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Run as Fast as You Can from 1and1

There are at least four reasons why you should never deal with 1and1:

1. Substandard domain setup
2. Outdated technologies
3. Extremely frequent outages
4. Poor support

I've written a dedicated blog post about all these reasons. The post is available at

Biggest Pro: Unlimited traffic
Biggest Con: Poor support, constant outages


1and1 took advantage of my little knowledge of hosting and instead of exchanging plans to get me the right one for my website SIGNED ME UP FOR 5+ yearly contracts. They told me I can only use their money back guarantee once and that I'm stuck even though I was just trying to get the right package to host my site. Their billing managers are ***** and are very rude. They DARE you to take action against them and are just unorganized. They promise one thing one moment and then renig the next moment. They sent me to collections for 40 dollars all while charging my credit card monthly without notifying me or anything. I hate this company with a passion. I hope their ship sinks along with the crooks it keeps afloat. Also I remind you Sedo and this company are in kahoots. Just google Sedo and you will see what I mean.

Biggest Pro: A lot of bad reviews out there
Biggest Con: Bad billing practices


Know what you are committing to. It is not going to be easy to CXL after the trial period for 1 YEAR! Their customer service is NO SERVICE and have and “attitude”. I signed up and never transferred OR used their web service and find I missed some “fine print” and locked into a year of NOTHING! Good Luck and WATCH OUT! Buyer Beware!

Biggest Con: CUSTOMER "NO" SERVICE > Billing and Contract!

Avoid 1and1, nothing but trouble for three years now.

I have used this company for three years. They constantly have server problems with very slow servers. E-mail service is the absolute worst I have ever seen. Their website creation tool freezes mid creation and you lose all your files. At first I thought it was my pc causing the problems but even after buying a new pc I still have problems. It is on thier end not mine. I am definitely moving to another host just as soon as I can. Never pay a new host more than a few months up front. You have to be able to try them out before a long committment.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Horrible server speeds and software interface

Avoid 1and1 for its very poor tech support

My VPS worked fine during 1 year, then it went down for no reason.
I called the support 4 times and after 30 hours my VPS is still down.
I received absolutely NO information from the support, "an incident is open on your server" is the only reply I got. Not even an estimated timeframe to get my server back.
I asked them if 30 hours of down time seemed normal for them and they replied me that is it the average problem resolution time :-(

I'm realy realy pissed at them, and beleive me it is the last time I'll use their services.

Biggest Con: Really poor tech support

1and1 truly sucks

if you are lucky enough to see all these BAD reivews BEFORE you sign up with them, DONT!
If you are still with them (LIKE ME) try to move right away. The more of us that move, the quicker they will be forced to shut down. COntinue to spread the word about this terrible company so that others are warned - together, we can bring them DOWN. PS, the techs over there do not know about shopping cart software!

Well, they were good.

Gee, I thought I'd already gone through all the paypal hoops the first time I selected it as a payment method. Apparently not! Realised my site was down, went to check why, for some stupid reason even though I'd already done the payment authorization garbage the first time, it had apparently wanted me to do it again and the emails were going to an old address I don't use anymore. So yeah, they sent it to collections over a 9 buck charge.

Oh yeah, the 9 buck charge. Apparently you can't transfer an external domain in and have it be one of your included domains. Isn't that fabulous? Oh, not to mention that whatever the hell they did with the transfer process screwed it up so badly that that particular domain name was down entirely for two months. Thank the gods it's a personal site and I don't run a business.

And yeah, because of that garbage they freeze the ENTIRE account. They make you pay six months at a time and mine's paid up through freaking May. So uh, why again is my other site down? The one with a different domain name? That's paid through May? Too late tonight to call them and complain, but I'm sure as heck doing it in the morning.

Ridiculous. I'd had no problems with them for years, but it's time to go elsewhere.

Worst Customer Service ever.

1&1 internet has the worst customer service, tech support and billing people that you will ever deal with. Tech support always blames everything on the customer even when it clearly is not our fault. All billing errors on their part are our responsibility to pay and if you ask for their supervisor like I did you get lectured then hung up on if you dare to ask for their name.

Biggest Pro: Good user interface
Biggest Con: Horrible people

Awful Company - no ethics and no concept of Customer Service

Rarely do I take the time to write a review, but our experience has been so awful with this company that I had to put something online to warn other potential customers that no matter how tempting the cheap price might be -- you really lose in the end. A maze of customer service -- that's more aptly a "Customer Disservice" program.

Biggest Con: Customer Service/Billing

Lamentable... and getting worse

There are plenty of reasons to not use 1&1, from an overseas based, heavily accented, entirely script driven technical support department nobody can understand, to really bizarre aspects of their control panel such as the arbitrary constraints puts on resource records (to give you an example, there is an inexplicable 30 character limit on CNAME records).

When it comes to the administration of your package, what really grates are the small things, such as the fact when transferring or cancelling a domain you have to print off and fax back a form only to discover that no fax number is listed either on the form or anywhere on their site. You have to phone the 0871 helpdesk and ask for it. If you Google, all you bump into is other mystified customers asking the same question.

When it comes to hosting, for our sins we have a number of dedicated servers and one virtual server. The virtual server is of course shared and for whatever reason reboots possibly once per week - no explanation is ever given as to why it happens. It just does and with frustrating regularity.

Nobody on the help desk knows and nobody cares either. The dedicated server has a dedicated line which in all fairness is answered promptly, but the shared server does not. So even though we've been paying 1&1 a tidy sum every month for years now, we are always asked to phone back on another number and talk to the incomprehensible phone robots when enquiring about any matter not directly related to the dedicated servers.

In essence, you are treated not as a valued customer but purely on the basis of whichever product it is that you're phoning about at the time. Which makes everything feel like the company is run on the basis of 'least cost' rather than 'best service'. And of course it's then that you are then reminded why you foolishly signed up to them in the first place.

In short: AVOID. Avoid like the plague. 1&1 are really not worth any savings you think you might make. We've had enough of a backend they have made little effort to improve over ten years, a helpdesk run from screen prompts an an assumption that everyone on the phone is an idiot, and we're FINALLY taking the time out to move everything someplace else.

Bye, 1&1!

Biggest Pro: Highly competitive pricing
Biggest Con: Highly awful everything else

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