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1and1 sucks ***

1and1's technical support is totally useless. I have several wordpress sites on their systems and 1 site will work properly while another doesn't. All I get from them is the same ******** about "we don't support wordpress directly, please use google to answer your problems". Ok, so I google away and I suggest to technical support the solutions I have read and then they won't implement or even try it. We had a perfectly working website 2 days ago, and now we can't post new posts, add new users and no one can make purchases off the site. Why? because it seems the database for the site is locked, full or can't be written to. We didn't do anything on our end, no new plug-ins, no updates during that time which would cause the site to stop working.
Our site that is broken does about 10,000 dollars in sales some months, so now with this problem 1and1 is costing me money and pissing off my customers let alone me and the other operators of the site who make money off of it as well. What a load of **** company 1and1 is.

avoid 1 and 1 , dodgy , scam , fraud , con

read the web , thousands of ripped off domain holders out there and im another one , same story , charged for a so called free trial of website builder plus even after cancelling within 30 days , then cancelled domain and hosting weeks ago and just got bill for another year , why are this company still trading ? hate the fact that this kind of legal theft is apparently ok , never read a good review about this lot that didnt seem to come from an employee , ive used them and will never again , just wonder how much i will be conned out of before i can sleep in peace , bit worried about being billed for the rest of my life after reading others comments , but will get legal advice and have contacted trading standards and trying to use the web to let people know not to use this company

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: everything

1 & 1 = less than ZERO

Instead of telling explaining how HORRENDOUS this service is, I'll just share the letter I sent them moments ago:

I have been a customer for a couple of years, and everything was fine until the last few weeks. For some reason that no one has taken the time to TRY to figure out, PayPal was not approving my payments to 1&1. I received a notice about it, called 1&1 billing, and had to speak with someone who had a pretty nasty attitude telling me I had to change my payment settings. Well, that would have been nice to do had I not been locked out of my account. I was given access, entered another account for you to make charges, and once again, I get the notices in the mail and email that the payment was denied by my bank, that this was a 2nd notice before I'm contacted by a collections agency. I called 1&1 again, and again was told this is something I need to solve with my bank. I called my bank (Wells Fargo) and explained the situation. They told me that they saw the charge against my account, which they were ready to approve but couldn't because YOUR system did not provide a dollar amount for the charge. I called 1&1 AGAIN and told you what the bank said, and again I was told I need to change my payment settings. At that point, all I wanted to do is get this over with, pay you the 40 dollars and put an end to it, but you would not accept a check in the mail, only paypal and credit cards. I changed my payment settings to another card AGAIN (and again had to have someone let me into the account I was locked out of), and one more time - received notice that my payment was denied. There are 3 things I know for a fact: 1) I have well over 40 dollars in my accounts, and my bank has attested to that 2) Up until this issue started, there has NEVER been any problem with me not paying my bill - I am a good customer, 3) I investigated every possible reason for this ON MY OWN - this is something that you, as a business, should be doing as well. At one point I was transferred to a very nice customer service person named Andrew. He traded a few emails with me, but even that relationship never continued through to a resolution. Finally yesterday, I called AGAIN (and by the way, your hold times on the phone are unacceptable), couldn't get Andrew on the phone, so the person who I did speak to in customer service told me I had to talk to a billing supervisor - so basically I was being sent back to the inept department that treated me so rudely from the beginning. I was transferred to billing, spoke to a woman there, told her I needed to talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold for a bit, then comes back and tells me the supervisor is too busy to talk to me, and that my only other option is to go to my bank and wire the funds to you.

This has been beyond irritating, and probably some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. The fact that it was verified, by my bank, that your systems screwed up, and you couldn't be bothered to check into it is pathetic. You're a freaking technology company - check your damn payment system before making customers jump through hoops and sending threats of collection agencies coming after them. Then to make me have to go make a special trip to the bank to send you FORTY DOLLARS? And pay extra fees for processing? I have no words. I emailed Andrew yesterday and told him about all this, and he hasn't responded either. I'm not going to rush out the door to wire your money. I'll get to it in a few days. In the meantime, cancel my account, I want nothing more to do with 1&1, and you can be sure I'll be sharing this experience with many others who may be considering hosting their site with you.

Biggest Pro: Can't think of a single thing

1and1 made changes giving users no way to get to their site

1and1 made changesto remove Front Page extensions that they insisted were due to Microsoft's changes and they very well may be but it is now very difficult or impossible to get to my folders adn files.

I called them and they said to do it all by FTP but I cannot find the files or folders on my site.

