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£750 for traffic usage in a month site locked no customer service

nearly 8 years with this company site only used to host ebay pics no problems then £750 charge for 80mb traffic usage more than we could use in a lifetime
then site locked customer service zero, cant get anyone to explain or action the problem

Biggest Con: Daylight robbery

BAD, worse, the worst


I've signed up for their My Business Site & have been having non-stop issues. Their promo says you don't need any tech knowledge to set it up, so I thought perfect. BUT just try actually doing it. Nothing works like it supposed to. And every time when calling technical support you get someone from India, Tailand, etc who are completely INCOMPETENT!!! I don't have anything against them but the level of incompetence after a while is just too much. Including one supervisor!! (first they don't even let you talk to a manager/supervisor... just put you on hold forever... one time I just refused to hang up & decided to stay on hold until actually able to talk to a supervisor. Well, after waiting for more than 1 HOUR she finally picked up & did not know anything!!! Seriously! Asking ME where is this... I don't know... this is not possible (when it is), etc, etc, etc. only got few knowledgeable people there, like 2-3. I've never seen this before. I thought this was a big international company so this is still like a dream/nightmare...

So either you fix it yourself or good luck........ Worst of all, even when they finally admit there is a tech problem & make a ticket, then escalate to admin support, high importance, you still get no response/feedback/update..... like they completely don't care. AND only one phone number to call, besides billing: tech support (see above), no customer service.

Luckily, I do have some tech base, not a lot, but enough to know when they are telling ********... Besides that, the package has serious technical limitations that are not mentioned anywhere in the promotion. Like dealbreakers. And you only find out after investing considerable amount of time, energy, resources, to build the site. Plus, of course, you're locked up in 1-year contract! So now you've found all those crazy problems that they don't care about, no response, no help.... and a contract.

AVOID< AVOID< AVOID AT ALL COSTS! And it's not even cheap, comparable to other providers.

Don't doooo it; Not even for a low price.

I think people are lured to this provider for the low prices. Well, laughs on you when they cork up your website, give you the run around for a month+, and you end up having to spend more money creating another website or trying to switch your domain name somewhere else.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: awful customer service


I Was Hosted With 1and1 for so long for only one reason I HAD A ONE YEAR CONTRACT, I had multipal occurences where they said my credit card was declined, and I get it could use it any where else perfectly fine, and my site went down more that three times because of this I had too call each time and have them manually charge my card....
I am switching to mediatemple!!!!

Biggest Pro: NOTHIN
Biggest Con: Everything

Customer Support at its finest.. Not!

For the year and a half I had my site hosted at 1and1 they only had 3 days worth of major down time. When I called their customer service department they blamed my own internet connection until they actually tried going to my site and saw it wasn't working. After that two days later my site was back up, I called customer service again and they had stated that it was an issue with their upstream provider and wouldn't give me any compensation for the 3 days I couldn't access my site.

Later on in the year, I attempted to add several domains to my hosting account. The current plan I had wouldn't allow for multiple domains so I attempted to upgrade my plan. They said that I couldn't as I was locked into a 1 year contract at the current rate and I would have to open a completely new account and add my domains to it paying for two accounts instead of one which would be more costly. Shortly after that I terminated my account with them via phone and went with another hosting provider. I was tired of getting the run around with their services and inadequate support.

Flash forward 2 years later, I get an e-mail from their support group stating that I owed them $200+ for back hosting services. I logged into my account and my username and password still worked! I checked my account and all my files were still there and I could access one of my old domains that I had canceled 2 years prior. I checked my previous payment history and saw they had attempted to bill me (my credit card on file with them had expired the year I canceled my account so it couldn't auto-renew). I called their customer service and explained to them that I had canceled by phone 2 years ago, they were very unhelpful and just told me that I needed to go to their cancellation site and "cancel" my service again. They wouldn't remove the previous $200 charge since they failed to cancel my service in the first place.

Needless to say they aren't getting a dime from me due to their fail customer service.

