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Server is down since 7 hrs

I have 4 websites in this server
recently I struggles a lot and they are getting better like 200 hits a day.

all of sudden windows server is un reachable from remote desktop
CS are not able to tell and they made a ticket to windows admins
since its saturday and sunday i dont know when this is going to be up.

next year I wont renew this. rather I will have my own server in home with a static IP

Biggest Con: when Remote desktop is unreachable CS cannot do any thing


I've been with 1and1 having been badly advised to use them 3 years ago. After just 4 months I realised I needed another host and have since used Hostgator ever since, with no problems.

I don't even know where to begin as the amount of comlaints I have about them is endless.

I have never had a simple conversation with their staff, they have been rude and they have zero knowledge of there own products. There billing system is awful not to mention massively overpriced. As a customer that's been there for three years the prices they advertise now are no where near the huge amount I pay. I've tried to transfer the few domains I have with them and it was nearly impossible to get the information I need.

I've just finished a conversation with their customer service where they just hung up the phone on me. I have 8 domains left and I've now given up trying to transfer them, as have the company I instructed to transfer the domains to them. Even they said getting this done was impossible due to 1and1's inability to do as they say.

I can't stress enough how no one should even consider using them, the stress and headache involved is simply not worth it. I am cancelling one of my domains and the hosting it's on despite the site making me a steayy £100 a day. I'm prepared to sacrifice that income for the joy of having them out of my life. I simply can't go through the hassle of trying to do business with them anymore. I dread calling them and know my day will be ruined as I'm normally so angry afterwards, the level of stress simply isn't worth it. I'd do the same if that site made me £1000 a day.

For anyone considering it please for the sake of your sanity, dont even think about it.

This company doesn't just rate as the worst customer service but the worst company I've ever come across in my entire business life.

Don't even think about it. You will thank me for this.

Unquestinably the worst hosting company and company in general the world has seen. I'm simply amazed they have a single customer and amazed their business is actually here today. It certainly shouldn't be.

Biggest Pro: Nothing, literally, nothing. I have nothing good to say.
Biggest Con: Every aspect of there service

Worst ever experience

Wish I had done my homework before singing up with them. They sell you 4GB RAM , 2000GB bandwidth servers but limit the number of processes to 128 and 10 MB send buffers. So allt he RAM and bandwidth is really useless. Their service cancellation is horrible. They were asking for my password to cancel the service. What planet are they from? Real morons. Never ever will do business with them.

Instead I went with GoDaddy and I like them much better.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything is a con. Wish they weren't part of my life. They are not worth to deal with.

Worst tech support, functions not working and can't solved!

The worst tech support and unresponsible company I have ever experienced. After four tech support calls, the issue (file download) is still not working in the basic business package! One support guy couldn't even get the point, kept thinking his own way and was rude! I am looking for a new hosting. I am under one year contract but one tech support told me that if they couldn't fix the problem, they will let me go. Hope they keep their words.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: function not working and worst tech support!

1&1 Hosting is the WORST

Cstomer support is non existant. Every time you call, sombody from Philipine answers but they don't know anything about hosting. They dodn't even know their own control panel. Their control panel doesn't work, for example I am waiting for over a week for my database to be imported. All I hear from them is: "Your ticket has been escalated but we can't give you a timeframe. You have to wait." I am tired and fed up with 1&1. I would not recommend them to anybody.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Control Panel not working, Customer Support VERY BAD

Very bad website builder, bad compatibility

I am working on website development and online marketing for an employer. Part of my job is to overhaul his existing website, which is hosted on 1and1. It is awful. Their "website builder" application is so bad that I do my coding in Adobe Dreamweaver then copy and paste my code into the application. They actually make you pay extra to input your own code into the application without copy and pasting, too! Their customer service is also terrible - I originally had trouble logging into the domain, and I could not understand the person on the phone. I had to spell out the domain name about 10 times. It's also impossible to log in with certain browsers. The built-in website templates are also awful - most of them don't even let you use the entire screen.

