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What happened to them?

I had real trouble escaping from them when I realised how expensive they had become.

I tried to leave them but I couldn't get replies to my emails. They have kept my domains refusing to reply to several mails and have not responded to any transfer requests

On renewal, they set debt collectors on me who were good enough to close my account with 1and1 but they still have my domains which is a real pain. I have moved to inmotion which Is faster than 1and1. Maybe 1and 1 are working everything from Germany now they are certainly a lot worse than they were when I started with them about 10 years ago

Tried using their website creator. It is really poor there is no way of customising the screens to stop them looking like something created from a standard template

The webmail service they have really stinks it is like waiting for paint to dry

Biggest Pro: short URL to type
Biggest Con: Lousy customer service and madly pricey

1&1 - the one to avoid

I have been with 1and1 for over 5 years, I've mainly used my domain for fancy email addresses but every now and again I have a fleeting interest in learning http, php, java and the likes.

As my primary use was webmail, I had the beginner package which included 1 mysql database and php. About 9 months ago, I started playing with the mysql database as I wanted to incorporate some funky scorecards are work, and this was the ideal learning ground. A month ago I revisited my account to find some of my features had disappeared from my package, namely the mysql and php.

To cut a long story short, they claimed I never had it, but did have a mysql database which I couldn't access. I upgraded to the same package I was on before but it was called something else as mine had been discontinued in order to look at the database and prove it was created during my beginner package period. After which I launched a complaint with them as they had clearly given me false information and not to mention reduced the features on my package without my consent or knowledge.

I asked them to rename the IPSTAGs to a different host as I wanted to migrate, this is usually free, however they instead detagged all my domains and returned them to nominet, which has cost me to retrieve.

For such a loyal and easy customer they made my life overly complicated and very expensive. I moved to unlimited web hosting and now have ALL the features I think you can get from a web host for the same cost as 1and1's most basic package.

I'm still trying to wind my 1and1 account down, but its taking some time as they seem to put road blocks up everywhere. That all said, I'm very happy with new unlimited web hosting and will actively warn people against 1and1.

Hope this helps.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Entire Service, high cost, terrible support, poor staff.

Worst Customer Service Ever.

I have been with 1&1 for over 5 years. In the beginning they were very good but service has deteriorated to the point that it is futile to deal with them. They charged an old credit card of mine and when I learned of it I tried to update my information. That's when the nightmare started. My password would not work so I requested it to be emailed to me (4 separate occasions) so I could get in to update my information. They would not send the info I requested. Customer Service would not take the information over the phone - I had to log in to update it. I explained that I could not log in and so on and so on and so on. Locked into a vicious cycle. Now my account is still locked and I still cannot update the information. Customer Service is no help. All they want is their money and a "declined credit card fee."

Stay away from 1&1. Save yourself the grief. There are too many hosting companies that want your business and will treat you like an intelligent human being. Their only fault, and its the deal breaker with me, is their arrogant attitude and lack of any real customer service. I have no gripe with the technical side of their service. Uptime and reliability has been good. But, as I said earlier, their lack of customer service is the deal breaker. For that reason alone, I rate them at 0 across the board.

Biggest Con: Customer Service

Complaint about 1and1 and paypal problem

My 1st complaint was that my sons hosting package was with 1AND1 and for conveyance I decided to pay his account through PayPal.
The invoice was for under £36 but they wanted an agreement to collected from my PayPal account themselves works like direct debit. I did not realise at the time that I was supposed to have £350 each month in my PayPay account,
I did not like this so I wanted to change to credit card payment. But 1and1 control panel would not let me make changes. Email where sent to and fro most of the time 1and1 emails where of the noreply version.
To cut a long story short 1and1 they put me in the hands of a bad debt collection agency. not feeling well I gave in and paid three times as much for the invoice in question.
However the following year when I went into the control panel to pay for my sons domains I still could not make changes to the method of payment and the threats by email came again. But this time I decided to fight it. I finally got through to them.
But rather than take the chance of the same happening every year I cancelled and went with, I have been with them now since August. But the trouble I had to try to transfer was really, really hard work.
I still have my own domains with 1and1 but have never been able to upload my webpage, Other business's are parked on my domain.
Neither my son nor myself have managed to have a website uploaded with them in over two years.

Worst customer service and billing ever!

We had to move and they we cancelled our contract before leaving..and we thought it was ok, but after we moved, they kept sending us bills and it was unbelievable, saying that we haven't done it. So we had to fax and do everything again.. bills are still coming. Customer support is useless and they are unhelpful and unfriendly. All they do is send us bills!

Biggest Con: Worse customer service EVER!

OMG WTF do they think they are doing?

These guys are by far the most useless bunch I have ever dealt with I purchased several domains with the plan to have them hosted elsewhere. In the last 3 weeks they have had no progress or success in getting this together. If I didn't know better I'd say the place is run by monkeys smoking cigars

Biggest Pro: They exercised my patience
Biggest Con: Complete waste of my time & mycash

1And1 is the worst hosting service ever.

1 And 1 is by far and away the worst experience I may have ever had with regards to customer service, technical support, and web hosting. Our site has been down for days as they had marked our domain for deletion. Since that time they have not contacted us at all even though our case was "elevated".It is now going 5+ days and they still do not have had our site operating. We can't find our domain so we can't transfer or even configure the DNS for our domain. So, I would not use them for anything. They will kill your business.

Biggest Pro: None really.
Biggest Con: Incompetence at every turn.

Customer for 5 Years Leaving ASAP

Their hosting service reliability has gotten worse over the past 12 months. My sites are down weekly. The customer service representatives I speak with on the otherside of the world only give me their sincere appologies and read from the prepared scripts. I've had enough. I've called no less than once a week for the past 60 days. I am transferring all my domains (approx 15) as soon as possible. Started tonight with my research. STAY AWAY FROM 1 AND 1.

Biggest Pro: Control Panel and Price
Biggest Con: Unreliable Service

BEWARE STAY From 1and1 Internet

Add me to the list of EX 1and1 Internet, Inc customers.

I had been a customer with them for 14 years. A failed payment, which I updated immediately and they still sent me to collections turned off my sites and 2 months later after sending a money order I'm still trying to get me sites turned back on.

Beware if you're looking for a website hosting company internet services provider 1and1 Internet is terrible. They customer support is awful, their control panel is slow and buggy. They do have competitive prices but it is NOT worth it. I wish I would have switched but just never got around to it. Now I am 50k sorry as that is what is has cost me in all my lost sales.

Again if don't want a website hosting company or internet service provider that gives you poor service, gut you when their systems fail then run to a company that values their customers.

Biggest Con: Horrific Customer Relationship Policies

1and1 are hosting uk sold servers/websites in germany

1and1 falsely hosted our uk sold dedicated servers in germany with german IP addresses. Its outright fraud as they tv adver states that they are UK based. We were sold a uk dedicated server (which appears to be VPS anyway) only to find out that it was on a German IP. Not happy at all and looking aroung, it appears that others have the same problem:

Biggest Pro: cheap....

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