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A review of 1&1's shared Linux hosting

When I first started using 1&1 I found their custom control panel very easy to use, and in the subsequent years have found it meets almost all my needs. It is very intuitive, user-friendly and self-explanatory. It also has plenty of extra features that less technical website owners can drop into their sites. Its faults? Can be slow at times, and the statistics section takes more patience than it should. For example, you can't pick a domain, select number of unique visits per month, then click "Go"; instead you have to click unique visits and wait for a page to load, then select a domain and wait for a page to load, then select monthly and wait for a page to load. I have stopped using it in favour of Google Analytics. But that is two small faults in a brilliant control panel that beats the hell out of cPanel.

In total I have used 1&1 for about 5 years, and never once have I seen one of my sites unavailable or received a report of one being unavailable. That is impressive.

The one major fault I have found is customer service. On two occasions I have had cause to contact their call centre. Once for a billing issue, once for a technical issue. On both occasions I had long waits on the phone followed by conversations with people who had low levels of knowledge. Both customer service experiences turned into nightmares that I found hard to resolve. Both these issues arose over 2 years ago, and I haven't had cause to contact them since they were resolved. However, I have had cause to contact them by email, and the response has been prompt, full and helpful more recently (within the past year).

On price, their domains and hosting are reasonable, and they occasionally have good offers e.g. free .com for a year. Certainly not the cheapest, but good value.

Overall, a good host when things are going well, but if something goes wrong, it can be very frustrating.

Biggest Pro: control panel
Biggest Con: customer service


I went to this so called hosting company three times. The first time I left because I found a better provider at the time. The second time I came back was because of their promotions. The site that I had with the previous company was lost due to a reseller package I had purchased from Ebay. ( you learn from trial and error). Anyway I left them again, this time because there Cpanel tools sucked big time.

(Still sucks!)

I went back to them because they offered another promotion and a magazine article I read gave them a good review. Saying that they were messed up before and their service, pricing plans and Cpanel improved. So I gave them another chance where I started to open my auction site. I hosted with them on their Linux server. I did not starting using their tools or uploading my files right away, but when I did the first thing I found was that they did not have a cgi- bin directory. I had to create one which me being kind not too knowledgeable on the subject i asked for tech support. Tech support sucks. I am not trying to be funny but I made very suspicious of when I called I gotten the same reps they all spoke Indian accent. So i am thinking that this is a family owned call center that handles their account and passing on trouble tickets to them. Anyway to make a long story short the tech gave me the wrong info on how to do it and then verified that i have put the site up right...... Dumb #$$&+

I finally figured it out myself and got my site up. ( I paid someone to do it HA HA...) So after one week of my site being up I wake up this morning to start maintenance, changing files and advertising I can't do it because the Cgi- bin disappeared... poof it's gone. Tried to make another directory their piece of crap Webspace explorer said that the file already exist. What the ..... So I tried to delete it, .... DAH I can't because it's not showing in the directory. So i called tech support again they said that they know of the problem and they are working on it. No garauntee of my site being up and running in no time just please wait for an email that will notify you of what to do or when your site is back up.Still as of yet no site up. so I am going to try one of these top rated sites.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: THEY ARE CONS

1&1Business Pachage

I have been with 1&1 for a little over four years now. I currently have the business package and host a total of 13 sites with them. They have excellent uptime and a great rate for all the services that they do offer. I have had a few issues with them as their technical support isn't what I would call the greatest and my sites have been hacked several times as it seems they leave it up to you to make sure your web space is secure. I tried a few other hosts but nothing offered as much as 1&1 did for the price and after learning ways to secure my websites I haven't had any real issues with them.

Biggest Pro: Price and amount of space and bandwith offered
Biggest Con: Not very secure

Horrible Service and billing system

When it come to cancellation, 1and1 won't do it, even I send a request and said that I follow their direction to cancel one of the service, but I still got billing. I refuse to pay for the service I'd like to cancel. 1and1 shut down all my service, including the one I already pay and still under contract for a few more months... I ask them how about just shut down the one that I like to cancel instead since I don't want service. They refuse to do it and kept shutting down all services have.

Don't wast you time or money on 1&1

I tried 1&1 hosting and in my opinion don't waste your time or money. First, the control SUCKS, I like Cpanel. I tried the Tools for writing HTML. Newsletters, and alike they are very slow and efficient. I was very disappointment after reading all their 5 or more page ad's, I seen in a magazine about their company and so gave them a spin.

