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how crap are 1 and 1

Extra fees, bad telephone representative, long server down time
My website was down about 2 days every week, with weird errors like 500 error (which is server side error) or simply no response.
I used it to host several simple html pages and I dont think that will cause the super long down time.

After 1.5 years I finally decided to move away from 1and1 and cancelled my account 3 weeks in advance.

However, they still sent me a bill of 5 dollars after my cancellation of the service, and when I tried to call the sales representative, they kept giving me an attitude and transferring me around the department, just to save that 5 dollars. (and their sales representative's accent is intolerable).

Hope my extra fees, bad experience from telephone representative and server down time can persuade you away from them. Don't be fooled by their "promotion" and self-claimed cheap price.

i'v had the same with them DON'T USE THEM there crap

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: all of it


I've used 1and1 for years, and as long as the help I needed was over the phone it's no problem. Issues arose when I needed some real support. I was in the process of moving moving my domains from 1and1 to a new host that supported 3.5 when they came out with the deal that for a 1 year contract you could get Dreamweaver free. Great deal! So I took it and moved my domains over. It's been a month now and STILL NO DREAMWEAVER!!! All I get is a canned we're working on it response. The funny thing is I've just taken over administering a Baptist association's website that includes 161 members, and will be taking those sites to a new host, but certainly not this one!

Biggest Pro: Price I guess
Biggest Con: Technical support stinks


After many horrible months with a website badly hosted by 1& I canceled my account but STUPIDLY left my domain registered with 1&1 and the domain expired with NO NOTICE despite my contact information remaining current. I found out the website was down from a puzzled customer who could no longer access the site. My other domains are all registered with BlueHost and they very kindly send a renewal notice. When I called 1&1 they told me I have to file a redemption request and pay $40 to get my domain back. I also have to wait 5 or more business days. When I told them this was terrible customer service to hold my domain name and refuse to let me transfer it or renew it immediately, the customer service agent HUNG UP ON ME.

1&1 is a dismal hosting company for many reasons besides this, including dreadful technical support, multiple programming glitches and lack of features for the cost of hosting, but this absolutely takes the cake.

DO NOT HOST HERE - Terrible customer service

DO NOT HOST HERE - seriously.

Their hosting service is average, but their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I canceled my account with them and yet, they still feel the need to charge me for services I neither want nor received.

They will automatically sign you up for a 1 year contract – they did this to me after I spoke with a CS agent while I was signing up and specifically said I wanted a month-to-month plan.

On top of it all, their customer service agents AND MANAGERS are rude beyond belief. The manager I spoke with was Damien Christopher, who apparently is a 20-something year old kid with a serious attitude problem. It amazes me that this company promoted someone that immature and disrespectful to a managerial role.

Trust me – there are more important things in life, and there are better host providers out there. It’s just not worth it – move on and find another host. You’ll be better off.

Dreadful customer care - stay well away!!

I am so fed up with 1and1 that I'm leaving them. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty communicating this to the call centre! It is in the Philippines and they use the worst headsets known to man. When you call the centre for support, you're faced with inaudible robotic and oddly squeaky mutterings which sound a bit like this "glawgloer wamug ... domain name ... rwarioii mawue ... control panel". The combination of bad English and poor headsets means that you spend 35 infuriating minutes trying to get one question answered (and of course you are paying for the long phone call!). I don't know how I've put up with it for so long! I'm off.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: The awful call centre

Avoid like the plague

Their services are reasonably cheap, and if you do not require technical support then they're great. But if for some reason you run into a situation where human contact is required on behalf of 1&1, you might as well just move to another host. The english language is not capable of describing how poor their customer service really is. Beyond being ill informed, or just not knowledgeable, if they don't know an answer they will just make something up. If for some reason you have a domain transfer issue that gets escalated, they'll tell you a resolution time frame is 24 to 48 hours. So far, that time frame has meant 3-4 weeks for me.

