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just terrible , 3 days with my buissines website down..... and nobody knows if my data will be avaliable after that... is the same company with and their client area is hosted on a domain. If you plan to make a buissiness website especialy eshop or something simillar plase just stay away of them. Most of the times their servers are down about 70% . Theirs support are in most cases bots and when ask something specific can't understand....

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: all

terrible support

hosting costs are reasonable but when something goes wrong or help is needed they are a nightmare of nonsense. i added a new domain only to experience ridiculous errors and with several contacts through chat i was unable to resolve the issue, no live person to chat with. apparently robots handle chat and zero phone calls are accepted. they have a phone number but it keeps disconnecting after a message about hours of availability

Biggest Pro: affordable
Biggest Con: tech support

Absolutely disgusting company

Our primary website and email has been down for days causing significant loss to our business. They would not even acknowledge they urgency of the issue for us. They backed up the sites to the same server as the live sites and the server is down, they can't get it back up and we are risk of loosing everything. They are rude, closing chat windows on us when the questions got too much for them to answer - their support team are rude and ver unhelpful. I requested an email address of someone I can communicate with and they just replied "NO you just have to wait". They don't even update us on progress or ETA's and have closed our tickets and we had to log new tickets. Both the numbers avail on their website for Australia do not even route to them - one is a travel insurance company.

Biggest Pro: Absolutely nothing
Biggest Con: They will fail to deliver their most basic service

Please help me sue 3IX


I am hosting with 3IX more than 5 years and had worst of the worst experience.

What happened lately is the following:
1. I downgraded plan from reseller to shared host
2. they deleted all data I had with the reseller
3. they put my 3 sites down for 2 days
4. they are still holding 1 of my site down
5. they told me that for this site they have no backup in the system, so I had to ask for the client to send me some version of the site
6. they configured the shared panel in such way that I cannot add the third site (I got the files in the meantime).

I have the complete conversation saved as html file.

Most of the time I need to wait for few minutes to access my sites and hit the refresh/reload button several times.

I want to sue them. Please help me to do that.

Thank you!

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: headaches, headaches, headaches

once I paid, there is no more live support

I use their host for near 2 years for my personal website. I don't really use my website often, so don't care too much for a while. Although, I always feel my website is slow. Yesterday, I found my website kept shows "The connection has time out". I have been try to reload many times, but the result is the same. So I try to connect 3iX tech support.... The I found out once we paid out bill, 3iX will NOT have anybody there to do live support (phone/liveChat) for their client. I try to call their phone, there is a tech support number to choice. Once I select the number, there is a voice said all tech issue please use LiveChat on their website. Then cut off the line. I went to 3iX website, click liveChat, there is a technical selection. So I selected that, I put into the info they asked for, the web page jump to subscribe newsletter.... .I don't need that....... so I have to go back to 3iX first page and re-click liveChat and fill out all info again. Then this time the link goes to a ticket sending form, but NO SUBMIT button. I really wonder where is the liveChat as shows on their website and record on their phone line???? I try re-click the liveChat again and select "new customer" instead "technical". wow I got respond in 1 second. I mention about the problem I have, the lady just gave me a support email, and left. hours of waiting, their help centre email me back and said they check my website, which is working fine. The I saw the website they checked is NOT my website... I really have no idea why they says that is mine??? And where is my website??? And of course I have no answer back after a day waiting....... is the worst, dont throw your money away/

3ix host is the among the worst hosts ever. I am a webmaster for 25 sites for over 6 ears and never had so much trouble getting reliable service from any other host. Here is what you can expect:
Extrememly sloooooow reaction. Average wait 3 minutes for your hoe page to open. Even a simple 10 kb index is painfully slow to open. Regardless of your machine or isp It is slow slow slow.

NEXT be ready to have your IP blocked automatically if you logon to your ftp every other time your try to work, THEN good luck with support, They tell you it is your ftp program or it is your fault somehow. Then after arguing ou may get lucky enough to find someone to unblock your ip.

Then for no reason they chage your ftp login and you have to go to your CP to set up a new ftp account with different pass thenyour cp so you need multiple passwords to access your account, BUT you cannot login with your IP you must use your domain. good luck when you find your ip is blocked, you have to set up a new ftp accout, then cannot login because you need to clear you chase every time you visit or your ....

You know what. I could go on and onnabout how much of a pain they are but I finally just gave up and abandoned the service losing hundreds of dollars

I give them a 10 for billing because they will be glad to take your money, but sercice is the worst. I gave up and now host my domain elswhere

Cheap, but unreliable

I went for 3iX because I only host my personal site and like to fiddle around with PHP and such. But even for the little that I use my site, it seems it's down as often as it's up. Their support is pretty good, and I've always gotten a timely response. It's just annoying to have to open a support ticket to get my site to be responsive.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Uptime (or downtime, rather)

Wosrt hosting company

I had a lot issues with these guys, not just hosting downtime but email and they changes DNS setting on our customers domain name without warning, setting stupid TTL of 36000 so it took days to clear !!! I ve sinced moved on, very good web hosting !!! havent had problems since, AVOID 3IX at all costs

will not choose them anymore

i am an IT specialist in the field since 9 years now. i have been victim of email hacking. i dont think they have secure reliable servers. every time i add a subdomain i had to generate a support ticket for them to configure .

i will not longer choose 3ix since anymore. now i've transfer hundreds of my client websites to for 3.99 . i am really satisfied now good luck to others, no more 1 dollar hosting.

Extremely unhappy.

I've spent over $200 with them for different domains and hosting. Not 1 of them has been hassle free. It took hours before I could use one of mine. I would get a MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED error when I went to my website. 50% uptime.. Connection is in-and-out. Tech support at least has live chat and will reset the connection but still this is ridiculous. They will also get rude if you give off to them you're upset which isn't right. You get what you pay for I guess.

Biggest Pro: Live chat, cPanel
Biggest Con: Reliability, technical support

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