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1And1 is the worst hosting service ever.

1 And 1 is by far and away the worst experience I may have ever had with regards to customer service, technical support, and web hosting. Our site has been down for days as they had marked our domain for deletion. Since that time they have not contacted us at all even though our case was "elevated".It is now going 5+ days and they still do not have had our site operating. We can't find our domain so we can't transfer or even configure the DNS for our domain. So, I would not use them for anything. They will kill your business.

Biggest Pro: None really.
Biggest Con: Incompetence at every turn.

Customer for 5 Years Leaving ASAP

Their hosting service reliability has gotten worse over the past 12 months. My sites are down weekly. The customer service representatives I speak with on the otherside of the world only give me their sincere appologies and read from the prepared scripts. I've had enough. I've called no less than once a week for the past 60 days. I am transferring all my domains (approx 15) as soon as possible. Started tonight with my research. STAY AWAY FROM 1 AND 1.

Biggest Pro: Control Panel and Price
Biggest Con: Unreliable Service

BEWARE STAY From 1and1 Internet

Add me to the list of EX 1and1 Internet, Inc customers.

I had been a customer with them for 14 years. A failed payment, which I updated immediately and they still sent me to collections turned off my sites and 2 months later after sending a money order I'm still trying to get me sites turned back on.

Beware if you're looking for a website hosting company internet services provider 1and1 Internet is terrible. They customer support is awful, their control panel is slow and buggy. They do have competitive prices but it is NOT worth it. I wish I would have switched but just never got around to it. Now I am 50k sorry as that is what is has cost me in all my lost sales.

Again if don't want a website hosting company or internet service provider that gives you poor service, gut you when their systems fail then run to a company that values their customers.

Biggest Con: Horrific Customer Relationship Policies

1and1 are hosting uk sold servers/websites in germany

1and1 falsely hosted our uk sold dedicated servers in germany with german IP addresses. Its outright fraud as they tv adver states that they are UK based. We were sold a uk dedicated server (which appears to be VPS anyway) only to find out that it was on a German IP. Not happy at all and looking aroung, it appears that others have the same problem:

Biggest Pro: cheap....


DO NOT USE 1AND1 FOR WEB HOSTING. My wife found bad reviews after the fact. My fault.
Bad service, lied to about domain, disrespectful behavior after pleading for another rep. due to behavior, hangs up (3 times), representatives (last one) yell at their customers, kept my money after requested cancellation while being told it work basically work out in my favor, misinformed of process 3 times to find later they were reselling my domain, get email of domain being available after it gets sold to someone else, kept my money.
Some people aren't smart enough to realize it takes one bad experience to reach thousands of people.

Fools and WebSite's

1&1, Do TV ads ever tell the truth? This site got off to a BAD start almost immeadiately, Nothing worked and we were forced to use their telephone line to request help. This first Guy was pleasent, offered help via another next day, HA HA

To shorten this I spent 1 1/2 hours on the line to Philadelphia [thier HQ] and was Emailed serially by TEN operatives NONE of whom made any progress, dident listen and we never got the site established.

On the 11 th Failure we Cancelled with them and informed our Bank,
1& 1 refused to Cancell unless we telephoned them and spoke to their Manager personaly, we did, another 25 mins call. It is now cancelled at LAST.

Pointles to say 1 & 1 are NOT worth a light. Dr. Rodger. UK.

Biggest Pro: There are NO Positives
Biggest Con: 100% Negative

The tech support is the worst

If there is any problem with your sites hosted on 1and1 they will close your account for 3, 4,5 days without letting to solve the problem . So your bussines is out for how many days they want .

Biggest Con: tech department

Beware of 1and 1... Reason why they have such bad reviews

I put of with 1 and 1 for years as I didnt want to redo my website by switching. I was lazy! I got the cheap $9.95 a month package that wasnt grandfathered in so was bumped up to $11.95... Which is billed every 3 months so unless you are good with keeping track of bills a $38 surprise will come your way every 3 months on different dates.
Tech support is hard to find and when you do they have no clue what they are talking about. they read off some trouble shoot sheet so it usually has nothing to do with your question.Even if you are luck to get someone who speaks English.. Its taken me weeks and longer to get one question answered from them. their email sucks too.. most days cant even log on at some point. site did stay up most of the time though. but that is the only good thing about 1and1.. Also watch out for hidden fees and accidentally clicking on something you might get billed for. So many times I got bills for some crazy stuff and was almost impossible to get these things off my bills. Sometimes take months for them to stop billing me for crap I didnt want.
Finally a few months ago I got tired of 1and 1.. and tried to cancel... OMG everyone is right. How do you cancel them. Ive already moved my site over to intuit but still keep getting billed. There is no way to log in 1and 1 now so how do I cancel them.. Cant get any people on the phone either. I think I have to close my bank account and cut up my card because I cant stop the 1and 1 bills from coming. They know I dont have a domain with them any more. SO how are they allowed to charge me?
So much for saving money with 1and1 thousands of dollars in false bills and now cant cancel and account I dont have any more. Isnt someone having a class action against 1and1.. there must be as I see nothing but complaints.


Well my ISP is awful so why should my web hosting be any different? Cheap, but very difficult to use, and I swear, changes do not propagate automatically, if at all. I have spent a very frustrating morning with my site trying to update it. PLUS, I mistakenly thought my registration fee was overdue. Plus, I could not login even though my login data was correct.

Biggest Pro: Better than nothing

Just Try and End Your Contract!

Cheap, NOT cheerful, rude unhelpful staff. Try and end your contract, no hope, so difficult to get in touch to do it. Premium phone line that costs YOU to end the contract. I was kept on hold several times until I hung up then cancelled my direct debit. They then handed me over to a debt collection agency, all for £4.99.

I had to pay £40 to get them off my back and save my good credit record. I have now issued a small claims court summons against them to get my money back.

Not a nice company. Keep Clear, pay a bit more and get a lot more.

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