1and1 Web Hosting Will Kill Your Site - Worst Web Host Ever

Horrid, horrid tech support. Barely speak English, and lie about status of account. Tried to transfer INTERNALLY to a new, upgraded hosting package (same account). 5 days later...nothing. Did I mention their phone lines (to the Philippines) go down constantly?

Run away from 1& is by far the worst cheap (or expensive) web hosting plan we've ever had.

Biggest Pro: Cheap - great if you do nothing more than park the domain
Biggest Con: Don't try to switch packages or upgrade-your site will never be up again.


I've had several complaints against Here's my latest. They are literally blocking me from switching my domain names away from them!!! They have "free" private registration. Their description says they will forward all correspondence related to the domain to me. LIE! If there is correspondence related to a change in registrar, they throw it away, and I never see it. To approve a change in registrar, I have to first switch the registration from Private to Public. Here's the latest problem. A customer service rep has just told me (in broken English) that they are having a technical problem stopping all users from switching to public domain. They will not even guess when this "technical problem" will be fixed. Due to their horrible procedures combined with their horrible technical abilities, they are stopping users from switching away from them. NEVER NEVER USE 1AND1.COM

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Morally Bankrupt

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Billing is Out of Control - Do Not Use

On three separate occasions, they added products to my account that I did not order and then they charged my credit card for them. About $200 in total. In the first case, they promptly refunded my account for the error. In the second case, they said they would refund me but didn't. In the third case, they just ignored me.

I went to remove my credit card from their billing feature while I work on transferring all my stuff to a different host, but they literally make it impossible to remove your credit card on file!!! When they would not credit my credit card even after they agreed in writing that they owed me the credit, I got a chargeback by complaining to my credit card company. After investigation, the credit card company agreed with me that the charges were fraudulent and gave me my money back. During the investigation, locked my account!!!! They held hostage the products I paid for and needed until I agreed to sign a form saying that the fraudulent charges were not fraudulent - even though they had already agreed in writing that I was supposed to get that money back. I called and emailed repeatedly, and everyone said they could not help me unless I signed the form agreeing to the fraudulent charges and a $20 penalty fee!!!!

When the credit card company gave me my money back, immediately started trying to charge the exact same charges back to the credit card. Luckily, the credit card company just blocked them.

I'm not sure how these people even sleep at night. Definitely don't use them.

By Gary on January 12th, 2011 at 10:49 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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'DON'T' If you don't want to have endless months of stress, writing letters and emails while they never answer your letters even if you recorded ones. Replies to your problems will be answered via these no reply usuall contain important information that if you try to send a reply they just bounce back to you. If you google complaint about there are hundreds of people complaining but they do not get anywhere, maybe it would help if they where all in the same place.
I notice a small number of people praise the company, you should try to email that person and more than likely you will find like I did that these also bounce back blocked by the person making the good comment.
This could be a confirmatiom that only 1and1 themselves are making the good comments on complaints pages, you test this out for yourselfs.

Don't let them get away with it.

1&1: Untrustworthy Company

I have never in my entire life dealt with a more sneaky and untrustworthy company in my entire life. After 5 years of being their customer they decided to start charging my account for additional services I never requested or signed up for.

When I presented them with a BBB Complaint, their response was that they had phoned me and I had opted into a trial program that would continue if not canceled. No such call was ever made, I never opted into anything. They finally conceded and refunded my money. When I went to cancel my account (domain first so I could move it to a better registrar) this process blocked me from cancelling my package until the next billing cycle where they not only charged me for another 3 months of their service I never wanted, but also charged me again for the feature I never asked for and went through a painful ordeal to reverse (and cancel).

I have never seen a company so dedicated to disrespecting their customers & swindling their money. Also, I'm not just any old customer, I am a long time and (was a loyal) customer until all this madness. A company that outright disrespects their customers & abusing their customers to steal money from them.

An open letter to 1&1 I wrote when this all first went down:

There will be a follow up after this is all sorted out. I strongly urge EVERYONE to avoid this company at all costs.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Almost Criminal Billing Department

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