resources. As for the speed and network uptime, they are perfect. I strongly believe that this company can be suitable for any kind of web sites.

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