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Polite, friendly, technically unable to make email work reliably

Many, many emails sent to me at my ASO site bounced back to the senders as timed-out or undeliverable. I sent copies of the error messages to the techies at ASO and they always found a reason having to do with some server other than theirs. People would resend the same message within an hours of getting the bounce back and the message would go through.

Banks and other businesses send bills from unmonitored mailboxes. If the message doesn't make it they don't resend. Bills from credit card companies got returned, late charges were incurred, credit scores were affected.

The thing is I've had my own domain since 1990 and never had email problems like this.

I don't think the support staff knows much about email.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: technically very weak


I run a startup news site and when a website is in its incubation period, reliable hosting matters. I signed up an got a business hosting under A Small Orange thinking they have the capacity to deliver but unfortunately, in less than a month of being with them, I have experienced terrible downtimes. In fact, as I am writing this review, my site is experiencing downtime. and it has been down for more than an hour already (going two).

One thing that attracted me to their hosting services is the load of the servers. According to them, they have 'lesser' load per server that's why the efficiency and speed won't get compromised.

YES. Their hosting is pretty fast, they have a clean cPanel and really professional support BUT not of those can compensate an UNACCESSIBLE website. as I write, i am losing readers clicking my social links, organic searches and referrals.

I think A Small Orange is a good hosting company for personal blog sites who have 1-10 readers a month as they need not worry about downtimes. But for startup companies, SME's and bloggers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSTING COMPANY.

Biggest Pro: features and support
Biggest Con: DOWNTIMES

Great service in the beginning

I had terrible service from a previous web host and decided to make the switch after going to a message board where people raved about A Small Orange. I made the switch and got a very friendly welcome greeting and some truly great support. Everything was fine. Their prices were more than reasonable and their techs were first rate. Anytime I had a problem they would help out within minutes.

That all changed a couple of years ago. I am wondering if the original company was bought out or something because I didn't recognize any of the names of the new techs. I had to change something on my website quickly. My site was showcasing my graphic design work and I needed to put up some quick updates. Something was wrong. I was not able to upload the new pages. I quickly entered a ticket. No response. The next day when I came in to work I saw a quick response but it wasn't very detailed and it didn't give me the answers I needed. There is something seriously wrong with their "ticket" system. They send a response to your e-mail and state that if you want to respond, put your response above their response. Make sense? Anyway, that's not too difficult to understand so I did that. Only I didn't get a response. So I had to go their website and issue a new "ticket". This was very frustrating because I needed to be able to go back and forth with them. But they claimed they were not receiving my e-mails. This never happened before so I'm wondering if it's a hardware issue on their end. I never got the help I needed. Finally I complained to "Amanda" who insisted that it was a problem on my end, that maybe their e-mails to me were going in my "spam" folder. This wasn't the case. Their new techs were either too lazy to respond to my issues or their e-mail/ticket setup wasn't doing it's job. I actually lost out on a couple of design bids simply because I couldn't update my site in time. ASO wasn't apologetic or anything and they never admitted any wrong. This was a far cry from their previous administration. I finally quit, and even that was a real pain to rid myself of this company. I still get the occasional e-mail from them even though my two sites are long gone.

Biggest Pro: cost and speed are fine
Biggest Con: terrible customer service and technical support

5 Years As A Customer

I have been hosting with A Small Orange for over 5 years now and cannot imagine being anywhere else. The shared server is fast. PHP scripts execute quickly, even big bloated ones like Wordpress. Support is excellent. Unlike a lot of web hosts, A Small Orange is NOT an overseller. The quality of hosting for the money is excellent, which makes it an excellent value. cPanel is on the shared servers which makes webmaster tasks easy and efficient. If you want QUALITY hosting, A Small Orange is right for you. Server uptime is consistently high. Server speed is consistently fast. If quality matters to you, choose A Small Orange. You will be glad you did. ASO offers a full range of hosting packages from Dedicated Servers to Cloud hosting, VPS, professional-quality business plans and small packages for hobby bloggers and websites with low traffic. Whatever you need, they have something for you. Read through the ASO board and see how happy we customers are. I'm not the only one singing the praises of A Small Orange.

