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Terrible services and tricky money-back gurantee

These people wasted my money and my time completely. Their servers uptime is terrible. They write for 99% uptime but server is always blocking IP's or is under maintenance. They always respond with "copy-paste" phrases, like: "You will not face this problem again".

I had so many arguments with my customers when they couldn't reach their websites for many hours or days during a week time.

Finally when they say "30 days money-back" guarantee, they mean from the registration time and not the day you pay, e.g. I payed for renewal just to get 2-3 days time to complete the backup of a website to another server and they didn't give me my money back.

Now me and my partners are trying to backup and move all my accounts (about 50 websites) from 3IX to another host, hopping that this wasted time will be the last.

Just stay FAR FAR FAR away!

Bad to the bone

I never believed online review, but with 3ix proven over and over again that they fail to do their job. I draw the line when my site is hacked, and the reply is "we restarted the firewall and you won't face this problem anymore" Guess what, it still got hacked after less than 3 days. With all the password change it didn't make much difference. 3 days to crack 10 digit combination of alpha numeric and symbol? I doubt that is the point of entry. Downtime are ignored most of the time if no complains are made. Apparently they only have the "firewall to blame every time something goes wrong". I found a cheaper and more secure hosting company.

Enough with the lame excuses. 3ix hosting is horrible!

I went with the basic shared server package for $1 a month.
My site doesnt get a lot of traffic. It however does require a fair amount of bandwidth as it hosts hundreds of photos that are 100-200K in size, so the detail is preserved.

The first year to year and a half I was very pleased with 3ix. I even suggested them to other people. The last six months, especially the last three months, have been horrible. Around Christmas time of 2010 my site went down. I contacted 3ix via the live support and was told that they lost a server and it would be at least a couple of days before the site would be back up. I wasnt extremely pleased with this response but understood that it was going to take a little while to get everything back up an running.

I checked the site on the third day, giving 3ix an extra day to get everything going. To my surprise the site still wasnt functional.
Again I contacted 3ix via live chat. I received the same response. To keep a long story short this occurred for three weeks! In that time frame my website we never once active.

When it did go live again it only stayed active for about 18 hours.
For the next 2-3 weeks I would contact live chat on a daily or every other day basis to get my site restored.

I finally got a tech that seemed to understand a little more of what was happening and they made some changes to the config file for my server which I was told would resolve the issue. This time the site stayed up for about 2.5 weeks before it went down again.

I contacted them via live chat and was told that there was no issue with the site. They could see it on their end just fine that I needed to clean the cache on my computer. I did so and still could not see the site. I then requested, via a public forum, several people try to view my site. All reported the same thing I was seeing. When this information was presented to 3ix I was given some BS about the servers had to be repropograted via the web and this would take a couple of days to occur. This was on Feb 21, 2011. From Feb 21 - March 20th of 2011 the website was never once active.

My hosting plan with 3ix expired on March 15th, 2011 and they give a 2 week grace period to bring accounts current. I tried to resolve the issue with them and requested 3 months of free hosting as I felt that was roughly the amount of time I had lost due to the server issues.

When I requested this 3 months of free service I was told that I would have to contact the billing department via email. Funny thing about this is the account had been locked so I could not do as requested because they would not respond to any email other than the registered email, from within the domain which they had shut down.

Other issues I dealt with included the ticket system never functioned properly after the server issues. I could leave tickets but could not read any responses left by their support staff.
Support tickets requesting a complete reset of the account were left unanswered.

In the process of moving the site I also found out some additional scams that 3ix tries to run on you.
I own my domain and have it registered with another company. I have it blocked/locked so the domain registration is kept at this company. One of 3ix's scams is to try to register your domain and then charge you for the registration process. At the time I signed up with 3ix I had just paid for my domain, through the other company, for a five year period. I ignored the bill that 3ix sent me for the domain registration and sent them a support ticket explaining that I owned the domain and did not understand why they would be charging me to register something I already owned. Funny thing is I never got a response and this ticket still shows as unpaid on my account.

While 3ix may offer a good price the service is horrible!
Do not walk away from this host, RUN RUN RUN!!!

Biggest Pro: If there is one Pro it would be the price but even that isnt good when your site is down all the time.
Biggest Con: Down time, charging for services not rendered, tech support offers no real support, not enough room to list everything here!

