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On average, 1and1 is not recommended by users on our web site.

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% that Recommend 11%
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Horrible, just horrible...

1and1 has no customer service and they will not help you if they cannot find a script to handle the situation. Most service items require a deeper technical understanding than they offer. A request for a more technical support person will not be considered as an option.

1and1 email service is absolutely horrible. Their servers are slow and there is no backup on their side! If you lose and email it is your problem, they do not have the ability to restore anything. The email Exchange Server is incredibly slow. So slow that I have taken the time spent waiting for my email to download to my client that I am motivated to find review sites and post my dissatisfaction!

Do not burden yourself with 1and1. They are not worth the money saved. As soon as we identify a better alternative we are moving on.

Biggest Pro: There are none.
Biggest Con: They are still in business.

Words from a Web Designer

I design webs for a living and let my clients choose their own host.

If they choose 1and1 I start to worry....

I built a web for my client who already had a mail package with 2 (my name for 1and1) and called them to upgrade to a mail package with web space. They took his order and said everything is ready. I tried to publish but could get no FTP access so sent their support an email only to be told that the client had not purchased any web space just a mail package. I went back top my client and explained this and he got back in touch (at 6p per minute) to be told he had DEFINITELY purchased some web space and there was no reason why he cant publish.

Still wth me .....

Another email to Mark in support brought the response that he ABSOLUTELY DEFINITIVELY had not bought any web space. Went back to client who was completely baffled and once again called 2. They said that the problem might be that he needed to set up the domain on his account so they sent him some instructions to do this. He tried, I tried but no-one could work out what needed to be done.

Am I still typing this ....

Another email to Mark in support and he sent me a list of instructions on how to set up the domain.

This worked first time.

Heres the best bit, they inferred that it was my clients fault because he did not set up the domain, which he could not do because first time he did not know he had to do anything and second the instructions given were bogus ... aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Is it me?

I have now put on my website 'Whatever you do, do not use 1 & 1 for hosting.' I think I would welcome a call from their legal team.

Biggest Pro: I dont use them
Biggest Con: Everyone else is so much better.

Bad, bad deal

The company used to be good a few years ago but has declined in the last year.

They have increased prices and decreased services

Their billing department gets in the way of transactions with lots of red tape and misinformation. Other departments still try to help, but billing rules and is a deal breker.

Their control panel is very basic.

Overall, not a good value for your money.

I was slow to move on because I hosted with them for many years, but finally had move on.

Biggest Con: Billing department is very inflexible and they get involved in any changes

Give credit where credit's due!

After reading all the moans about 1and1 on this site, I thought I should give a bit of praise to balance things up.
My computer recently picked up a virus (no credit to McAfee) which allowed hackers to send out phishing e-mails to all and sundry from our web-site.
The abuse team worked extremely hard at identifying the problem and eventually solving it, keeping me posted along the way.
It's still a bit soon to say that we are completely out of the wood, but I am very grateful to and impressed by a lady named Olga of 1and1's Abuse team who was very helpful indeed.

Biggest Pro: The expertise of the Abuse Team
Biggest Con: The billing department - I received my first bill the other day after 4 years!

The Worst hosting provider

1 & 1 is the worst hosting and Domain regastrationn company I have ever delt with. I would advice people to stay well clear of them. I rencently toke out a free trial with them but I canciled it a few days after becuase the service was not good but they ended up saying that I was tied into a contract and haven been made to pay a full years subsciption for something that was ment to free for 30 days. If you do encounter a problem with then won’t get a lot of help from them. It is a nightmare to prove that you have been billed for something you haven’t used, and even when you do it is still hard to get out of it. I am now with 123 reg and I have to say this is a great company they do help their customers with billing problems and other issues with your account.

The worst support and customer service

They have the worst support and customer service that I have seen.

I ordered Dynamic Cloud Server from them and for FOUR days they were unable to make it work! I sent them several emails, made a call - NO results, NO responses, NO excuses, NO explanation. It is unbelievable.

Beware and avoid!

Had a problem right from the start, I canceled right away and confirmed by email but I was billed anyway. Now I have to go through all the hassle of disputing the bill and monitoring my card for the next year. Think about it you were warned!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: dishonest

Terrible Experience

They will not stop charging me. I canceled my package and tried to get rid of everything and they still charge me. Now when I get on their site, I have no package to cancel but I still have to pay for a package.

Biggest Pro: I can't find one
Biggest Con: Too Many

Worst Web Host EVER

Under no circumstances should you think about hosting with 1&1. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I am presently trying to cancel my hosting account with them, and have paid for several calls due to their rude, unhelpful customer service. I am STILL trying to get out of this account! Go with TSO Host, they're wonderful.

Biggest Con: Their people. Their service.

1 and 1 support is awful.

I am new to building websites. I am just now starting a business. Twice in the last two months, 1 and 1 has lost my website and my files. I called support today to find out why, and the fellow on the line had no clue what the term "my website was deleted" meant. He kept thinking I wanted to delete my website. After several minutes of trying to communicate with him, I asked if I could speak to another support person. He said he was the only one. I told him that I doubted that. I asked for his supervisor, but apparently the supervisor was on another call (perhaps another lie). I asked again for another support person. He told me I had to call back. This is the worst service I have ever had, even worse than working with AT&T (and that is really bad).

Biggest Con: Absolutely no service

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