Therefore, in my opinion, don't waste your time or money. Find a REAL HOSTING company like the one I'm using now and stay clear of 1&1 I'll be glad you did.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: All the above.

1&1 Internet is simply the worst hosting company available

Buyer/user beware of this company! They seem alright in the beginning, but if you run a legitimate business and expect them to keep their end of keeping your site up and running, provide tech support, etc. then you are in for a rude awakening. They have failed to respond to more than 30 of my emails, and their resolutions have never been helpful if they come at all. They actually were hosting a site of mine, and sold the same domain name to another company after it was paid for and up. They refused to speak to us about it, and even failed to respond to media requests. I'm an investigative journalist, and many of my colleagues both domestically and internationally have contacted them, and they don't respond. If you need further proof of their incredibly poor ethics and business acumen, check our their totally unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau at for more information. Also, their have been a large number of complaints against them with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, and I am in constant contact with my source there to keep on top if the investigation as it progresses. Finally, I am in the final phase of filing a lawsuit against them, which has already caught the attention of the media, and since I'm part of the press, print and broadcast outlets are already putting stories together about them. Please reconsider before giving 1&1 a single penny, and choose from one of the truly good solid hosting companies available.

Biggest Pro: Their good at being deceitful
Biggest Con: Tech support, billing, knowledge, customer support, telling the truth, solving issues, getting back with you, etc.

1and1 Linux Beginner Hosting Package

I currently host 10 websites (including one for my local business) with the 1and1 beginner package. To me, 1and1 is a very reliable host and I have never had an experience where the server was unavailable in the 3 years I have been with 1and1. The server speed is exceptionally fast even though it is a shared server. I have contacted their technical support with a few inquiries in the past and they responded answering my questions in about 4-12 hours. If you want to cancel a option or domain within your 1and1 contract it is very easy and painless. In the long run, I am a huge fan of 1and1.

Biggest Pro: Price and Reliability Hosting Review

This is my review on 1and1 hosting. Some topics I will cover are: speed, control panel, customer service, and prices. Okay, the speed is great, I am constantly getting compliments on how fast my websites are. The speeds are sometimes very slow because of updating or adding new features, but it has only happened to me once within 4 months, for about 10 minutes. And it is perfect after that. I am very impressed with the speed. Also my websites have only been down once for about 3 minutes. The control is panel is nice looking, well organized, and easy to use. Only once thing I dislike is there are delays for most things to setup. Like MySQL Databases, take up to 60 minutes to setup, usually around 20 though. Some others are like that too. But it's okay, everything works so well after the wait. I think it's worth it. I have used the customer service once and it is very great. Their employees aren't clueless people they picked off of the streets, they know what they're doing. Prices are freat, I pay $30 a month for 3 domains, 250GB/2.5TB, and lots of other things I won't get into details. I highly recommend this host to everybody out there! Thanks for reading this hopefully I gave you good ideas.

1and1, is so and so...

As the title says, 1and1 isn't all its cracked up to be. It has great pricing, great features, but thats all. There customer service is lack luster. Seems like they hire whoever they want. There download speeds are slow, and there connection speeds are not so good compared to other hosting companies I have had business with. One thing positive that can be said is they have good uptime and reliability. Lack luster over the board, but there price keeps me there, and there features.

Biggest Pro: Pricing and Uptime
Biggest Con: Everything else

Exchange Hosting Disaster

1and1 offers one of the lowest-cost hosting plans for Microsoft Exchange, only US$6.99 per month for a 1GB account. It is possible to access the account using a browser with Outlook Web Access (OWA), with Outlook, and with PDA clients like the Treo.

The support from 1and1 seems to have improved in terms of response time from 2005/2006.

But that is the end of any good news.

Microsoft cripples OWA so that it only works in full mode with Internet Explorer, which is still banned in my environment. Using Firefox or similar browsers results in lots of functionality disappearing, in particular the search functions. If you need to use a non-Microsoft browser, then software like Open Exchange might be a better option. But these limitations are not necessarily 1and1's fault.

If you want to use another client, you are limited to Outlook 2007, and to connect properly, you *must* be on at least Windows XP (maybe even Vista now). It should be possible to use other clients, such as Evolution, but 1and1 disables certain functionality (as per Microsoft directions for 'security' reasons) so that Evolution cannot connect. Companies running Exchange can easily enable the missing functionality without creating any security issue, but 1and1 chooses not to do this.

PDA access will work on a Treo 650, and you get full e-mail access and calendar access and synchronization, but not contacts. It is also not possible to get 'push' e-mail using any out-of-the-box 1and1 setup.

