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1and1 have been excellent for me

No, I am not in their pay, and no I have no connection with 1and1 except for being a customer - I just want to add my anecdotal high praise to balance the other reviews on here.

I have been with 1and1 for 9 years, and in that time, and especially for the last 4 years or so I have found their servers reliable (I have both dedicated and hosted servers), their email system excellent (in that it just works and I don't have to think about it), and their customer service is terrific. The people I speak to - and I have no problem speaking to anyone - are knowledgable, helpful and patient.

Recently I upgraded the hosted servers, and it happened within moments, no fuss or bother. And there help with the dedicated servers has been great well beyond the call of duty.

I have tried other suppliers that on the surface look more attractive, but once in are pretty ordinary. 1and1 get the basics right. For example, the hosted servers are fully backed up to another site - another company I tried, one of the few that did a back up, only backed up if you used less than 2GB - and that was on an 'unlimited' account. Oh and only no Sundays.. And it's proving hard to get out of it.

I switch 1and1 services all the time for different project, and cancelling servers is simple, no hassle.

On my experience, I cannot recommend 1and1 more highly. Really!

Biggest Pro: technical support, reliability
Biggest Con: the control panel is 'different' but all the functionality is there.

Horrible, sneaky billing pracitces - make it stop

I made the mistake of registering a domain name with 1&1, though I never put up a site. I've been attempting to cancel my account FOR TWO YEARS. It appears to be canceled, then it mysteriously continues to be billed. Dozens of emails and calls have not helped. They continue to bill me for something I don't use and don't want. This is the worst case of unethical billing I've seen in quite a while. Buyer beware.

Biggest Con: Horrible, unethical billing practices


I hosted 2 sites with them YEARS ago. I was charged last year when I didn't want to be. I remember contacting customer service and having a horrible experience with them. I *thought* I had the issue resolved. Now just recently they charged me again and it looks as if I'm gonna have to raise hell with them once again. Do not mess with this company. If you are charged which you will be even if you cancel billing, NO refunds in any way, and they keep your money even if the sites you had hosted with them aren't up. Just look on their BBB page. 794 complaints closed within the last 3 years. Absolutely atrocious. We need to band together and file a mass class action on these people and get them closed down. We may only be charged $10 or so but with the amount of people getting ripped by this "company" adds up to large money.

Horrible Customer Service

I've been with this company a long time. Had trouble with customer service before--now my site is down --has been for 2 days. Can not get any answers from them or response. Tech support is outsourced and horrible

How do I get out of this?

The building templates are dull. There was no template for musicians. You need to know how to set up a player on another site and somehow connect the player to that. But you don't know this when you look at their samples. They seem to have "music" templates. As a novice, I ended up paying for three separate sites, when I should have just been able to pay for separate domains. I have been spending $100 every three months for three websites, only one of which I was ever able to build up somewhat, only after hours and hours of trying to get tech support. Than they can't help you and they need to "research it. You can never get through to the billing department. It seemed that no matter what I wanted to work on, there was something that didn't work, so that i had to spend hours and hours on tech support, often without solving anything, and having to call back.*

I went to this website because I work with a video and music company. When I asked the owner who he used, he told me 1 and 1. I figured that would be the ticket, since I wanted website for these businesses. I later learned he only used them for the domain name!

I'm so disgusted, but I don't want to lose everything that i built up. Help!

*ie; I tried to arrange information in a row and cell type of table. None of the adjustments worked, and after spending several hours, I just kind of fudge something that looked close to what I wanted. it took a while to get "published." It looked okay. The next weekend, I went back, and things were all over the place. Again, hours on tech support.

Biggest Con: Horrible support, obscure non-working settings, no way to get out of it.

1 and 1 - worst ever

My true regret is that I can not give them a negative rating here.

They offer absolutly no tech support at all - just a call center in the Philippines that has no ability to actually offer any support. They will pass along your requests, but seem unable to actually do that.

There was a small folder on my server that was "stuck" it could not be deleted - after many hours on hold with tech support they sent the issue to an "admin" who the following day just wiped out all of my everything...I have to say I was stunned. I was in the middle of uploading and got an error I pulled up my ftp and the entire directory was gone - I must have hit refresh 50 times, then got the email - we deleted your directory if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Well then the fun really began - there is no one to contact - they do not reply to emails - they do not call you back - they can not recover it....

Billing and such are also a nightmare - but I have typed enough - just stay far far far away from these guys.

Rubbish Support that go on Holiday

They state 24x7 support this is a complete lie they are on holiday today Martin Luther King day means these morons shut are server down for upgrade and then went on holiday.

It has been down for 2 days they are complete idiots who say I cant do anything until the server support come back from holiday.

I will be leaving asap

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Support Suck

Stay Away!

This company used to be fantastic a short while ago yet has gotten much worse within the last year. They have increased selling prices and diminished services. Their billing department makes it a priority to mess up transactions with lots of red tape and false information. Other departments seem to make an effort to help, but it really doesn't matter because it does little to address the real issue of billing. The control panel is very basic. All round, a bad value for your money.I was sluggish to move on because I hosted with them for quite a while, but finally had move on.If I can make a recommendation, we went with to design, build, manage, and host our website and we couldn't be happier. Everything is taken care of with smiles, honesty, and laughter for under $30 a month - that includes the custom design they put together for me. This is the way business should be done today.

Biggest Pro: non
Biggest Con: billing is absolutely horrible.

Find another web host

As a small business, we hired a start-up web developer. He connected us with 1 and 1. As long as we didn't need anything, they billed us automatically and things went along fine. About a year ago, we found a new web designer. We could not log into 1 and 1 and could not contact customer service. After repeatedly trying, we waited for them to contact us by stopping the automatic payment. We still could not communicate with 1 and 1. Unfortunately, our domain name became due. Since we could not communicate with 1 and 1, we lost our domain name. Sedo and DomCollect are somehow connected to 1 & 1. Check the internet regarding 1 and 1. These p-eople have tried to sell us back our domain name at a greatly inflated price.
If I could give 1 & 1 a rating less than 0, I would.

Biggest Con: Completely unresponsive

Unethical at best, scammers at worst is not my primary registrar, but I was curious and purchased several domains from 1and1 a year ago to experiment. After a year, I concur with all the other low reviews - stay far away.

1. 1and1 sets newly registered domains to autorenew by default. Most registrars set to manually renew by default, and customer has to explicitly enable autorenew.

2. 1and1 does not email you advance notification that your domain is about to be autorenewed. They only send you payment notification the day you will be charged for renewal. Legit registrars send at least one notification of autorenewal several weeks in advance (even Godaddy does this).

3. If you log in and change your domain settings to autorenew on the renewal day (but still before you've been charged), they will charge your card anyway.

4. If the charge doesn't go through (for example, your card has expired), they will lock your administrative control panel and instead show only a credit card payment form. There's no way to log in and verify that autorenewal is still disabled and that they haven't re-enabled it on their side.

5. #4 is important because when you call customer 'support' they'll argue with you about whether or when you disabled autorenew, and you have no way to verify that you did.

6. If you don't pay within 7 days, they refer your bill to a collection agency, collect a percent from that, relist your domains at regular price, and hurt your credit rating.

These guys are total scum. Unethical at best, scammers at worst.
Stay far away.

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