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On average, 1and1 is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 186
# that Recommend 19
Very Low
% that Recommend 10%
Very Low
Overall RatingFootnote 2 22%
Very Low
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
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Shocking Customer Service

I have been with 1and1 for some years now. Cant fault there service technically however there customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Twice I have received letters from an external debt collection agency working on 1and1's behalf, for domains that I have previously candled.
For reasons only known to 1and1 they have voided all my cancellation requests with out my knowledge.

Customer support are very unhelpful and insist that despite cancelling I am still liable for the fees, and fees inured from the external debt collection agency.

I have now moved my 10+ domains to a more reliable and customer friendly web host.

If you are considering using 1and1 please do your research first and chose wisely

Biggest Pro: Low Cost
Biggest Con: Suspect Business Practices

worst customer service and admin

i been having an issue with them for last 4-5 days. I have been trying to make changes to my site and i am not able to FTP. The FTP option in my cpanel is gone. i have called them asking for help and their call center in india/philippines has no clue when the issue will be fixed

1and1 Tech Support is the worst I have ever dealt with

1and1 promises Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software. Good luck trying to get it. My first attempt resulted in an invalid page. 30 minutes on hold to outsourced tech support informed mr they were having issues with Adobe. after 30 days the download link was reactivated, but I was sent to a site with instructions in German and whem I clicked on a download error message I was kicked off. After another round of emails the download link was reactivated and I was sent a very curt email from Tech Support telling me I should call their people on next try and they would lead me thru it and that would be the last attempt. I did and their outsourced Tech Support took me down Primrose Lane to the ineveitable failure again. Another round of emails and I was informed, Sorry that wass your last attempt.

I am not some amatuer with his first computer. I have been an IT manager for a large company for many years and have done literally thousands of successful downloads from hundreds of sites. I feel sorry for the poor person that just trys Web Hosting for the first time and gets this incompetent site.

No customer complaint or feedback contacts. (Gee, I wonder why)

Biggest Pro: Easy interface and ease of use nightmare!

I currently have owned a domain with 1and1 which has been hosted by another provider. This has been for the period of about one year. Not too much problems with that. Ever since I tried to register a new .co domain through 1and1 to the same hosting company(they allowed me to register several .co's in fact) they have informed me that the .co is currently 'not compatible' with the other nameservers I provided, that they are trying to rectify this, to edit the DNS, and simply cannot give me any specific timescale. I now have no website and it has been two weeks and I have to change the name of my business to a less suitable domain in order to have a webiste!!!!!! I have cancelled my other domains but apparently this takes 60 days before you can register this with another provider - that's if your old domain name is still available! after 60 days!!??? Corruption is rife!

Biggest Pro: They pcik up the phone quick to tell you what you already know
Biggest Con: expensive .co domain names that don't work! is the worst!!!

Watch out they automatically bill you for a full year renewal of your domain even when you want to cancel the domain.
I have contacted them via email several times and have had no response from them.
The phone numbers they have posted are no longer in service or ring busy all the time.

This is completely unacceptable and horrible customer service. I was referred to and will never use them again.

They will not be in business much longer with this kind of business model.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!>.....

Biggest Con: RUN..RUN..RUN..RUN...

Ransomed my deceased brother's domain name

My brother owned two domains and had hosting service with 1and1. He passed away in 2008 and at the time we didn't realize he actually owned the domains, only that he had been working on developing a website with someone else. Apparently his hosting service was paid through sometime in late 2009 since the site was no longer accessible then. Soon after we realized the domain was in his name and it was up for renewal in March 2010. I contacted 1and1 about transferring ownership of the domain name to his estate representative.

They initially told us told us the only way we could take ownership of the domain was to pay for the past due balance on the hosting account (nevermind that the site went down as soon as the hosting plan wasn't renew).

Then they told us they would make an exception, but we would have to open a web hosting account with them, so they had an "active" account to transfer it too.

I purchase it on my own after it expired. Wished I had notified ICANN!! sucks

If you're thinking about doing business with 1 and 1 internet, then you may want to reconsider after your done reading this article.

1 And 1 Internet provides a range of services from web and dedicated servers. They are considered one of the worse companies in the U.S when it comes to providing technical support and customer services.

If you're thinking about getting a dedicated server with them, then do not expect to receive very technical support. If you try asking a simple question about Plesk that is installed on their servers, you will get a response we do not support it.