So for flexible access, you are really limited to Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Unfortunately, depending on 1and1 OWA is a really bad idea.

1and1 has suffered unpredictable service interruptions for at least two years. Their technical support line answers the phone much more quickly than they used to, but their knowledge is limited and they almost never have the ability to fix whatever is wrong, or give any idea of how long it will be down. Usually after an hour or two, the service would reappear.

Around September 2007, 1and1 apparently began upgrading its Exchange servers to a newer version. That is when things really started to go wrong. The service would become unavailable for hours at a time - sometimes refusing logins, sometimes logging in and not functioning, sometimes just not there at all. There also appeared to be occasional issues with some incoming and outgoing e-mail being discarded without any trace (though I was never able to get a smoking gun).

When these issues arise, there is a workaround to get emergency access to your e-mail: You can use the XAdmin function to request that a backup file be prepared. This .PST file can be downloaded to your PC, and you can open it with just about any old version of Outlook.

Unfortunately, when the problems started, the backup functionality also became hit-and-miss. Instead of producing a backup of the whole user account, which could be hundreds of megabytes, the system often produces a backup file of less than 2KB.

Calling technical support because the main system is down, or because the backup system is not working, is pretty much a waste of time. In numerous calls to them, they answer the phone quickly, but they have never been able to actually fix anything.

Sometimes, depending on the issue, they are able to offer helpful suggestions. For example, when OWA stopped working last week, displaying only a couple of empty frames with '404 File Not Found' errors after login, they suggested using inconfig /flushdns to fix the problem. This did indeed allow the system to work for a couple of hours, before their technicians changed something even more fundamental and the workaround no longer worked.

In the most common scenario - where technical support has received lots of calls because something is not working, but they can't actually fix anything or offer any workaround - calling them is just a frustrating waste of time. The worst thing is that they have no idea when, or even if, a problem is ever going to be fixed.

When pressed, 1and1 technical support will explain to you that if you are really unhappy, you can contact their complaints department. But this is only possible by e-mail. When you explain that the reason you are calling is because your e-mail is not working, and therefore giving a complaints address is useless, they can only suggest you wait until your e-mail is working again, then send your complaint.

But what has really taken the cake is their most recent server security reconfiguration.

As I write this review, it has been six days since I have been able to access my Exchange e-mail. It is impossible to get in with Microsoft OWA (a successful login just results in 'Page not found' errors), and it is impossible to get any valid backup (only 2KB files are produced that don't contain the real backup data).

I have called at least once each day, and they have not been able to help at all. They do seem to have confirmed that they cannot access my account from their computers either, but that's it. No idea of when it might be fixed. They even say in awed tones that the failure 'has been escalated to administration', and that I will hear via e-mail what is happening (at a non-1and1 e-mail address of course...). In fact, there has been absolutely no word from 1and1 for six days, no update, no apology, no estimated time of fixing.

I have also e-mailed the customer complaint address twice, asking for a credit for the service interruption, a fax number for their president and CEO that I can use to complain, and an estimated time that the service will be properly fixed. I have not received any response at all to either e-mail.

Fortunately, this period has included a weekend and a couple of holidays, but as of tomorrow morning this interruption will be destroying business again. Based on recent experience, I do not expect anything to change. I am now in the process of moving my e-mail account away from the 1and1 hosted Exchange service, though that is difficult and time-consuming. It also looks like I am likely to lose e-mail, at least for some time, because there is mail queuing up in the 1and1 account at the moment that I cannot get to.

I find it astounding that a company as large as 1and1 can botch a software upgrade as seriously as 1and1 has. There is obviously no organized regression testing when they make system changes, and based on so many of the errors being permission-based from IIS as they cut off access to needed pages, their security people must be complete amateurs (no disrespect to amateurs intended).

Any normal IT executive would have been fired weeks ago if there were half the problems that 1and1 has had. And given 1and1's visibility in the market, I'm surprised that Microsoft seems to have stood by and watched 1and1 destroy any decent reputation Exchange might have had. Tthough maybe 1and1's deal in Germany to offer hosted Open Exchange means Microsoft is now out to screw 1and1.

I have many other services hosted with 1and1, and I have had problems with them from time to time. However, dollar-for-dollar their other services do seem to meet a market need, and none of their other services has been a disaster on the scale of Microsoft Exchange.

In summary: Forget about 1and1 for hosted Exchange. They are incapable of delivering the service. The fact that it is cheap means nothing when it simply does not work at all.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Doesn't work

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