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Very Bad / No Service Support After Sale

Very Bad Support From 2GB Hosting Team
dont buy this Server or Any Service From this Customer
i purchase VPS Server for year, 1 month setup website and database,
after 1 month all data lost and VPS Format without inform us,
they respond properly just on call and just will sort in 15 min
so i will suggest for this dont buy any Service From this Supplier
my mob : 9429021206


Had a very simple closed BBS that gave me so much trouble with down time that I had to move it. Email was broken constantly, every few weeks I would get can not connect errors and would have to submit a ticket to get it working again. Last few times they didn't even bother to fix it.

Tell you how bad it was, I didn't even receive a renwal notice. Stay far away...

Beware! Worst Ever Hosting Provider

Worst webhost ever! Their servers can't even run simple WordPress sites properly. Every 2-3 days my website stopped working. Often MySQL database would stop working. My last year with 2GBHosting was worst suffering. I wasted a lot of time emailing them tickets and calling them. Rankings of my website went became poor due to their server problems. Please don't go for it. Choose only reputed hosting provider, never trust such liars and their promises.

2GB Hosting Company – Always server Down

I have 40GB Reseller on 2GBhosting company. this is its site url :
This site says their server up time is 24*7 – 365 days. but mostly every month i need to raised ticket to make my all 25 hosted site live as their server down. i complained many times them for that and i also have ticket data that they said this will never happen again. still its comes again and again.
I have only one option that i take all backup and change server and i am already in process but i want that people should know how they provide services and how it effects your business when your clients calls you and tell why my site is down and i can’t receive my emails. this is too bad service.
Also their support service is bad. in ticket system new tickets reached to last page and even many times their staff close ticket before they solve issue. i have continue 10 ticket just for one issue and it was closed all time by their staff.
I want that this service provider sites go down and some legal action should taken against this kind of provider. i dont know that much on cyber laws on this or licensing but i guess if i can shut down this company, i defiantly try for that.
I suggest everyone that please don’t go for for any kind of service.

Nothing worst than this


The worst hosting company in everything. I have lost my money and my time. I didnt even got the refund. Terrible service, they call you as Hello one time and another time as Sir/Madam.

If you listen to me, please dont waste your time and money.

One friend recommend me this website, and i am not to going to forgive him for this cheating.

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:


Kindly do not make such comments. Contact our Customer service and we must support you and help you out at the most. Please contact to our customer support and tell in detail your problem, we will soon get back to you with faster resolution. We are now looking all the ways to support and help to our customers.

We have reputation and fame and we are into helping you at best.

We are partnering with small and medium enterprise customers and helping them maximize their return on investment by offering a range of networking end-to-end web solutions. We have has a State of the Art Internet Infrastructure and Internet Data Center of international standards to provide you a hassle free system where you can focus your online businesses in a fine tuned manner.

Our Best Features:

24 hrs a day 7 days a week round the clock customers support
Having local offices or channel partners in major cities of the world
Experts in Information technologies and international business
Well recognized Microsoft registered partner
ISO 9001:2000 Certified in all areas of operation

K. Sarma

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 06:57 EST; Last edited on March 29th, 2012 at 07:36 EST

worse hosting provider

I have bought a hosting and domain package. My website is not working for a last four days. Tried to call customer back and they says they will check and call back but never calling back for first two days. Today I tried to call UK, US, India but no one is answering the phone and 24/7 chat is also not responding. Worse website domain and hosting provider, I have never seen. Please never ever buy from this supplier

Biggest Pro: prider
Biggest Con: no customer care service

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:

Hi, Our Customer service is always near to you as you can get immediate call from our customer service department. However, we are looking where there is a loop hole as we do not want to lose a single customer. I must assure you to have good response soon.

But if you make such comments in this way, we can not figure out the problem. You have always right to tell but talk to us and resolve the matter.

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 07:00 EST

2GB Hosting a Worst Hosting

2GB Hosting a wost hosting service. No reliability, no customer care support, no technical support, server crashes, data gets corrupted, no data backup, no feedback to mails.
2GB Hosting a just a cheaters company.
I hosted my website for 1 week and i came to know their real color. I immediately removed my website from their server.
Just Hopeless people and they really need to be banned from internet.


