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Been with 247 for about 1 year,

speed is okay, downtime is about once every 3-4 months.

support was slow and poor quality, seens always say cannot do this and that.

right now, the server that i am running is being banned by hotmail, and they said nothing can be done other than wait.

Response by Scott C., who is an employee of 247-Host:

Regarding the issue Stanley had, we understand your concerns. We are available 24/7 by ticket and phone and have corrected teh issues you were facing. You can always call our sales line should you have an urgent issue and our staff will page a tech for you to make sure the ticket you open gets answered. We strive to provide the best support possible.

Stanley continues to choose 247-host and is now a VPS customer with us. Thank you Stanley and we hope to work with you many years to come.

Posted on February 19th, 2012 at 12:48 EST

If you read one review today, make it this one. Seriously.

I opened my first hosting account in 1994, so I do know what I'm talking about.

This company of approximately 10 employees (their CS told me) is incredibly unknowing, rude, etc.

I was told by their CS today (when I could finally get through to a real live person, and after an entire night of no ticket response, online CS chat, and their phones going to voicemail, regardless of the department) that a 24 hour response to a critical support ticket is the industry standard. When I asked about the lack of support availability, the coding errors on their website, and the response time, the answer was 'come on, what do you expect for the price you're paying'.

Well, 247-host, I expect to get what is advertised that I'm paying for, nothing more, nothing less.

I checked into signing up for these guys, and went to put in the coupon code clearly advertised on their website. It didn't work. I called them, and spoke to a woman who said she'd check with the 'tech' in the 'data center'. I could hear her cover up the phone and start talking to someone, which really made me wonder if she and 'tech support' were actually in the same room! I suppose she realized then that I could hear her because I heard a 'click' and then got elevator music. Five minutes later she came back on and said the tech had fixed one link and was working on the others, and that I should try it again. I did, still no worky.

Eventually we got it to accept a code, and I asked her how long from payment received to account activation. What a joke. See paragraph 2 of the email I sent them (below). After signing (eventually) I waited for activation. It didn't happen. I signed into one of their site sections and got around to the status page (if you've been around servers long enough you get to know the 'default' location of certain things). Up to 3:00 a.m. Pacific time, 6.5 hours after PayPal payment received, my account creation status was still saying 'Pending'. Also, during this time I received automated support ticket receipts, saying that my ticket had been received, then that someone was looking at it, etc. (auto-generated when someone accesses the support ticket system) This directly contradicts what their support told me in their response email this morning, and I quote: "Your account was activated within a few minutes of your sign up however the email is bouncing back hence you did not get the login info..."

RIGHT! The support ticket system can email me using my account info, and the same servers the account system uses, yet the email with my account information 'bounced' (meaning my server rejected it). I checked my email server, no problems with it. the 247-host rep simply straight out lied to me. NOT COOL.

So, here's the email I sent to them at 2:07 a.m. Pacific Time, January 23, 2011:

Please forward this email to the company directors, who can open a dialogue on the following issues with me if they wish.
I have been with my current host for 6 years. I have to move due to data security issues. I signed up for an account with this evening after talking to your staff, at around 8:30 PT. This was of course after it took half an hour or so to get the promo link fixed on the signup page. I also require information about where the location of the data centers are, and what sort of physical access security there is, as I host physician websites which contain patient data. According to BC law I have to ensure this data is secured by being on Canadian soil, and also by having restricted physical access, the minimum standard of which is keycards. The woman I talked to didn’t know the answers to some of my questions, and told me that for some of the other questions (like what kind of physical access restrictions there are) they wouldn’t tell me for security purposes. This didn’t bother me too much because maybe a customer service rep isn’t knowledgeable about security protocols.

The rep told me that if I purchased with a credit card my account would be set up the following day due to fraud checks. I mentioned that I needed an account up and running immediately. She told me that if I paid by PayPal the account would be set up right away, so that’s what I did. However, 5+ hours later, it’s now almost 2:00 a.m. here, I still don’t have an account set up. I have tried to call all three extensions (Sales, Tech, and Billing) and all of a sudden no one is answering. So much for 24/7 support, as the online chat was also showing ‘offline’. I tried to send in a support ticket, which apparently went in three times according to the emails I have. Of course, my email is the only way I have of tracking the ticket, as I can’t log into the ticket site. I don’t have permission. Why would I not have permission to log into a ticket system that I had already created a ticket on???

In short, I have had to scramble around at midnight to find a decent web host that could have me up and running immediately, which I did find. CanadaResellerHosting staff was available at 4:00 a.m. ET, was extremely knowledgeable about their systems and sold me a plan that fit my needs. On top of that I was logging onto my new server exactly ELEVEN MINUTES after placing the order. just lost my business.

Please refund my PayPal account the amount shown below. I would also say to delete my account, but that point is moot because it STILL hasn’t been created yet (as of 2:07 a.m. PT, January 23rd).


Brian S..."

My PayPal payment was refunded at 6:14 a.m.

I didn't know this because I received no notification from them, so I called them to confirm they'd received my email and inquire as to the status. (That's the convo that got the 'what do you expect for the price you're paying' comment.) This Customer Mis-Service rep says to me, "Maybe you should check your PayPal account before you start ****ing at people."

Are they seriously a company in the SERVICE industry???????

