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This host is a major stress-reducer!

We are relieved and delighted to be associated with this host!
After 3 grueling weeks trying unsuccessfully to set up our small but critical website with unresponsive email only support from WinHost, we switched to 3Essentials. No canned responses here. Such a contrast. Within a few hours spread over 2 days, the site was up and running with faster performance. The support team worked through the myriad config issues (among many others!) with unfailing politeness, patience, professionalism, and downright HELPFULNESS in every case - as did sales. The price is reasonable but is almost irrelevant, we found, when compared to the our need for their excellent support and the flexibility to have our more unique needs met.

Biggest Pro: Informative and friendly tech support
Biggest Con: None worth mentioning so far

Permissions Issues -

Many problems with permissions just "Breaking" with all the blame being pushed onto PLESK. I have been in this industry commercially for 15 years and have never experienced permission problems like this before.

Great Customer Service, no telephone support :( Only ticket support which takes longer for resolutions than a simple phone call.

Would not recommend hosting large corporate sites here. I am looking at migrating all of my clients to an alternate location based on the permissions problem. One day, everything works great... No changes being made it all of sudden loses permissions so my clients cannot update their website.

Biggest Con: Permissions "BREAK"

Website Hacked

We hosted one of our clients under our shared hosting plans (we have a business-10 account) and it was fine for a while. Then one day, our client called to complain that their web site was hacked. We have a backup but to our horror, it could not be uploaded as somehow the IUSR and FTP user permissions were missing from the domain.

As a pre-caution, we also checked the rest of the web sites hosted and found that all of them had the same problem!

When we requested for an explanation for this problem, none were given. They just said problem resolved by giving us the permissions.

About a month ago, we received an email from them saying that they would be changing our FTP due to vulnerability in Plesk. We thought that was pretty pro active of them.

However, with this, we really wonder if they really know their stuff AND we would still like an explanation of why the issue occurred.

Biggest Pro: Ability to host multiple domains
Biggest Con: No or vague explanations for any issues faced.

Awesome host! Rock solid!

Not having owned a website for a few years now, I searched around and did my homework before picking a new host. I landed on 3Essentials and have been very happy with them.

I wanted a company I could pay on a monthly basis because I didn't have a lot of money at the time, but I wanted to get started as soon as possible. It's a little more expensive to pay monthly, but if you want to pay by the year or by two years you'll save a great deal. Having now tested them out for awhile now, I'll probably sign up for a year. This way I'll save some money and not have to worry about paying for awhile.

Before I signed up I had a few questions. Part of the reason for these questions was to see their sales or tech supports response time in case I ever had a problem. Each time they responded in a very timely matter.

My website with 3Essentials has been very fast. I also have full access to my .htaccess file, which is nice to block people from linking directly to my files. The control panel is easy to use and set options.

My only gripe is that I wanted a host to automatically put Wordpress on for me, not that it's hard to install. They don't have automatic installation. You have to open a support ticket. They had it running for me within a few hours, which was fast enough if you ask me. Also, some of their tutorials aren't the best, but they are working on them.

They also have an affiliate program, which is new, and you can make money recommending their service.

Great Features, speed, quick service, quick setup, easy to use control panel, etc. I'd highly recommend them. I have had no downtime so far that I am aware of.

Biggest Pro: Very quick web hosting and qucik response if I ever need help

Great Service

I was initially very impressed with 3essentials when I talked to their sales guy on the phone and then after I set up my account I had a minor issue that their support staff quickly resolved. I found them thanks to a friend and I'll be sticking with them a long time.

Friendly Support, Less Problems and Good Uptime

After I had many problems with my local web hosting company and they had me no help than just giving out ideas for what to do , 3Essentials Hosting is a great place for my website. For last 2 months my site only went offline for 2 times, in my prior host this was at least 3 times a day.

3Essentials support team replies to my tickets as soon as possible and really show me the way. As a result of their great help to me, I bought two more shared hosting packages from them.

I thank them all.

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