I was a customer for the better part of 10 years, and didn't have too much trouble until recently when I ran into financial troubles and website hosting became a low priority. My account fell behind and was sent to collections, but once I got back on my feet I called them up to pay them the outstanding balance. I was told that I caught it right on time because my account was due for deletion in 3 weeks. I paid the balance, in full, and they told me that it would take 3 business days to process, and my services would be turned back on. After 2 weeks of fighting with them, and being told different things by different reps, I decided to move my domains to another registrar. A Rep gave me the auth codes and "unlocked" the domains. I have been unable to move my domains, but I have been told that the case has been "escalated" to the transfers department, and they will handle it and unlock my domains for me. That was a week ago, and I have yet to hear anything. I am still unable to transfer my domains.

According to ICANN rules, they are not allowed to hold the domains hostage like this. I have filed a complaint with ICANN, and will be filing one with the BBB shortly. The BBB gives 1&1 an F.

1and1 AWFUL Asking Representative to Involve Commerce Dept

1and1 has held my requested name change hostage for two weeks now. they will not change over DNS servers when though they said they would. It has already cost me thousands i lost sales. fortunately I have a few congressional friends, and am going to ask them to have Commerce look at 1and1s US license status and see what complaints they are having. These guys needs to go. After reading all these negative posts, I can't imagine why they are even allowed to do business here. We'll see what shakes out.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: they are a CON

Avoid the worst host in history!

This co. started out good, but like so many ended up at the bottom of the heap. Total garbage co. now. I hosted several sites with them for years and now was forced to move them to iPower ( a good hosting service BTW.) This has cost me dearly in time and money. The most incompetent, moronic, retarded technical support and billing dept. They kept screwing up one thing after another and then still demanded payment from me for stuff.

Server down EVERY DAY after weeks of dealing with them they still weren't able to fix the slow as molasses servers and servers constantly going dead. DO you want to host your websites with a co. like that?

After I disputed some charges they totally reprehensibly locked one of my client's accounts so they couldn't get their emails which was a disgusting and unconscionable act!. THEN it cost me $20 to just unlock it - months later they're still sending me emails about money I owe them (!!!)


Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: cheap to start-up then the horror starts soon thereafter

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Stay away

Used them for a few years for a bunch of domains (business hosting) and they were great in the beginning. Maybe they were sold to another co. because for a year now I had nothing but problems. Their tech support is outsourced to some backwater Indian sh!thole village where you can't understand a word they're saying their English is so dwarfed. My servers were down on a DAILY BASIS, they would not do anything about it. Speed would come to a crawl at unpredictable intervals. Eventually I gave up on these guys and moved my hosting elsewhere. I would not recommend these guys to anyone.

By Michael Philips on June 7th, 2010 at 13:44 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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What is it with all the negatives?

I've had an account hosted with 1and1 for @ one year. I have several subdomains configured and use it mainly as a testing server for prep work on client sites. The thing about that is that I work in MySQL and domain setup frequenly. The site uptime has been good and I've never had a problem at all with either configuration processes, tech support or customer service. I've read several reviews and even had another hosting provider admin say how much he disliked 1and1. He mentioned that they host 'a lot of miscreants' and are hard to get domains transferred from. What would you expect from another hosting provider??

I've yet to encounter any notable reason to validate any of it.. not saying that something might not change in the future, but that's my experience so far.

Hope this helps.

1and1 Customer Service Is THE WORST!

Been a customer for a while. Eventhough their product features are way below average than other hosting company, their price is slightly better than its competitors. What I don't like about this company is their customer support is the WORST for company as big as 1and1. Technical Support is the only department that quite helpful. Other department, especially Billing is horrible. If you don't believe me, try get in touch with them. It's much better to outsource that department to India, Europe or any other South East Asia countries whose official language not English. They seem to understand English, have much better customer service skills than the current Billing department team.

Biggest Con: Worst Customer Service

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