Convo (btw, I have most of this stuff recorded, my system does it automatically. You know, just in case 247-host wants to challenge me on this.):

Me: "Whatever. Is there an address I can write to so I can make a complaint?"
CS: "No, you're not one of our clients so we don't care what you think."
Me: "Excuse me? I thought maybe the company would like to be aware of the issues so they can fix them."
CS: "We have thousands of customers, no one cares about your problems." (sic)
Me: "Well, maybe they will care if I have to go post on review sites or the BBB so no one else gets this kind of treatment."
CS: "No, we don't. You got your refund, what else do you want?"
Me: "Look, at this point it's not about the money, it's about the service, the false advertising on support and stuff" (This triggered his comment about how 24 hours on a ticket is the 'industry standard'.

There was more, but you can get the idea of how much these guys care about clients.

And hey, I hope 247-host staff read this. Deal with the issues guys, get it together or get out of what is a very competitive business sector. Comment if you like, prove that I'm mistaken and I'll gladly retract what I've said here. Represent yourselves factually, you'll be in existence longer.

To the reader looking for a host, stay away from this one unless/until they fix their problems and start getting consistent good consumer rating reviews.


Biggest Pro: Can't think of any, really. Well, they did refund, but it was PayPal so if they didn't I'd just reverse it anyway.
Biggest Con: Seriously??? Everything!!!

Useless people

Never ever go for this server. I'm in the process of switching to some other server.
These guys are down for almost half a day and keep quite. 100s of users using their server for email are struck. This happends not just once in a blue moon, but very regularly. Today on 23rd Jan 2011 it was down for alost 8 hrs.!!!

Beware of 247-host.

Biggest Con: Server is down many time for long duration.

Completely Criminal!

Complete shambles. They weren't up for 99.99% of the time, this month. Their site says they give refunds if we're not satisfied on ALL accounts, and when I challange them about it, they go "No refunds" end the chat or don't bother replying to my emaill. 247-hosts are CRIMINALS! Abolute criminals. They're the worst webhosting company in the world, and their downtime is once a month between 6-24 hours. Which is alot less than 99.99%.

The fact is, they are slow to react to anything unless you want a refund, then they are quick to say no.

Biggest Pro: Nothing.
Biggest Con: Everything.

Stay away from this!!!!

I choose based mostly on CNET references. After paying for a year on a reseller plan (by the way in which, subscribing for a year seems to be a big mistake when it comes to internet hosting), all my websites and my customer web sites have been working simply fine. After a month, web sites begin to go down for a few hours, principally for server automated processes like auto FSCK (forced into a kernal panic mode), file checks on servers and sort of maintenance processes.
In time things start to get worse and kind of messages from tech support like *there was an error on this server and we had to do an OS reboot* begin to annoy my clients. Plus ”help” service begin to grow to be as much as in-existent. Sometimes answers to any questions and queries arrive after 12 to 24 hours, as an alternative of minutes (correctly on a good hosting company).
Finally, all my websites start to be severely hacked and populate with viruses, than changed with different internet websites and mess continue with the worst possible.
Final attacked comply with by all my web sites fully down for nearly two complete days was on July 22, 2010. Of course, after two days where my net websites have been down and downgraded by Google, I decided to maneuver from service and ask for refund.
I did this on 24 Jul 2010. I requested for refund and moved on other supplier and deleted all my domains from 247-host.
After three days they reply to my refund request with this:
*There will be no refund provided. All data was restored on a timely manner as this event of hacking does require for us to go through a process that will restore data on the server and maximize security on the machine which cannot be done within 24 hours.*
Is like saying: ”Hey.. It is more than regular to have your website down than 24 hours (actuality it was: 34 hours down for some web sites and 49 hours for others). Forget about 99.99% server up-time guarantee. Get the f** out of right here… you will get no refund!”

So, after every week of combat with no probability of winning with , I have create this site ( which by the way hosted at their own internet hosting company as much time as they pressure me to stay with them. So, the only hosted domain on my reseller account on 247-host is this web site: where I am telling you right now how things are working on this Canadian company called 247-host. Stay away!!!!

Biggest Pro: is working for a while
Biggest Con: Huge down time, zero support, no refund

Okay servers...hideous support

I've been with 24/7 host for a few months now and their servers are fast and reliable. Support on the other hand is absolutely horrible. They DO NOT offer 24/7 support like they say. Their online support can handle sales related questions, but the biggest question the online support can handle as far as tech goes is ...well, they can't handle any. They refer to their email support and ticketing system. Their average response time so far has been 24 to 26 hours for urgent support. Their cPanel interface has most developmental items turned off like, SSL, SSH and Cron Jobs.

They need someone in support who can drive support to where it needs to be. Right now, you won't get anything done and your clients will suffer for their lack of customer care and attention.

Biggest Pro: Strong, Fast Servers
Biggest Con: Support and Communication

Not what their name says

I tried 247-Host for a week and gave up. I never could email to work properly and a test email.php that I knew worked on other host didn't work on 247. I generated a "high" priority ticket on Saturday evening. As of mid-Monday morning never got any reply from their "247" support. I even sent a follow up email early Monday morning and got nothing back. After that I gave up and moved to another host. Their sales seems good but their support is seriously lacking. Their sales did give me my money back right away. I feel like if they could get some real support they might be ok.

I have since moved to another host and everything worked as it should with the new host.

Biggest Pro: Friendly sales
Biggest Con: poor support

247 Host - Great support

This hosting company really does have great support. Their title says it all, they are open 24/7. If you have any questions they are just a phone call away. And their also very little down time, the first downtime i featured was today, and that was the first of one month of hosting with them.

Biggest Pro: Great Support

Response by Scott C., who is an employee of 247-Host:

Thank you Ivan, its always nice to hear good things. We will continue to do our best to provide excellent hosting services with the best prices on the web!

Posted on February 19th, 2012 at 12:57 EST

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