Contact me for a law action

Here is my "lovely" experience with them...
I develop and maintain websites for small neighborhood businesses, mom-n-pop shops I'd say, they really do not have the funds to go all out and get the best hosting. I try to minimize their cost by charging them yearly maintenance fee of $100 (yes, I know it's funny) and that includes domain renewal, hosting, and any updates to the website.
But back to 3iX, I've been hosting 5 of those websites with them for 3 years and there is not a big problem if one of those sites goes down for a while, I would get an occasional call from my customers saying that they cannot connect to their email server or that website would not open. I would go and create a ticket at 3iX support, they will tell me some lame excuse but eventually it will go back up and I forget it.
Now, what happened last time is what finally made me move all of my websites to the new host... One of my clients put out a special at his store with huge discount and response was great UNTIL the email server crushed, I got a not so happy call late at night, contacted 3iX ASAP and get this kind of response: "Oh, it's ok, not only your mail server is out but the whole server and the websites will be down as well very soon." Crazy? I thought so, tried to explain it to my client but he is so very far from technology that it was a lost effort. Next thing he threatens to leave. Not a big loss really but that's not the point, I get my business because of my excellent reputation and personal touch, and if one client is unhappy everyone else will know it soon enough. Anyway, the server was down for over 24 hours and the client did leave me. My numerous complaints were getting the same response "Don't worry, we-fix-it-soon"
Got rid of them with 10 months left and paid for, my request for a refund was met with "MUAHAHA".
Got my family attorney to file and finally shut them down for good. He is also my client and gets it. Contact me ASAP with DETAILED information, no need to cry to me, just the facts. Don't forget your contact information. They are done!

Don't waste you time and money

Where do I start.
I had to have ask for an add-on domain, so get some person in Chat that you can tell through their grammer that are NOT from this country ("YOU POSSIBLE YOU UPGRADE ACCOUNT YOUR?")
Ok, sounds like someone from India trying to form an english sentence - but their name was Mary...

Anyway, after the site being down constantly throughout the year, after having it suspended for no reason (TWICE) I decide to cancel. In order to cancel they asked me for My "user name and password to verify"
See message below. So I asked them for THEIR LOGIN info so I can verify them. I also asked them for a list of their childs fears and school schedule. We'll see where this goes...

Dear AJ Edward,

To cancel please provide Cpanel log in details (username and password) for verification. The cancellation will be made after verified within 48 hours.

Don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.


Sales Advisor

3iX - 'Your friend in the business'
Sales Telephone:
US & Canada: 866-9994-3IX
United Kingdom: 0800-4049285
Australia: 1800-332819
Thailand: 084-8400888
Fax: +1-866-9995-3IX

Helpful Links:

Client Area -
Knowledgebase -
Video Tutorials -

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Biggest Pro: short domain name
Biggest Con: Rancid Service


PROS: The customer support was awesome and very accessible. Never had a problem getting a live agent. Cost, Cpanel hosting

CONS: Website Down frequently! Tried using for a small retail business, the website was constantly down. Loads too slowly also.

Biggest Pro: The customer support was awesome and very accessible.
Biggest Con: If your Website is down, what else matters?

Fraud. they really hurt me.


about 2 months back i registered a domain and took their hosting plan. few days later i uploaded some files and things were fine, then i used their cpanel script library and installed a blog, next day my site was marked as spreading malware. i asked 3ix to reset my account, it was done so, i waited till my site was removed from google malware list, then i went to cpanel again and installed from script library an Blog again.

next day, ITS BACK ON malware list, and I UPLOADED NOTHING.

their support just copy pasts and I am sorry for my money which they dont deserve.

fraud, infected hosting.


STAY AWAY FROM 3IX. 3IX are nothing buch a bunch of 2 year old morons. They lie and steal your money. If your running a business stay the xxx away from these asses. They will lie to your face, they will block you from chatting to their support department.

They are going to be sued by our company and we've filed numerous complaints against them with the FTC. Every single day there's something wrong with the site. Today it, after 16 months with them and nothing but headaches I decided to get rid of them.

There servers are always boggled down, your URL is up one hour and lost the next. They cant do anything right.

They are the biggest bunch of lying scum on this earth.

Biggest Pro: None!
Biggest Con: They are scumbags!

3Ix is crap

I was they're client for a year. My site was many times down and they fixed it very slowly. They're support was sooo slow. For one questition i had to wait answer for TWO DAYS!

"Downtimes" were bad problems. When i uploaded something to my space, the hole site got down. There were downtimes all the time.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: downtimes

Very bad hosting

Often down. Cheap but often down. I am going to swith my sites to other hosting providers.

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