Comparing the price on the dedicated servers with the other providers listed on, 1 And 1 Internet is way over price. You can compare some of the prices using this link or go to

1 And 1 Internet can even do a simple process of syncing there email between their billing and cancellation system that is used to cancel your account.

If you want to make a complaint against the company do no except a response from 1 And 1 Internet.

If you have a complaint about 1 And 1 Internet, then you should file your complaint by going to They will listen to you and they keep a total numbers of complaints that they receive against the companies.

As of October 4, 2007 here is total number of complaints that have been filed against 1 And 1 Internet Inc.

Find out more about this business:
Reported on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 3:56 PM
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This business has not been accredited by BBB.
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Name: 1 And 1 Internet, Inc.
Phone: (877) 461-2631
Address: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087
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Business Category: Internet Services
eMail: [email protected]

BBB file opened: December 31, 2003
Business started: May 2003
Business started locally: May 2003
Primary Contact: Mr. Oliver Mauss (CEO)
Complaint Contact: Mr. Joseph Quinn (Complaints Director)
Other Contacts: Mr. Frederick Iwons (U.S. General Manager)
Mr. Dirk Moreno (V.P. Customer Care)
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1 & 1 Internet Inc
1 and 1
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(610) 560-1507 (FAX)
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Number of complaints processed by the BBB
in the last 36 months: 806
in the last 12 months: 249
Complaints Concerned:
Selling Practices (66 complaints)
46 Resolved
1 Unresolved
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Advertising Issues (17 complaints)
13 Resolved
2 Unresolved
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Service Issues (113 complaints)
91 Resolved
3 Unresolved
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14 Company did not respond

Customer Service Issues (3 complaints)
1 Resolved
2 Unresolved

Credit or Billing Disputes (464 complaints)
336 Resolved
33 Unresolved
16 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
79 Company did not respond

Delivery Issues (16 complaints)
11 Resolved
1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
4 Company did not respond

Refund Practices (49 complaints)
38 Resolved
1 Delayed Resolution
1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
9 Company did not respond

Product Quality (10 complaints)
10 Resolved

Contract Disputes (52 complaints)
39 Resolved
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6 Resolved
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Repair Issues (7 complaints)
7 Resolved

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ID: 1040770
Report as of: 10/5/2010 3:56 PM

The CEO of has no control over there employees and they treat there customers like ****.

The link for the site is

You can you also reach me on

how crap are 1 and 1

Extra fees, bad telephone representative, long server down time
My website was down about 2 days every week, with weird errors like 500 error (which is server side error) or simply no response.
I used it to host several simple html pages and I dont think that will cause the super long down time.

After 1.5 years I finally decided to move away from 1and1 and cancelled my account 3 weeks in advance.

However, they still sent me a bill of 5 dollars after my cancellation of the service, and when I tried to call the sales representative, they kept giving me an attitude and transferring me around the department, just to save that 5 dollars. (and their sales representative's accent is intolerable).

Hope my extra fees, bad experience from telephone representative and server down time can persuade you away from them. Don't be fooled by their "promotion" and self-claimed cheap price.

i'v had the same with them DON'T USE THEM there crap

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: all of it


I've used 1and1 for years, and as long as the help I needed was over the phone it's no problem. Issues arose when I needed some real support. I was in the process of moving moving my domains from 1and1 to a new host that supported 3.5 when they came out with the deal that for a 1 year contract you could get Dreamweaver free. Great deal! So I took it and moved my domains over. It's been a month now and STILL NO DREAMWEAVER!!! All I get is a canned we're working on it response. The funny thing is I've just taken over administering a Baptist association's website that includes 161 members, and will be taking those sites to a new host, but certainly not this one!

Biggest Pro: Price I guess
Biggest Con: Technical support stinks


After many horrible months with a website badly hosted by 1& I canceled my account but STUPIDLY left my domain registered with 1&1 and the domain expired with NO NOTICE despite my contact information remaining current. I found out the website was down from a puzzled customer who could no longer access the site. My other domains are all registered with BlueHost and they very kindly send a renewal notice. When I called 1&1 they told me I have to file a redemption request and pay $40 to get my domain back. I also have to wait 5 or more business days. When I told them this was terrible customer service to hold my domain name and refuse to let me transfer it or renew it immediately, the customer service agent HUNG UP ON ME.

1&1 is a dismal hosting company for many reasons besides this, including dreadful technical support, multiple programming glitches and lack of features for the cost of hosting, but this absolutely takes the cake.

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