Biggest Pro: High quality hosting with speedy servers.

Highly recommended

I've been with ASO for quite a while now and I've had no issues. The odd server reboot with outages of no more than a few minutes. Customer (Tech) support is great. They are really responsive. Tickets are picked up in minutes and actioned really quickly. They've even assisted with config stuff that's outside the normal hosting, and updated software versions etc just for asking. SSH access is really useful for me. The only things I'd like are more disk space and full DNS control. I could pay more for these, but don't need the other features that come with those packages. I know several other people on ASO who are really pleased with the service too, and I've just signed up another account for someone too.

Biggest Pro: Reliability, support and price
Biggest Con: Disk space a little small

An AWESOME host. You won't regret it for a second!

I've been with these guys for years and there's a reason for that: They're awesome! I've always been happy with their service. I started off needing some simple hosting and have since evolved to needing a PHP-based site with a database backend. They've kept up as my site grows.

The best part is their support. I've had issues (normally on my end) and they get back to you with lightening quick response times. And it's always a REAL person on the other end, not some automated response or someone that doesn't speak the same language as you. They've got some really smart folks over there.

They've also been upgrading their servers over time. They don't just simply leave things humming and assume it's all fine. They proactively put you on better and better hardware. I started off on a dual CPU machine with just 2GB of RAM and have since been pushed up to a quad-core machine with 8GB of RAM! All for free! That's pretty awesome! ASO really looks after its customers.

Biggest Pro: Super-reliable, powerful servers.

Move on - don't settle for A Small Orange.

This company once had a great name - reliable, great support and a great price. This hasn't been true for the last year and it's only getting worse. The reliability is the main problem, with our site / email being down almost every day for an hour or more at a time. Having a look around, this seems to be the trend for their customer complaints and the support offered provides no light at the end of the tunnel. This company/host has lost it and as soon as possible I'll be finding an alternate one (we're currently locked into a year with their prepaid no refunds 'deal').

Quickest Support!

I am a formmer systems administrator for another web hosting company and I am here to say that I have enjoyed my self at A Small Orange. Their support team is great.

Even though they don't have a way to call them or chat live (which if you aren't someone who is new to this and is a self learner...and you should be in this business....then you will not need phone support or live chat) they do answer all technical questions on there wiki and have a great forum comunity. But you don't need to worry because as I said before there E-Mail support is wicked fast.

Biggest Pro: Support Turnaround Time (not ticket responce time, they solve your issue not ask stupid questions)
Biggest Con: I don't really have one. Read my review.

A Small Orange but a Big host

I have been with asmallorange for over 3 years and have two accounts with them, asmallorange was the first the 1st international web host that I tried and I never had to look any further, they have been providing excellent service in all aspects. The support has been very helpful and responsive, whenever I have dropped any mail to I have got a response within 30 minutes, they also helped my out of the way by manually moving a sub-domain from one account to other. Price is great as compared to the features the are offering , the plans are only limited in terms of bandwidth and disk space, all other features like ad-on domains, sql db’s etc are unlimited, they also give you shell access on their cheap shared hosting plans. Price of extra bandwidth and disk space is also very reasonable, I would strongly suggest aso as a solid and economical host.

Biggest Pro: shell access
Biggest Con: none

Great hosting

I have been with a small orange for a bit over a month now and I must say it has been great so far. I haven't experienced any downtime or any problems at all. The speeds have been very fast for me for both http and ftp. Furthermore, the prices are very cheap too and there are even coupons availible (search for them and you will probably find some) which make it even cheaper. By the way, I am currently on their shared hosting. They have several packages which in my opinion are all very cheap for what they offer. A Small Orange use cpanel and if your old host had cpanel they will transfer the files over for you too.

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