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DO NOT EVER and I really mean EVER do business with this company

What can I say, this company is the WORST. It is virtually impossible to resolve any issue whatsoever in a timely or satisfactory fashion. Their tech support is awful, the customer service is worse. Promises mean absolutely nothing. Expidited action means several weeks. If I had some way of putting this business out of business, I would.

Please do yourself and anyone you know a BIG favor. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH 1and1.

You WILL be sorry if you do.

Biggest Con: They are completely worthless in every respect.


I have experienced nothing but pain and obstacles. I agree with all the complaints. They canceled my domain for my business without notice, consequently my website and business e-mail went down. I don't iknow how long it is going to take me to get my website running again.They require paperwork and $40 for redemption even though my domain expired just yesterday. They removed it from the control panel, and I was informed thar I cannoy pay the $8.99/year fee before I fill out the redemption form. I should have left them when they sent me to collections a few years ago for the same amount regardless of the fact that i did not get a reminder or a bill. I feel pretty stupid and conned. Just move your services from them NOW! You can't afford to stay in their sticky nets. Take action and report to BBB. Tell all your friends. We should get together and sue this company all together. UNETHICAL PRACTICES! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A WORST WEB HOSTING/DOMAIN REGISTRY COMPANY. THEY ARE CROOKS!


Bad Hosting

I contacted 1and 1 hosting four or five times becouse my web site could not be found by the search engines. They would me to try this and that but not one thing they told my to try worked. I was on a year contract that up on 1/3/10 but I was charged for service up to 2/04/10.


This company is the worst host provider out there. Their customer service department lies to you and their billing department bills you for things that you never ordered.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I promise you will regret going with them!

Biggest Pro: NONE!!
Biggest Con: Customer Service LIES to you!!

Very disappointed with 1&1

1&1 sent my account to collections for not paying $7 to keep my domain active. I didn't want that particular domain name anymore, and was happy to just let it go. I figured, by not paying, the domain would be made available to the public again. True, I could have called to cancel. However, I don't think you send customers to colletions after only one email reminder. Yes, that's all 1&1 sent out. I save ALL my emails, as they don't take up that much room, and double checked just to make sure. They sent me one email saying that if I wanted to keep my domain name, I needed to pay the $7 fee. There was nothing in that email about how to cancel my account, nor any mention of being sent to collections if I don't pay. This is a very poor business practice and I will not use nor recommend 1&1 to anybody.

Biggest Con: Sent me to collections after two months, for $7.00.

Webmail 1and1 2.0 version is terrible

"At this time, there is no way for a customer to revert back to webmail 1.0, and I doubt it will ever be an option since 2.0 is quite better."

But it isn't better.

It's slower.
It takes forever to load and often times out.
You can't just click a box on the left to delete multiple items at once like you used to.
There is more spam.
There is a coding problem causing intermittent problems whereby recipients of an email from me can't read the email (which has never happened before).

It's not better.

And the customer service is terrible. Call them -- each person will be reading from a script. Ask for a supervisor. He or she will read from a script as well. Try to reach someone in corporate. Try to find the corporate number -- it takes some intense research. And when you finally reach corporate, the person you talk to will reroute you to the same IT Department that you spoke with in the first place.

Email them -- and wait for a response. See if the response they give you actually addresses the problem you contacted them about in the first place. See if it looks like a canned response, or as if they have made any changes or taken any proactive steps to address the matter.

Good luck.

Biggest Con: Slowness

Technical support is a joke

To say bad wouldn't do justice to how truly awful one and one (1and1) are.

If you like sleepless nights, endless hold music and contradictory advice from people with laughable technical knowledge then try one and one.

In my ten years as a web designer I haven't had such a bad experience as 1and1.

Avoid these guys.

Worst Web Hosting in the industry!

I gave them a credit card, my web master gave them a back-up credit card, I also authorized them to take Paypal payments. They STILL shut me down for non-payment!! They never even submitted the billing to Paypal! I lost thousands in revenue! Customer Service is non-existant and rude!

Biggest Pro: NONE!
Biggest Con: They shut you down for no reason!!

Stay far far away; especially from their "free trials"

I tried their advanced eshop because I was lured in by the 90 day free trial. After about 2 weeks of trying to configure and working with their tech support, I finally realized that it did not have some basic functions that I really needed; like interfacing to UPS and customizing the look of the template or showing product details.

I spend the next 2 and half months trying to cancel the account. Needless to say, their 90 day trial is a complete fraud and I now have to fight with my credit card company because they won't cancel the contract. Save your money and stay away from them for anything other than buying your domain name. Corecommerce is much better for ecommerce.

Biggest Pro: I would say price but I can't because you can't get a functioning site
Biggest Con: False advertising; you can't cancel the trial period offered

They suck, I received TONS of bills when I didn't authorize charg

I have tons of bills from them that they put in collection. They CLAIM that they tried to get me re domains that were expiring, and couldn't so charged a chard. Problem is that I didn't want the domain names anymore, the card is expired and they NEVER even tried to call me (they emailed at an old email address).

They are SCUM, don't do business with them, now I'm fighting these filthy douche bags, and will never do bus with them again. If I can help save anyone the PAIN and aggregation and wasted money, my financial losses with them would have been worth it.

ANGRY 1&1 Former Customer

Biggest Con: They lie, and give inferior service. SCAM, SCUM, FILTH, DOUCHE BAGS

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