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On average, 2GBHosting is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 High
# of Reviews 13
# that Recommend 1
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% that Recommend 8%
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Overall RatingFootnote 2 4.2%
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2 gb hosting company is a cheater company. His commitment never true. I have hosted on website on 2 gb in each day my website down approx. 5-6 working hours. I have raised many ticket regarding this but no solution. Mr. Nitesh is misbehaving on phone. I think only 10-20 % uptime. Very bad services. One day 2 gb hosting company 2008 server has down and my website also down with my essential data. Till date i didn't get any backup data of my website. So no one host your website on 2gb server. If your website is free then you can host it.

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:

We are in this web hosting field from last many years providing great service to our worldwide customers. We provide you the same that we commit to you. We have better customer service department to help you 24X7. We have no employee named as Nitesh. Your all information that you said here is wrong. Kindly do not make such wrong information.

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 07:33 EST

Worst hosting and unprofessional behavior

My site is hosted with 2GB since Oct 09 and it has been proving the worst experience for domain hosting. Site goes down for no reason, employees tell lies and change their statements every now and then, unable to create / delete mysql databases, no availability of stats to me, changed my hosting to 2003 even when i expressly purchased plan for 2008 server, always in hot head to talk with the customers.

in my eyes- worst providers not recommended for anybody.

Biggest Pro: Telling lies and alluring customers by false statements
Biggest Con: sarcastically, same as biggest pro + poor customer care executives, highly mismanaged services

2gb Hosting HRNTIPL Poor Hosting

I recently hosted website with allured me with great claims but within month they showed their true colors as i was charged excess payment for the shared hosting account and my website was put down illegally or unethically and not allowed to use the claimed diskspace or bandwidth and no reason given and only after submitting the ticket they told me that i need to upgrade to VPS with higher payment.Its the worst service that i have come across and seems to me the 2gb hosting indulges in unfair trade practices amounting to deficieny of services. Nobody should host any website on 2gb hosting or their parent company called HRNTIPL. Both are fraud companies without credibility.


Biggest Con: unfair trade practices,unreliability,

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