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Overall: 2.2/10

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just say no

I've been with these criminals for a while, as I'm very patient. They have let me down on numerous occasions with servers falling over, poor uptime, poorly trained ssupport staff and general unhelpfulness. The most recent encounter may be the final straw. in summary:

3ix: here is the bill for the next 6 months
Me: Gee, you have had trouble with your uptime, I'd like a credit (as it says in our agreement)
3ix: Would you like to cancel your account.
Me: No I would not like to cancel my account.
3ix: Your account is cancelled.
Me: Why is my account cancelled. I did not ask for this.
3ix: You did.
Me: No. here, I explicitly said don't cancel my account.
3ix: oops. okay we'll restore your account and all your data.
Me: Where is all my data.
3ix: umm, talk to technical.
Me: dear 3ix technical, where is all my data.
3ix: it's there. we have restored it.
Me: My data is current as of 4 months ago. Your website and sales people say you do daily backups.
3ix: We do daily backups. However our servers got corrupted.
Me: So you don't have a daily backup of my data.
3ix: No.
Me: but you advertise daily backups of data.
3ix: we do daily backups.
Me: but you don't have a daily backup of my data.
3ix: No. but we do daily backups

I can send anyone chat transcripts that show this if they wish. There must bee better web hosts out there.

Biggest Pro: 1 in 100 staff are friendly and helpful
Biggest Con: incompetent to the point of fraudulent behaviour

Garbage Hosting Company that lloks like outright Scam

This is a Garbage Hosting Company that looks like outright Scam. The tag line is "Cheap hosting" but the servers never work. I had similar experience with South Chicago based hosting companies and they all take 2 year or 3 year subscriptions from cutomers and close down in 6 months scamming all the money.

3iX may be ripe to do this and beware of this.

Biggest Pro: Domain comes with a cheap hosting plan
Biggest Con: No Support of any kind except while signup to charge

How do we shut these criminals down?

I have never come across such an appalling company in my life on the nett! I have 2 sites and they were down on a daily basis! I contacted their 24 hr support and the level of English was a joke! I had to question this persons ability to understand as I had no idea what he was writing but then received lots of sarcasm. By the way I write English educational books! This wasn't typos but grammar! Where are these people as I noticed they have a telephone number in Thailand!

My question is: I have seen so many complaints and wonder how they could be served a lawsuit? Why are they still operating! They quite simply do not honor their contracts and should be shut down .... full stop!

Cheap: you get what you pay for

If you want a low cost, not mission-critical web hosting company, this is where you want to be.

If you must have your site up and available even when you sleep or are not looking at it -- go somewhere else.

Biggest Pro: Easy signup
Biggest Con: Always down


I run a website design company, and have tried out various hosting options over a period of 10 years, I can say without a doubt 3ix is the worst company i've tried.

Website is down at least 6-7 times a month, sometimes lasting over 48 hours. Live help copies and pastes responses, and if you enquire further they just disappear and leave you waiting.

Webmail can go offline for over 5 days, which means you dont get to check email for 5 days.

I rarely bother about writing reviews, but i feel the public must be warned against this company.


Site goes down on average 5 times a day. Everytime I have to tell them its down. Then say its fixed and will never happen again. As a web developer i use a lot of hosts and this company is a complete joke!

I will be moving asap

Biggest Pro: None!
Biggest Con: Your site will be down 5 times a day!! is a spam!!! is a spam!!! they took my money and my sites have problems since.

I submitted a ticke for over 3 days and no one is bothered to work on it.

I talk with one of their representative... she just left me!!!!

"They are criminals!!!!

Biggest Con: Spam!!! took the money and no service...


I was stunned to see that my domains hosted with them has doorway subdomains with adverisements and malware.

I would strictly advice to stay away from this web hosting company.

Their nameservers are


There is no response from them even after 48 hrs I submitted support ticket with them.

You can check those subdomains spam through these Google links for different domains hosted by them:

You can also check snapshots I took at:

Biggest Pro: good for nothing
Biggest Con: They are cheaters and will get your site banned.

They ought to be called XXX!!

I have only been hosted with these people for a month now - in fact, my 30 days (in which I could get my money back) have just passed. Wouldn't you know that today of all days, my site goes down AGAIN? I just left a webhost because of constant downtimes and ignoring my support tickets, but I was optimistic about this one.

In the past month, my site has been screwed up at least 3 times. The first time, they "fixed" it, and I couldn't log in to Cpanel or even SEE my own site! I recently lost all of my PHP scripts - "Oh, it must have been a hacker. Sorry, you'll have to start all over". And all this in just the first month! I can't imagine what's going to happen if I continue to let them take advantage of me for a year!

They promise 99.9% uptime. Apparently, you have to pick one of their more expensive plans in order to get even half of that. Even if this just so happens to be a bad month for weather or servers or what not, their general opinion is that I did something wrong, or it must be a fault on my end. I just might end up going back to my old host after all.

Biggest Pro: good amount of space/bandwidth for the cost
Biggest Con: 99.9% DOWNTIME

3IX the WORST EXPERIENCE to date!!!

This has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with web hosting to date. My site(s) were constantly down. Now mind you it did not start this way and I even referred others to them. Each and every one of us has now left very unhappy. Support is a joke all they do is copy and paste the did not even read what one tech wrote when he told me they were working on something, telling me that my site was fine and it was NOT the site I request the support for. Constant issues, I had sent several support tickets and magically my site would appear and then they say its fine on their end! And the worst was a virus in the cpanel they felt they had under control!!!

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