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Easy to use but very limited features and no customer service

At first look they seem to have a lot of features but don't be fooled, NOTHING is customizable with them. I tried to add an SRV record to my domain and the customer service lady wildly was searching for what that means and since it wasn't on her cheat sheet, she told me to write an email to their complaints department and request that feature. Thanks for nothing lady!

Their hosted exchange is down more than up so don't even go there...

If you have very simple websites with nothing extra than go ahed with them but forget the additional thing like "Dynamic Content Catalog", they're down a lot...


Biggest Pro: Easy for very basic setup (1 page website with no extras)
Biggest Con: Very limited features, horrible technical support...

Not the best service but also not the worst

Overall service is good. Over the last few months I have been having sporatic issues downloading email to my outlook. One day I will get connection the next day I wont. They are also not compatible with the blackberry and they have no intentions on adding the RIM service to their program.

Biggest Pro: Price and customer service
Biggest Con: blackberry compatibility

Be Cautious

I am hosting 11 domains on their windows business package. The control panel is HORRIBLE. It is slow, awkward and difficult to navigate.

I moved to the business package specifically to get .Net features. At that point the revelation became obvious. The advertisements are misleading.

The feature set says - multiple domains, FrontPage support, Multiple FTP, Access DB support, ASP.Net and on it goes with features I'm not really interested in.

When I first launched my sites, the global.asa file didn't function, so I shrugged and decided that I didn't really care about that. When I up-graded to business class and couldn't get my aspx files to function, I confronted their "tech help" by phone. That was an interesting experience in hold-shuffle, but eventually I got someone to email me a FAQ (still cant figure out how to get to the specific FAQ from the top) explaining that I must manage a redirect with asp code in the root folder of my account to the folder for the domain. That means every domain must point to the root folder. That is ludicrous! Such an architecture exposes my database folders and private folders to the public browser when the asp file won't run (happens a lot here). Not to mention the fact that all my relative links would be off by a parent tier. So, after several months of trying to fit in here, I have concluded that this is a poor selection.

Bottom line:
You can not have multiple ftp accounts and FP extensions
You can not have multiple domains and ASP.Net in isolated environments
You can not have ASP.Net and MSAccess Databases
You can not have a global.asa file for each domain

A lot of these restrictions explain the site outages (maybe a good week was 96% up). The application pool is shared with all of my domains, so it was pretty easy to exceed the connection limit or other pooled resources.

I'm looking (much more diligently than before) and will be gone soon.

Biggest Pro: fine for single domain
Biggest Con: poor control panel and feature combination

Stuck in the Past and Weird Policies

I have never had up time issues with these people, but I have never enjoyed their interface... or the way you have to use randomly generated usernames for *everything* except the control panel... and I hate the way they still insist on using PHP4 and support PHP3!!!! MOVE ON PEOPLE!!! (I am currently in the process of switching, but don't plan on renewing. My 6 month billing ends in Feb. 2008)

Biggest Pro: Price, Reliability, Feature Set
Biggest Con: Quirks

This is a very unfriendly company

The management site is very unfriendly. You can eventually figure out how to do things but I would say it is suitable for experts only. Adding a product is relatively easy but cancelling one is well nigh impossible. A year and a half ago I turned on the web site builder for a trial. I didn't like it so I attempted to turn it off. Could not. After three requests of customer service, I was told I had to go to a completely different web site to cancel products. I have cancelled that feature every quarter for a year and a half and I am still being billed for it.

I am looking for a new Host.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Very difficult to use. Cannot correct billing problems.

The worst web hosting company in the world!

This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to work with. Their customer support people lack any knowledge, They are rude and they will steal from your credit card. They refuse to cancel services in a timely manner. My web site was down the whole thankgiving weekend after I contacted them the tuesday prior to thanksgiving. It cost me in exceess of $15,000.00 If this was the last hosting company in the world I would form my own company and learn how to host web sites just so I would not have to deal with them. If I could give them a minus rating I would. Avoid this company at all costs!

Worst Tech Support Ever

I relied on tech support to help me set up my e-shop. This process was very frustrating as I was put on hold repeatedly for long periods while the person I spoke with relayed my questions to someone else and then relayed the answers to me. I followed there instructions exactly and today I got my first sale payed for with a credit card outside of pay pal. The order shows as paid on my order page and my customer says they have payment conformation but I don't have the money! I called tech support and asked where the payment went and no one knows the just keep telling me to add pay pal as a payment method, I already have pay pal as a payment method. Dealing with 1 and 1 is the worst experiance I have ever had online.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Overseas tech support

Avoid 1&1 like the Plague

I registered a domain name with them on Monday. I get an email from them right away telling me the name will be available in 24 hours. 48 hours later, my domain name is still "waiting for approval" in their control panel and impossible for me to configure DNS settings(I plan to host domain name with another company). I contacted them twice and both times their response time was great, except they route you to a CSR in India that means well but is absolutely no help at all. I just got off the phone with them and they asked for 12 more hours to sit and wait to see what happens. I have NEVER in my career heard of a domain registration taking 60 hours to propagate! They suck, stay away from them and go with someone else instead. Really, save yourself the frustration from dealing with total incompetence.

Biggest Con: They Lie

HORRIBLE. Downtime King is all I can say.

Downtime King. My business package goes down every other week, I already have these guy's phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Downtime every other week.

A Quadriplegic Company

24/7 Tech support is only able to make changes as long as the 9-5 department is open. Our account was locked because we sent out an email blast to our company subscribers, something very common to companies today. It was locked for email abuse. We called tech support to have it unlocked and were referred to the abuse department which was closed. They say to respond to the email notifications they sent us, but WOW! ... we can't get to our emails because OUR ACCOUNT WAS LOCKED! So now our website is down until tomorrow and we can't sell tickets to the event that we're hosting. Thanks 1and1, for being there when we need you most!

Biggest Con: Tech Support

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