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1 and 1 will screw any customer and they don't care - CS sucks!

Trying to get an issue resolved with them is next to impossible, They have Filipino's you can barely understand. I tried to pay on my account and they ended up sending it to collections and locked my account.

I am telling everyone I know to cancel with them and emailing all the magazines and trying to get a class action lawsuit started against them. Thats how pissed off I am by their Crap service.

Try to transfer any thing through them, you'll pull you're hair out.

Their Control Panel Blows, everyone says so.

These Crouts from Germany should be banned from doing business in the US.

Biggest Pro: Register domains cheaply
Biggest Con: Customer Service and any issue you can think of goes bad.

Good basic Host, but lacks a cpanel

I have been hosting my site with 1&1 for approximately 11 months and have experienced little problems. I currently use the Business package that for starters give you some nice features. I received 3 free domains, which is pretty nice. The amount of bandwidth and space is more than I will ever need for my math site, but is nice to have. I have not experienced any downtime since February although, my traffic is not huge. The only experience I have used since getting the host is upgrading to the better host. Like most companies, they were really quick and easy to upgrade me. The biggest negative of 1&1 is the lack of a cpanel. Everything has to be ftp'd which is kind of annoying when you only have to make a small change. Especially if you are not using your own computer, and they do not have an ftp client. The website application more than make up for this. I added a nice basic form, that is really easy to create. There are a lot of nice little scripts to use. They also provide a CD with alot of nice programs including PDF2Web, Adobe photoshop and GoLive. If you do not mind not having a cpanel then 1 & 1 is a good host to go with.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and prices
Biggest Con: No cpanel

Bit Slow Servers But Great Price Value & Efficient Support

Before going for 1and1 hosting i read a lot of -ve reviews but found that they were inaccurate as 1and1 hosting is one great firm in web hosting business & has maximum number of websites hosted there. Here's in brief what i found in my hosting period at 1and1.(Note-I'm also currently hosted there)

Price Value
The beginner package of Linux hosting costs only $3.95 consists of everything like huge space and bandwidth & i host some of very high traffic & have not faced any major problems there. They accept payment via cc and paypal.

What Things You Get What You Don't
But one problem some newbie webmasters can face is that there is no CPanel control panel in the beginner package & you have to do everything using FTP softwares. In the higher plan there is a easy click & build application but is too difficult than Fantascio Easy Installer of Cpanel. Again the easy installer which is available in few plans do support installation of few scripts only. Easy installer of scripts are not present in the $3.99 plan & any of it's plans do not have wordpress easy install script so forcing to install wordpress manually via FTP which may not be easy for all. Also there's noway to check stats with in the admin panel in the beginner plan.

Server Speed
The server speed was good in first months but has degraded now as websites hosted there load bit slow (not that slow) as a lot of websites are hosted in 1and1 shared plans. Some days i did notice a downtime(500 internal error in websites) but after asking their support got fixed quickly. This has happened for 2-3 times in my 4 months of hosting at 1and1 & every time calling/emailing support got fixed them instantly. But because of bit slowness i plan to shift to other host later because i host some heavy traffic forum there.

That's fine every time i emailed them they replied quickly & promptly. When sites were down i emailed them and got it fixed in quick time. But i had a prob with some files taking a lot of spaces & i reported them to find out. They did find it out but with out my consent deleted them & many plugins/script broke as they deleted some files that stored session information. How come they delete my folders without consent.

Reputation & Popularity
Even tough many people hate 1and1 it's the only host to provide great facilities(10 databases,20 add on domains, unlimited 1and1 domains etc) at low price of $3.99/month(beginner plan) & is the most popular hosting company in USA, UK & world wide.

Easy interface to manage domains, search engine submissions, marketing vouchers, billing, file manager, ftp etc are present. But in the starting plan no specific easy installer & control panel like cpanel are present. Also in that plan you can't check stats there.

So except bit slow servers & absence of Cpanel everything is fine in this highly reputed company. I recommend you to go for the beginner plan if you want cheap but reputed host with all facilities.

Biggest Pro: Great Facilities In Cheapest Price(High value/price)
Biggest Con: No Cpanel - NoEasy Installer

The true colours of 1and1

1and1 may seem ok when you start; and you trust 1and1 when you read they are the biggest etc; and I can see why some-people think they are good, when you do not have any problems.

But once you do get any kind of problem; then 1and1 show their true colours.

I cancelled a new business package after not being able to get it on line; and their customer support informed me of the month grace to cancel if not happy with the package etc; but this was false information by 1and1; as they charged me three months fee's for a service I never used once.

OK; no problem; they stole my money under false pretences; if they are that desperate; their needs are greater than mine; or any other customer's when push comes to shove.

Now; 1and1 will continue to steal your money if you do not cancel your credit card etc; and if you do protect yourself by doing just that; they will pass over their future attempted extortion racket, to another branch of their organization; who in turn will then threaten you even more, with their threats department etc..

It is no use trying to communicate with them to try and sort out simple logic or just honest common sense; as many thousands will tell you; and if you want a taste of their customer service; have a look at the website of a man called Simon etc; they are still the same today; as they were years ago; this man by the way needs congratulations on his abilty to do what he has done; if I had the ability; I could have posted much the same thing; only a couple of years later.

I am happy for 1and1 to take me to court; not only for stealing my money they had no right to; but even after all this; they want another £4 which they say I owe them; even with cancelled contracts; but it is clear they are not interested in the £4 alone; they just want my new credit card number; and are using the false claim of £4; in order to get my new credit card number; which will allow them to continue to steal money they have no right to; but underhand false claims.

For those of you that think they are fine; and you get good service; I say this to you; just wait till you get a problem with them; then you will see them for what they are; and you will then know that many thousands of us cannot all be wrong...Micky.