Biggest Con: Low quality servers, poor customer care, no support, servers crashes and data gets corrupted etc

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:

Hi, You can not say us a cheater company as we are in the service from last many years while having worldwide customers. Please, do not make such negative comments that will never solve the problem. If you have any doubt and want to know more please contact our customer service. Our customer service will get back to you soon. We have a perfect combination of strategy and cutting edge technologies. 2GBHosting provides quality products and services to clients. Please contact our customer service.

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 07:05 EST

2gbhosting, HRNTIPL,hostrightnow No.1 webhosting frauds

2GB hosting (claims to be an ISO certified , how they got this certification?)and hostrightnow are No.1 webhosting frauds in webhosting world. They dont keep backup of our data and databases recently (march 2011) their server completly stops functioning and around 100 websites were affected by this. All data , email, webpages were lost.

2GB Hosting company advertises themselves as low cost and high quality services internet web hosting provider company, which is totally fake and they are not even close to what we can say FAIR quality. Once you purchase a web space on their server then its for sure that your web site, data is no longer secure and safe. Ridiculous customer services, they will not even care to respond to your queries and issues you are facing. is their partnering company that handles their sales operations in India.

I am really having very bad experience with them. there has been consistently issues with their third party services, web control panel and web servers, which will go down every twice or thrice in a month affecting your website and your business. And not to forget their customer services. They won't even care to respond to our complaints and phone calls made to them. Few weeks back their web server got crashed resulting in loss of all web site data, documents and also the database with all records and information in it. This is a huge loss as we have been updating website almost every day. And when we asked about the same, they said we don't have any BACKUP of any sort of data and that cannot be recovered. And more worse is that they have stopped responding at all, and not even picking up phone calls, even if they do they are giving wag answers. I am really facing loss in terms of data as everything is lost and they don't even care about it. I tried to contact them through email, phone call, through their website but they are simply not responding. They are closing the support after 5pm.(for proof please visit website and click on live chat after 5 pm no body will answer ) I am pretty aware of the fact that its their responsibility to take BACKUP of all data on their servers (including database), and actually thats what we are paying for them, isnt it ?

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: Frauds cheating customers

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:

Hello Dear, Kindly do not use this kind of wrong words for us 2GBHosting. Do you know? We are ISO 9001:2000 Certified in all areas of operation and we have 24 hrs a day 7 days a week round the clock customers support. We have local offices or channel partners in major cities of the world and we have Experts in Information technologies and international business. We are well recognized Microsoft registered partner. We are in this business from last many years.
Please make a contact to our customer service and clear your doubt.

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 07:14 EST

slow performance

The 2gb hosting service is reliable and cheep. But it comes at a different price I imagined. They advertise the service as "High Performance" for small to medium sized companies.

The truth is that the normal usage of their hosting space is virtually impossible. They limit the bandwidth to 30kb/s and if you try realy hard they rise the limit to 50kb/s... The look at a present - up to date - website with rich media content suggests it is likely to be at least 2mb in size. That means that the site visitor would have to wait about 66s for the site to load. Imagine an internet connection speed of 0.25 Mbit/s (today connections of 5 or more Mbit/s are common). They also advertise "110000 MB Traffic per month". At a default speed of 30kb/s the maximum download of only 75937.5 MB per month is possible (downloading 24/7 with no interruption).

Of course their services could still be usefull for a smal fraction of website owners. But anybody with an average sized website, would have enormous difficulties and i am talking about private web portfolios, not to mention small to mid sized company websites!

At least in my oppinion there is realy no way the service can be useful. Though at the first look it seemed very promising.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: speed

Response by Karan Sarma, who is an employee of 2GBHosting:

We are ISO 9001:2000 Certified in all areas of operation and we have 24 hrs a day 7 days a week round the clock customers support. We have local offices or channel partners in major cities of the world and we have Experts in Information technologies and international business. We are well recognized Microsoft registered partner.

Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 07:26 EST

Run for your life

The worst hosting standard on the planet. Slow, slow, slow. Polite support but awful perfeormance at every level. Stayed 3 weeks and ran for the hills.

Biggest Pro: courteous support
Biggest Con: Slow servers

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