Their technical people don't know anything.

Biggest Con: You cannot get ANY help from them

Definetly not worth the money when you have to spend hours....

I got 1and1 about 5-6 years ago.
I was happy generally, they had fairly good prices untill about two years ago.
Now their prices are average.
Customer service has always been bellow expectations, slow and unresponsive at times, but with the site being up most of the time, I didn't mind putting up with it.
At times I found myself helping them rather than vice versa.
I recently started a ecommerce(about a year ago) and found a different hosting service (Arvixe). I was very pleased with their knowledge, prices and services.
I have been down for the last few days with my 1and1 account and they just could not fix my website. The site went down after a "scheduled server upgrade". So we went down because of 1and1, and they could not fix it. We ended up moving to another host (Arvixe), and are up in a few hours, with email and everything.

Biggest Pro: Name recongnition, price in the begining.
Biggest Con: Lack of good technical support

OK for basic mail service and domain registration

I use 1 and 1 as registrar for my two domains (because they are significantly lower in price than the outfit that is hosting the sites) and as an email provider for one of the two. I do not have any experience hosting sites on their servers, since they do not have and will not provide ColdFusion hosting.

Uptime & Reliability: Irrelevant for the registration service. The email service is a mixed bag. I have never had a problem accessing their webmail interface, and the timetstamps on the messages indicate that their server is receiving mail pretty consistently. However, I have a mail forward set up on one of my accounts, and that is decidedly less reliable. Most of the time, messages come through exactly when they are supposed to, but 2-3 times a week, I will check my mail client to find that mail has not been delivered for several hours. When I check the online webmail, there are new messages there that have not been delivered to my client's in-box.

Server and Connection Speed: Pretty much irrelevant. WebMail is a little slow, but not horribly so, and since I only use it while I'm on the road anyway, it's not a big deal.

Technical support & Knowledge: Given my limited usage of their services, I've never had opportunity to deal with their tech support.

Customer Support & Billing: my experience with them has always been smooth. They send me the invoice, I pay it, I dont hear from them until the period's over.

Price Value for Money: For what is essentially an email hosting service with a VERY crude webmail interface, they are not the cheapest in town. There are others quite a bit cheaper who provider equivalent or better service for less. However, their domain registration fees are cheap, and I haven't had any major blowups with them, so I'm still a customer.

Acceptable but not perfect

I use my 1and1 site to park files that I'm showing or transferring to clients. It's been pretty stable lately, but over the 3 or so years that I've had the service, the site has randomly gone down on many occasions. Usually I call the customer service line, they say the site looks fine to them, and I tell them I can see on my computer that it's down. Then a few minutes later the site miraculously comes back up, and the customer-service person continues to insist that nothing went wrong with it in the first place. This same scenario has played out about 4 or 5 times.

So I don't think I'll ever move my main business site to them, but just for parking files, it's mostly been okay, and I haven't had any trouble with the setup. The interface is easy, they give me a lot of space, and the billing is simple.

Biggest Pro: easy interface
Biggest Con: random brief downtimes

STAY AWAY - 1and1 (1&1) Internet Inc. You've been warned.

This has been a nightmare since signing up for a cloud server from 1&1 Internet Inc. on Dec. 30th 2011. I'll try and keep this short but I will post this on every web hosting forum website in hopes to recover my money AND save someone else from doing 'business' with these people.

12/30/2011 - Signed up for a cloud server, no contract, 90 days money back guarantee and 24 hour guaranteed setup.

1/3/2012 - Welcome email received from 1&1 Internet, this is 4 DAYS after a 24 hour guaranteed server setup. Naturally we had sought services elsewhere as we needed to setup and test within 24 hours, not 4 days later. I emailed on 1/3/2012, requested immediate cancellation of any account. Was given a very unprofessional run around from several people on the phone. Was told I had to log into the control panel for an account we do not have in order to 'cancel'. I've emailed, called, sent someone a fax and logged into a control panel with a temp password to cancel.

1/3/2012 - 5/15/2012 - No refunds ever given and they refused to cancel the account. In fact the ONLY way I was able to stop the $80 monthly fees after 4 months was to report my MasterCard as stolen so 1&1 Internet would be unable to drain unauthorized funds from our account.

6/6/2012 - I get a call from NCO Financial representing 1&1 Internet for a collecting a debt.

