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1and1 sock- they are scammers

in the process of moving me from a high cost package to a low cost one, they have completed deleted my website- then said that it was my responsiblilty to back up the data when changing packages!.
in addition they were completely rude on the phone- they cs is useless, and they refused to escalate calls to their supervisor.

i have never a company this bad!

Do you want a world of pain? Run from 1&1 as quickly as possible

Try leaving, you think you have and months , years later, debt collectors bills arrive saying you didnt complete the leaving process. Read the online blogs, that should be enough. This company treats its customers in an appalling way. Am I still a customer, as soon as I can extracate myself from their accounts dept. You have been warned.

Biggest Pro: you get your email
Biggest Con: where do I start, awful, rotten to its core, try leaving? try getting bills explained, try getting support,

Cloud Server Not Ready For Prime Time

I've encountered several problems with the Dynamic Cloud Server. Initially was taking forever to log into account administration screen. Called for help, was told this is a "known issue." Yesterday tried to change hardware settings, increase disk space, which shut down the server. After an hour, the server was not back on. Called for help, was told that it was a known problem, with no ETA for expected fix.

Biggest Pro: Flexibility
Biggest Con: Important Features Don't Work

few years running

I read their ad in a computer mag back in 05 or so and have been with them since, the suport was only needed once, and it was becuase of my incompitence with websites, eerything was in order in under 24 hours(Email support)

upload to the servers FTP isnt the fastest but i suspect that could be my ISP (comcast BURST speeds are great but upload alwasy lacks for larger files)

only downside is they dont want consumers to suck up CPU cycles... they tend to be restrictive on DB sizes. and you cannot use DB for a few things... read the EULA for details.

never overcharged, very competitive rates. i'll be here a while

Biggest Pro: yet to see any down time, rates, just works as it should
Biggest Con: the only problem i've run into so far is they dont want people to use CPU power... max DB size on most packages is 100MB :/

Shocking Customer Service

I have been with 1and1 for some years now. Cant fault there service technically however there customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Twice I have received letters from an external debt collection agency working on 1and1's behalf, for domains that I have previously candled.
For reasons only known to 1and1 they have voided all my cancellation requests with out my knowledge.

Customer support are very unhelpful and insist that despite cancelling I am still liable for the fees, and fees inured from the external debt collection agency.

I have now moved my 10+ domains to a more reliable and customer friendly web host.

If you are considering using 1and1 please do your research first and chose wisely

Biggest Pro: Low Cost
Biggest Con: Suspect Business Practices

worst customer service and admin

i been having an issue with them for last 4-5 days. I have been trying to make changes to my site and i am not able to FTP. The FTP option in my cpanel is gone. i have called them asking for help and their call center in india/philippines has no clue when the issue will be fixed

1and1 Tech Support is the worst I have ever dealt with

1and1 promises Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software. Good luck trying to get it. My first attempt resulted in an invalid page. 30 minutes on hold to outsourced tech support informed mr they were having issues with Adobe. after 30 days the download link was reactivated, but I was sent to a site with instructions in German and whem I clicked on a download error message I was kicked off. After another round of emails the download link was reactivated and I was sent a very curt email from Tech Support telling me I should call their people on next try and they would lead me thru it and that would be the last attempt. I did and their outsourced Tech Support took me down Primrose Lane to the ineveitable failure again. Another round of emails and I was informed, Sorry that wass your last attempt.

I am not some amatuer with his first computer. I have been an IT manager for a large company for many years and have done literally thousands of successful downloads from hundreds of sites. I feel sorry for the poor person that just trys Web Hosting for the first time and gets this incompetent site.

No customer complaint or feedback contacts. (Gee, I wonder why)

Biggest Pro: Easy interface and ease of use nightmare!

I currently have owned a domain with 1and1 which has been hosted by another provider. This has been for the period of about one year. Not too much problems with that. Ever since I tried to register a new .co domain through 1and1 to the same hosting company(they allowed me to register several .co's in fact) they have informed me that the .co is currently 'not compatible' with the other nameservers I provided, that they are trying to rectify this, to edit the DNS, and simply cannot give me any specific timescale. I now have no website and it has been two weeks and I have to change the name of my business to a less suitable domain in order to have a webiste!!!!!! I have cancelled my other domains but apparently this takes 60 days before you can register this with another provider - that's if your old domain name is still available! after 60 days!!??? Corruption is rife!

Biggest Pro: They pcik up the phone quick to tell you what you already know
Biggest Con: expensive .co domain names that don't work! is the worst!!!

Watch out they automatically bill you for a full year renewal of your domain even when you want to cancel the domain.
I have contacted them via email several times and have had no response from them.
The phone numbers they have posted are no longer in service or ring busy all the time.

This is completely unacceptable and horrible customer service. I was referred to and will never use them again.

They will not be in business much longer with this kind of business model.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!>.....

Biggest Con: RUN..RUN..RUN..RUN...

Ransomed my deceased brother's domain name

My brother owned two domains and had hosting service with 1and1. He passed away in 2008 and at the time we didn't realize he actually owned the domains, only that he had been working on developing a website with someone else. Apparently his hosting service was paid through sometime in late 2009 since the site was no longer accessible then. Soon after we realized the domain was in his name and it was up for renewal in March 2010. I contacted 1and1 about transferring ownership of the domain name to his estate representative.

They initially told us told us the only way we could take ownership of the domain was to pay for the past due balance on the hosting account (nevermind that the site went down as soon as the hosting plan wasn't renew).

Then they told us they would make an exception, but we would have to open a web hosting account with them, so they had an "active" account to transfer it too.

I purchase it on my own after it expired. Wished I had notified ICANN!!

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