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Worst customer service

I have stayed them for a long time and things were not so bad. I kept having email issues and server failures time to time but it wasn't too bad compared to their final attitude. They closed my server and didn't let me to download the back-ups. The owner who seems to be running this one person company from Egypt is the rudest guy I've come along with.

Biggest Pro: Low price
Biggest Con: Customer service

Wonderful service and price

I have found 2mHost to be a great webhost. I started out with one websit hosted by them and am now up to 3 and considering a forth. I was a little worried about the techinical support and how you have to submit a ticket but I have been really amazed with their response time and their help. I've contacted them about 6 times in all in 2 years and they have done a great job with helping and correcting problems as well as going out of their way to provide more information to address an issue. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone considering a new host and have sent people to them in the past. I really can't say enough good things about them.

Biggest Pro: 100% Uptime and fast tech support through tickets

2m Host -

I switched over from dot5hosting to this host - bought a years hosting for less than three months cost at dot5. So far, my experience has been great, 100% uptime, and friendly technical support. It's really easy to add new software through fantastico deluxe, and webmail support isn't too shabby.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: Not a lot of space - only 1 gig


This host is pretty good host for its money. It is worth its money I get 1GB and 50GB monthly traffic for $9 a month (not including domain name registration). This works fast usually and does not lag, although I have spotted a problem with it. They all ways have technical difficulties and when they do it sometimes screws up my website, by saying page not found. But in a overall it is okay. The problem with technical difficulties has just started recently, but if this continues and/or gets worse I will stop using this host and not recommend it to anyone.

By Sanjeevan

Biggest Pro: The service is worth its Value
Biggest Con: Technical dificulties from this host is coming a problem

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