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suspension without notice

host claimed that it could determine security threat simply from domain name...account suspended without notice or reference to terms of service violation...unable to log in in order to backup and move website...unable to determine if vital cronjobs were run while suspended...totally unprofessional attitude...move to new host

cheap upfront...expensive in long run due to work required to move websites to new host after problem

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unprofessional

247-Host is disgusting

I chose 247-Host after doing a lot research and saw it getting lots of good reviews. I signed up for shared hosting and proceeded to move several domains to my account.

Almost immediately I had a small issue where the system didn't respond for about 10 minutes every day from about 7am. I assume this is due to backups being performed. Bandwidth was ok, but other hosts have much faster page load times.

My trouble started when I woke up one morning with my entire account suspended. At 2am I had received an email from 247-Host informing me that one of my domains was causing too much load on their servers, CPU usage was 100% and I should sort it out. At 4am I got an email telling me that they had suspended my account due to the issue.

I also had irate people shouting at me because their emails (which are for business) were now not working. This is a big issue. Surely their tech's could have taken down the offending page without suspending everything?

They then accused me of violating their terms of service by running an IRC chat on their server. Their technical knowledge is obviously very limited because they can't tell the difference between running an IRC server and LINKING to an IRC CLIENT in an iframe. They tell me this script was causing the issue:

1. There is no way linking to a script that IS NOT on their server can cause the CPU to run at 100%

2. I moved the site to a new server and the CPU load sits at a constant 0%.

I deduce therefore that their server configuration is screwed up.

I subsequently cancelled my account and asked for a refund of the remaining term which they refused to do, because I violated their term of service.

The obviously have no clue what they are doing.


Biggest Pro: They are cheap ... but you [don't] get what you pay for.
Biggest Con: Service and Quality sucks

The Absolute Worst!

First things first . . . Even though they assured me that transferring my large websites would be easy and that they could do it for me quickly with no down time. This was far from the truth. If fact was quite difficult and time consuming for me and had my< and my partners, sites down during the transfer. Very annoying to say the lest.

Once the sites were then established with their hosting servers all seemed fine for the first couple of months. However their 99.99 % Uptime guarantee isn't worth the internet space it was placed on. Our websites seemed to be down more often then up! Of course they gave us a bunch of lame excuses. One right after the other. When we became so frustrated and asked for a refund they became rather mean and rude yelling at us and telling us it was all our fault for any issues and that they would not refund us.

We had to deal with them hanging the phone up on us, multiple times. Screaming at us, throwing blame at us, and insulting us as well. So instead of calling them we tried their chat option where they were still very rude and treated us with childish behavior. Using threats and insults as scare tactics. That far from worked by the way.

After all this they went and completely lost all of our websites all together. It was simply unbelievable! Now lucky for us we are smart enough to make our own website backups. Even though they claim to have Daily Backups they did not.

In short . . . I can not even begin to say enough bad things about this company!!! My suggestion is to save yourself the headache and heartache! Do not give these people anymore business!!! In fact let them go out of business! The only issue here is once they are shut down here they will just establish as a different company with a different look and all the same promises to catch a whole new school of fish looking for affordable servers. Oh they will serve you alright!! Right up to the sharks for supper!

Biggest Pro: Cost less to get screwed over Big TIME!
Biggest Con: They are the BIGGEST CON and play the BIGGEST CON GAMES TOO!

Good Web Hosting

I've seen some negative reviews about 247-host but having been with them for four years I only have praise. The price is affordable, the servers not overloaded like some big name outfits. In four years I think that I have only known downtime for my sites have been twice. Both times it was a failure of the routers and it did not take them long to switch out the defective parts and get things back up.

I have always gotten a response to my customer support requests no later than 24 hours after submitting them. I think that a lot of folks think that 24/7 tech support means that they are going to get an answer right away. They forget that their are hundreds or thousands of other customers who these technicians serve.

If you are looking for a reasonably prices web hosting service and reliable technical support, these guys are it.

Biggest Pro: Good value for the money
Biggest Con: Can't think of one


Ever wonder how reviews for this company are almost all horrible or excellent? How the range can go from 0 to 10 and never in between? The answer is simple. All of the horrible complaints you read here are from actual paying customers while all the excellent reviews are from the owner of this horrendous hosting company. Then this guy suggests if the service is so bad, why did we stay so long? How about because they tell one lie after the next to string you along for as long as your patience or business can possibly hold out!

One cannot even begin to explain all the faults associated with 247 other then to say you are guaranteed to have just about every option you pay for, fail regularly! They can't keep the old 286 server running more than a few hours at a time without more rubber bands and chewing gum to hold it together. It probably needs some new tubes. They issue outgoing email IP addresses that are blocked for spam from day one. They change the server so often it lowers your ranking with search engines.

Customer service is nearly non existent and always fails to answer the questions you ask in favoring of answering the questions they wished you asked. You can ask several specific questions regarding your service and expect them to completely ignore anything you ask and provide the generic response of " we spotted a hardware issue on the server", " The hard drive on the server was faulty", "The software had issues". The response never addresses your concerns and just asks you to wait.

IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY A LEGITIMATE HOSTING COMPANY TO SUPPLY YOU WITH SERVICE, DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! Poor service is one thing but 247 takes it to a new low. Moving here will most likely put your business on the same sinking ship as this hosting company and they have no life boats. My advice.....Get swimming lessons before you go here otherwise you'll drown in frustration!

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: You get what you pay for......NOTHING!

You should pray nothing happens..

because when things go straight all providers are good, but when you have a problems then you start looking back considering your choises.
I was with 247-host for 3 years. In these years, i had several downtimes in my reseller account (the biggest was for 2 days) resulting all the websites under it to be unaccessible. Everytime i tried to contact them over phone i got a answering machine and when i send them several emails, i was lucky if i had an answer 5-10 hours after the crash, informing me that they had a problem with the server and that a restore procedure was taking place and they needed about 5-10 more hours to complete it. After many hours later, the websites had missing files or the databases where half restored.

Worst service, No support, and no way are they up 99.9%

This is the worst service I have every used, if you want a reseller and host other peoples websites forget it I am starting to have calls from angry customers who are calling on a regular basis to tell me they are not getting emails or the site is down.

247 hosting does not have 24 hour help that is a load of rubbish and is totally misleading, tech support is just a joke as I have a ticket open now from 2 hours ago and the websites have been down for approx 4 to 5 hours and they don't even know about it because they are still sleeping as they are in Canada and we are in UK.

I would boycott this company at all costs even if it was for fee. It is not worth the hassle you will have customers calling you every other day because of their crap & disgusting service..

Looking for a new service as of right now.

Mark Uk

Biggest Con: No tech support, And uptime is like 75% @ best

The worst WebHosting ever!

The uptime is just horrible, the 99%uptime is a big liar.
We always have problem with email box and our website is always down...each month there is a problem.
Think me, go with anything else than them.

And customer service is just not existing, never answered to our call.

Biggest Con: Uptime & Reliability

Response by Scott C., who is an employee of 247-Host:

Regarding the issue that Michael had,this issue was corrected and we understand the fustrations that can arrise due to network issues. Our technical team worked day and night to have this matter corrected asap. We are happy to say Michael now continues to choose 247-host with a VPS solution. We hope to continue to work with Michael on all his hosting needs.

Posted on February 19th, 2012 at 12:40 EST


I had a large number of domains to move, something like 80+ and althought 247 responded quickly and transferred the domains I quickly found problems with mails and websites being unavailable due to blacklisted IPs or network issues.

I then tried to backup these sites using cPanel and CRON. CRON privileges were blocked and the cPanel backups simply did not execute or if they did took hours and even then came back with unspecified errors.

Support...? They blew me off with remarks that the ISP was at fault when the tracert clearly showed the problem to be on their network and I am still trying to trsnafer these domains out to a more responsive reliable host.

Oh, and I calculated uptime in the short time I was with them to be running at about 95%, not the advertised 99.9%...!

I'm hemorrhaging customers because of the bad choice I made, don't do the same...

Biggest Con: Support

Response by Scott C., who is an employee of 247-Host:

Regarding the issue Michael had: He was a customer with us in Dec and Jan having the Super Plus plan. He had over 15+ tickets opened with us, of which each ticket was answered. His accounts were transferred free of charge and prompty by our techs. Unforatuntly, Michael has many issues changing his nameservers to us and nameserver control is at the registrar end. If we could have changed the nameservers for him, we would have definitly fixed the issue he had. We did ou best to help this client but his registrar was unwilling to first provide access to his domains and had a great difficlty with this. In addition, customer wanted to run crons to backup accounts, we had explained to him that on a shared server, we do the backups via root and to have root access we offer VPS and dedicated machines.

As alwasy 247-host, we stand by our hosting product with a 45 day money back gaurentee and Michael was refunded his payment.

Posted on February 19th, 2012 at 12:56 EST

I was forewarned

Well I read all the bad reviews about 247-host but I went with them because they offered 2 different site builders.

Things started out ok. In fact they had a really well organized welcome email. The best I have seen. But shortly there after I learned that I could only build one website with their Parallels website builder. I would have to pay an additional fee every month for each additional website if I wanted to use the site builder. I actually never even used it because it was a really crappy site builder.

I quickly had support questions and found that I was on my own. I wasn't too disappointed because you get what you pay for. Fortunately I had signed up with another host to run simultaneously so that I could chose between the two. The other unnamed host is about the same price but has wonderful support.

I contacted 247-HOST halfway thru the billing cycle and told them I wanted to downgrade to a smaller package with few sites. They were not happy. 247-Host pulled the plug on one of my sites and I lost one site even though I was fully paid up. When I complained, they told me that I had 24 hours to get my stuff off their servers. I responded that I was going to go to another host and they pulled the sites down immediately, thereby blocking me from downloading any of my files. Fortunately, this wasn't my first Rodeo.

I then went to Paypal for assistance in chargeback since 247-HOST canceled my account and kept my money. 247-HOST received my complaint from PayPal and then sent me an email and said I had "2" hours to cancel my Paypal dispute or they would permanently delete my account.

This is a nasty outfit and I think it may be a one woman show. There is no live chat and only Julie responds to emails.

All I can say is two thumbs down.

Biggest Pro: Pretty website...womans touch
Biggest Con: They are just a reseller not a professional hosting company. Anyone can be a host.

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