6/6/2012 - I call 1&1 Internet AGAIN and this time I am told the account has been given to collections because there is a one year contract. NEVER WAS THERE ANY MENTION NOR HAVE I SIGNED ANYTHING REGARDING A ONE YEAR CONTRACT. If there was ANYTHING about a one year contract during sign up I would have NEVER signed up for service from them.

Filed a BBB Complaint today, although it looks like they have 860+ complaints already with the BBB, and 4 new complaints from customers just today! Do a search at for '1 and 1' to see for yourself.

At this point our credit card company is trying to handle the disputes but the problem is 1&1 Internet is responding to our credit card disputes saying we are currently using their services AND the services were available to us as of 12/30/2011, which are both FAT LIES. I have emails, screen shots and proof of all of this.

It is important for me to say, I've never used ANY of their services. Never logged into nor configured nor even looked at any cloud servers, or hosting account or email or anything else they sell. I logged in ONE time with some temporary password to click a 'cancel account' button as instructed. That's it.

I will retain an attorney that specializes in handling consumer credit disputes such as this. I will fight to recoup any and all charges from 1&1 Internet and I am sorry I ever gave them my name, credit card information or potential business. In your search for a web hosting or cloud provider, steer clear of this FRAUDULENT company posing as an internet service provider.

This post will be cut/pasted to any web hosting forum that I can find and all links to these posts on different forums, facebook, twitter etc, will be emailed to ''.

Stay away from 1&1 Internet Inc, ( You've been warned. Opinion from 5 Years of Experience

I've been using to host a few websites for about 5 years now, and just a heads up for all of you who are looking for a good host, this has been a nightmare for me. Not only is website builder extremely quirky and inconsistent and full of program glitches, but even worse the tech support is the worst of any tech support I have worked with since my first website in 1995. 100% of the tech support folks speak English as a second language, and they typically don't understand what you are saying very well. Even simple discussions demonstrate that they do not understand. They repeat things many times, and you will spend 20 minutes and get absolutely nowhere. If this happened to me once or even half a dozen times in 5 years, I would just pass it off as life, but this has happened to me probably over 100 times in 5 years. Yes, I know, I am extremely patient and gentle in working with non-English speaking techs, but I've really had it with the nonsense, the glitchy programs, the horrendous customer support. I've tried to talk to supervisors, but after being on hold for an eternity, I'm always told that the supervisors are busy. This is folks. This is not an isolated experience. This has been my experience for 5 years with multiple websites. Unfortunately, my main website cannot be transferred to any other company, because no one will accept a website built with that glitchy website builder program. My strong recommendation is never use You will be truly frustrated and sorry like I am, and then you won't be able to move your website like me

There are not words to describe this company and it's arrogance.

This was by far the worst hosting experience on all levels I have ever had. I wouldn't recommend this service to my worst enemy. They make it nearly impossible to cancel, play games with you and then talk down to you. No empathy what so ever and seem to get pleasure out of billing you for the contract term even if you haven't logged on after the trial period. Worst Hosting service by far! I have a dozen emails showing that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. They seem to really get a kick out of upsetting you and doing nothing at all to try and correct your bad experiences. Worst Company by far! I even filed a complaint with the FTC concerning their games and threats to hurt my credit. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING UP, you will not have an easy time cancelling and even then they try and milk you for every penny they can get without even giving any service. I would give NO stars if it was possible. I found the most disturbing thing about the whole experience is that I signed up on a 30 day trial... accessed the service maybe a total of a couple hours because it never worked like it should have and their Customer Service and Billing "Reps" have no Empathy or even seem to care about trying to understand .almost in a smart cocky way even their "Supervisor" lacked any real customer service skills in calming me down. They even played games and sent me to the UK site to reset my password. The fact that they seem to get so much pleasure from me being upset boggles my mind... who wants their customers to be upset more than they were when they called. I would stay far far away from 1 and 1 at any cost. They can't even bill me the whole contract amount to make it easier for me ...they like to drag things out as much as possible. They also seem to not care what customers think at all .. especially those tricked into thinking they needed to buy it by another company like "myonlinemoneysystem" type scams. They know what they are doing and they don't care... like I said, wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy! They wouldn't even just bill me for the whole amount for the year contract at my request so I could be completely done with them ..NOOOO they have to do it by the month to drag it out as long as possible. I really can't even believe they have any business at all ... I didn't have even an second to say was a good experience through this whole thing. I don't think I have ever hated a company worse than this. I don't have one good thing to say about the experience ..OH, wait ... I will admit it was REAL easy to sign up

Biggest Pro: Quick Signup
Biggest Con: More than hassle to cancel, rude arrogant cocky customer support.

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