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A Small Orange = A Big Win!

I first joined A Small Orange after hearing alot of good things on several forums. I took a look at there website and was impressed as it didn't appear to be a overly popular web host that let people slip through the gaps when it comes to support. I decided to give it a try and why not with prices so low! I must say i wasn't expecting to have to wait to get approval for my website which i wasn't to happy with as i was eager to get my blog online that day. 2 minutes later i received an email - yep my site account was activated within two minutes. Since then i have really had to contact support and when i had it was because of problems i was occurring with a 3rd party script which needed certain features to be activated which they gladly did for me.

Biggest Pro: Price!
Biggest Con: Can't think of one

A Small Orange (ASO) Review

I have had several websites hosted at A Small Orange (ASO). I decided to go because I had heard about their competitive rates and good customer service.

I have used Shared hosting only and haven't had any major problems with them. Their have had no major outages that have affected my websites. Obviously they have been down sometimes but it's nothing major and is an extreme rarity.

In terms of customer support, ASO resp honds fairly quickly and has always resolved any issue that I had. For example, I needed the main domain of my account switched several times and they quickly modified it.

Another time I inquired on a script that they no longer used (a CGI mail form script) and they were able to give me a copy. Customer support has been very smooth.

Even the one time I thought I wasn't accessing my Cpanel (when in fact is was the firewall that was blocking me from getting in).

I would recommend this host to anyone who wants to host a website on a shared server. My experience has been completely satisfactory and ASO offers great bang for the buck.

A Small Orange

I have used this host since January of 2006. It has been nearly 2 years and I have enjoyed this greatly. The price isn't that much and uptime, speed, and server has been great. Throughout the time that I have had this site, I cannot remember a time when the site was down. Only time was about 1-2 days for server upgrades. I use this host for my Counter-Strike gaming clan. My clan as well as I have loved the site. We use vBulletin for the forums and have been a great way to keep in touch with one another. I recommend this host to anyone who is looking for a reliable host for personal or public use.

A Small Orange has a funny name but great hosting

I switched over to A Small Orange a while back because my previous host had decided to systematically change all the permissions on my cache folders so that they were not writable by my scripts, thus breaking my site. I was a little put off by A Small Orange's pricing but I figured you get what you pay for and I am willing to pay for great service and timely support.

Every time I have had a request they have taken care of me as if they value me as a customer (gasp!). It is because of this that I will stay with them for the foreseeable future. In fact, I like them so much I actually have paid for a year in advance. I am comfortable with them and I am reasonably sure that they won't take advantage of my trust.

Biggest Pro: Ruby on Rails
Biggest Con: No SSH unless you ask.

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