My Review for 1and1

1and1 is a good/bad host. Lets start with the bad such as there database size is around 100megabytes, which is almost impossible to host a well populated forum with that type of space, they limit the use of the database for example "The MySQL database may not be used for log evaluation operations, ad clicks, chat systems, banner rotations, or similar applications putting extreme loads on the database under any circumstances. ", There costumer service is bad in response time, It's No CPanel it 1and1 Panel. Now time for the Good such as its cheap, tutorial on how to work the server and other stuff, e mail accounts are protected from spam and virus, A lot of extras like "Click n Build, Website Builder, 1and1 Blog, Photo's, and other things", they have great web statistics, and make protected web directories. Let me go a little more into detail with there services.

There loading speed of my hosted website is extremely fast. Yet some times it does give me some down time I have to say for the price they offer there service I'm surprised its legal! They also offer CGI basic scripts which includes visitor counts, feedback forms, forum, guest book, and a Time/Date Display. Adding to that they also have a CGI output monitor which is for isolating a CGI 500 errors. There EasyRSS which is easily integrated into your website and providing a RSS feed too. You can also use there Graphic Archive that provides clipart and other stuff.With there Photo Gallery your can upload photos and add there code onto your site which will provide an instant gallery without all the hard and time consuming programming. Yet one of the best features I think they have is the Click n Build Utility because it installs the script for you. Well now after going into intense detail about the features they provide lets go to the bad stuff.

There tech support takes hours to respond a simple questions which can delay your website for day to weeks. They terminate your account if MySQL heavy even though your not violating there stated rule "The MySQL database may not be used for log evaluation operations, ad clicks, chat systems, banner rotations, or similar applications putting extreme loads on the database under any circumstances." terminating saying for violations of "System Abuse". There is no C-Panel just a 1and1 panel programmed by there team. MySQL database creations takes hour to create 1 database and take around an 1 hour to change a database description and even to Delete!

That is why I do not recommend usage of 1and1 to sum it up its cheap, good in some places, BAD in other. So just remember cheap isn't always good.

Biggest Pro: MySQL Databases guarded by Firewall & hosted on separate server
Biggest Con: Tech Support & Billing

Not a good host

1&1 is terrible when it comes to hosting any site. Their support is horrible and when I bought a domain, it separated it from my other packages, and then all of a sudden, they charged me $15 JUST to TRANSFER it over to my hosting package.

I reccomend not using 1and1 at all.

Biggest Pro: Cost
Biggest Con: bad support, confusing, long waits

I don't even give affiliate links for 1 and 1.

I hate them.

Well, "hate" is such a strong word; let's go with "despise."

Their biggest problem is their lag between when I want something and when they give it to me. I mean, if I suddenly decide to buy a domain for a hot topic, I don't want to spend six to twelve hours waiting for their DNS to work, and I don't want to spend an hour waiting for the database connection. I can't work without a database. So I decide on a domain name and order it, and ask for a database, and then it takes an hour for me to be able to upload stuff and configure it, and even then it takes another five to eleven hours for me to be able to send traffic that way.

When I complained the first time, they said it was "working as intended." A few hours later they said that the particular server I had been provisioned on had some disk problems that they were resolving and it's what resulted in my long setup time.

(note: the domain I listed isn't the first one I tried to host with 1and1. I'm just trying to use it while I still have the year contract. I don't expect to be renewing the contract at the end of the year.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: customer service.

1and1 has the most horrible customer service you can imagine.

When you sign up, 1and1 are very friendly and eager to take your money. Now, try and move or cancel any part of your service. You can expect nothing but the runaround. I've been referred to their website at least a dozen times. Want to talk to somebody that can help? I quote "Those people that can help do not have phone numbers. You have to email them, and if you don't like that, please email [email protected] that is the only way to reach anybody in upper management." These people do not care about customer service at all, or else they might like to talk to a customer. Instead, they have people that sound like prisoners begrudgingly answering the phones and protecting them from the backlash of the horrible customer service they offer.

I have 1 domain name, that I had hosted for 1 year. In order for me to now move my Domain after that one year, I have to print out a form, fax it in, wait 5 days for a callback, while my website, which feeds my business remains offline. Nobody, in anyway cares to help you at 1and1, they just want your money.

I hope that this place will reap what they sow. They're horrible. Please do not do business with them.

Biggest Pro: Always up.
Biggest Con: Customer Service/Technical Support/Billing Problems.

1and1 Support Stinks!

I used 1and1 for my host, and the first payment was on someone else's credit card, After 6 months was over, the credit card was renewed so it didn't get reimbursed. They said they'd lock my account until I could pay for it, so I got the money on my paypal, added a credit card to my paypal account, and for a week+ their paypal system was down. I kept calling support, and had to wait for an hour, and they kept telling me to wait. After a few days, I still could not pay with paypal, so I tried to pay with my credit card. THAT system was down. They kept telling me to wait. (note that in this period of time I could not access any part of my site.) Then after 2 days, I called up after paypal went through, but I never got charged. They said that they sent the site to a collections agency! I told the support people what happened, but they had NO POWER to do ANYTHING.

I lost an estimated $700 forum/site because of them.

I put a 3 for the price, because if you use over 10% of the resources they give you, they'll find an excuse to terminate you account for system abuse.

Uptime was good, and the server speed was good.

Great Low Cost Services

I've really never had any problems with 1&1. Since I signed up with them back in June they've been exceedingly good at keeping servers up and speeds (usually) high.

There are several times where my site was down, but it was only for maybe 10 minutes at the most. Customer service can be hard to come by since it is such a large host.

For those starting out with their first site, or looking for low cost options, I'd highly recommend the 1&1 beginner package.

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