Biggest Pro: Server stability and speed were great
Biggest Con: Billing & Customer Services are horrible, not a US company accents are sometimes hard to understand.

Poor customer service

So I guess on the 1 of this year our site was hacked or ether on Dec 20th. Not sure I keep getting different stories. So they shut my site down, sent me a notice 10 minutes before they did it and now I can not get a straight answer on why my site really was shut down, my web files moved, and why I cannot get my site back up without 1) going to a dedicated server 2) changing hosting providers 3) waiting for someone at 1and1 to get off their butt and address my issue. It has supposedly been escalated twice now and I don't even get so much as an email giveing me a status update. The worst part of all of this is no prior notification of an issue, but they shut my site down and moved my web files!

Biggest Pro: cheap for shared server
Biggest Con: very poor customer service

thieves and cheats - AVOID AVOID AVOID

I agree with all the negative reviews here.

We had no problems with connection and uptime, but when it came to leaving the company, it was impossible. Loads of different staff answered emails with links to cancel the account that did not work, and even when we did eventually get an email confirming cancellation, they continued to bill us, eventually sending to an out of date address without emailing once the mail was returned, so it ended up at their debt collectors "Avarto" - (number 08701258809)

When after receiving 16 emails from various 'departments' at 1&1 over and extended period and still nothing was apparently cancelled despite their confirmation of cancellation, I yesterday sent them each an abusive response. In reply I got another email that said my telling them to cancel the account was not good enough, I had to use their account cancellation process online and that they would not cancel the account on my sayso. However this has never worked This means I now have no choice but to let it proceed all the way to legal action and then take my defence to court in the form of all the documentation. If I were to just keep paying their bills that are being issued for hosting a site they're not even hosting, then that would be an admission that I owed them the money, and so would confirm the unpaid bill allegation.

When we tried calling their Billing Enquires number, which is also a ripoff premium 0870 number that charges while you sit on hold, there was a 30 minute wait time!!

This company needs to be exposed through the media, perhaps one of those TV programmes that deal with rogues like these people and it should be referred to Dept of Fair Trading and to the Internet Registry etc. I am thinking a class action would be in order if others are interested in participating in some way, even if only to provide written evidence.

There is also the question of suiing the 1&1 company for libel because of damage to my credit rating caused by their referring the charges that I did not authorise, and refuse to pay, to a debt collection agency. Maybe they own that company too. If others have had this experience, then we could perhaps link our issues in a separate class action.

1&1 should definitely be closed down - I am not in the least surprised to hear that others have also had issues with the technical side. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining an action against 1&1, or providing documenation of your adverse experience.

Derek Williams
[email protected]
0785 760 2004 (in UK)

Biggest Pro: nothing good about this company
Biggest Con: impossible to leave the company, they keep billing for a service that is cancelled, and refer to debt collectors if unpaid

1and1 sock- they are scammers

in the process of moving me from a high cost package to a low cost one, they have completed deleted my website- then said that it was my responsiblilty to back up the data when changing packages!.
in addition they were completely rude on the phone- they cs is useless, and they refused to escalate calls to their supervisor.

i have never a company this bad!

Do you want a world of pain? Run from 1&1 as quickly as possible

Try leaving, you think you have and months , years later, debt collectors bills arrive saying you didnt complete the leaving process. Read the online blogs, that should be enough. This company treats its customers in an appalling way. Am I still a customer, as soon as I can extracate myself from their accounts dept. You have been warned.

Biggest Pro: you get your email
Biggest Con: where do I start, awful, rotten to its core, try leaving? try getting bills explained, try getting support,

Cloud Server Not Ready For Prime Time

I've encountered several problems with the Dynamic Cloud Server. Initially was taking forever to log into account administration screen. Called for help, was told this is a "known issue." Yesterday tried to change hardware settings, increase disk space, which shut down the server. After an hour, the server was not back on. Called for help, was told that it was a known problem, with no ETA for expected fix.

Biggest Pro: Flexibility
Biggest Con: Important Features Don't Work

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