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1&1 Internet low cost services

For someone who had no knowledge at all of web hosting, web design, or domain name registration, I found the starter package at 1&1 an excellent service for a complete beginner.

Beginner packages start at $3.99 per month (£1.99 in the UK), including a really easy website builder application, email accounts, FTP access and full support.

The 1&1 server has been very reliable - in the few years I've used this web hosting service I can only remember having problems with the server once or twice and connection speeds are fine.

When I first signed up with 1&1, I had a few problems getting started and the technical support was quick and very helpful. More recently when I requested support it was a bit slower, taking up to 24 hours for a reply and I did have to clarify my questions after the initial response wasn't clear.

Since I first signed up with 1&1, I've learned a little more on the web hosting side of things and have managed to add sub domains, and have even designed an additional site and uploaded using FTP. After a little research and technical help I found this fairly easy.

For those starting out with their first site, or looking for low cost options, I'd highly recommend the 1&1 beginner package.

Biggest Pro: Cheap, easy to set up
Biggest Con: Technical help on the site is limited

Mostly right on, but right now not so much...

I've really never had any problems with 1&1. Since I signed up with them back in December of last year they've been exceedingly good at keeping servers up and speeds (usually) high.

However, this review seems to come at a bad time. For the past 4 days I have lost access to my site (both ftp & simple viewing) to an unknown reason. I've called tech support and received no definitive answer except an "Our apologies, the server is down, it should be back up soon." I would've imagined they might have some kind of server backup system but I guess not.

Overall, I actually really enjoy 1&1, the pricing is amazing and that's all I was looking for 8 months ago. But you might want to ask me that question again in a few days if the server still isn't up.

Biggest Pro: Pricing & features; you really wont find a better deal
Biggest Con: Recent undisclosed server downtime

1and1 not that happy with

The parts that I am unsatisfied with are, the downtime they have with their shared hosting. The support is horrible unless your in their time zone. The myql database is ONLY 100 MB long, you can't run a forum with that small of a database. Unless you upgrade to there dedicated server which is HUNDREDS of dollars per month, Its horrible. The domains are the worst. If youve heard about 1and1 its most likely their terrible domains. They are hard to get out of, if you ever moved hosts and you purchased a domain from 1and1. Its a nightmare

The only thing I do like with 1and1 is, there speed for how cheap they are, the protected services, transfer volume/speed is always handy. They have many nice features with there control panel even though they don't even offer cPanel which is terrible. Im planning to move to a different server sometime soon. Hosting

Never had any problems with them, very fast connection and close to 100% uptime. There are several times where my site was down, but it was only for maybe 10 minutes at the most. Customer service can be hard to come by since it is such a large host. Their prices are great - especially since with almost every package you get $100+ in free advertising. Their user panel is very easy to use and it has all the features and more than what anyone would need.

1and1 = Fantastic Service

1and1 has always been a really fantastic service. They are helpful and knowledgeable every time I contact them. I will continue to host with 1and1 until I no longer need webhosting. Thanks!

Well, hosting it okay it does the trick they offer a lot of tools and such huge amounts of space. it's a great value but their tech support can be improved same with uptime and reliability. if you need a cheep and simple host with a simple website I wold recommend for that.

Biggest Pro: Great Value
Biggest Con: No Cpanel

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