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Most Reliable Entry Level UK Hosting

123-Reg is the most reliable and cheapest web hosting service for entry-level websites in the UK. Since 2007, We are running our different sites with them. We have seen very low downtime or issues in our long term relationship.
We are really very happy with 123-Reg. Also, I must mention their customer support who are 247 up for live chat support. Besides that, Phone support, Email Tickets, and well-organized knowledge resources are available.

As I have already stated lots of good words about them but they have a few drawbacks like others. I observed a bit of technical knowledge could be helpful for site migration and backup creation. Other than that the email service din not worked for us. Also, we have found several site downtime at midnight.

We have tried the marketing service they are offering. And, we found that is average if we consider other marketing service providers. If you could arrange marketing from different reliable sources I personally not recommend 123-Reg marketing service.

Though by comparing with any other hosting business, 123-Reg Hosting is really worked great for us. I will recommend them for early-stage websites. They have 30 Days Money Back Guaranty which means you can try them without any risk of pay.

Biggest Pro: 247 Customer Support
Biggest Con: Only Available in UK

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

I have been with this host for nearly a month now, and all I can say about them is WOW.

I was refereed to them by a friend who also runs a website with them, and thought it was a good bet they would be fine for what I needed. How wrong I was.

The problems first started with buying the domain name, and I must addmit when we spelled it, we spelled it wrong. Are mistake.
The site happyly changed the cock up for us and we where on our way.
But the person who fixed this for us forgot to link it to our account, so we asked them to fix it for us. While we where waiting for it to be fixed I began to build the site, and had it about 65% finished, when I loged on one day to find that the domain problem had been fixed however the site I had build was go. They had opened a second account for us without moving what I had uploaded on to the server.

No matter, I started uploading the site again from a backup of it I had made on my own computer, when I was done I started making a template for it, but ran in to more problems. The site kept sending me erorrs back saying promission was denied.

I have tryed EVERYTHING to get around or fix this problem but no look, and the staf on the site where not helpful in the slightist, they get asking me to change prem to 777 and all the rest, I would have been happy to do this but the server WOULDN'T let me do anything to any files I uploaded, all I could do is upload file and that was it.

I was using Joomla for my site which I have used for many many sites I have built, and I was keen to try out 1.6 However the Fantastico only offered me 1.5. I needed to use 1.6 because I had already built some addons and templates that would only work on 1.6 and I was not about to rewrite thousands of lines of code for a outdated system.

Fantastico was the only way to upload a site that I could then change and edit.

Its strange I could not edit files on my own server which I had paid for...

One other problem we had was with the Email, I had made some accounts for me and a friend to use, however I got erorr after erorro when trying to use it. I would not send mail, nor load my mail box to check for messages it. I could only access RoundCube email system, and not Horde which I am use to.

I sent a ticket in to the site, they started working on it, and after around 3 weeks it was fixed. But only RoundCube would work, Horde still doesn't work.

On top of all the errors and problems I had and still am having, the sites Uptime was appauling, servers where slow and crashed alot, technical support was crap and took ages to responde, and the live support feature was never on. I mean I was on the site trying to sort it out the whole day and not once did I see Live support online.

If you see this site please turn your head away and go eles where, it would be easyer to start up you own server. atleast you could change the files on it!!

Biggest Pro: Easy assesible site (when it is up and not down)
Biggest Con: could not change files on server.

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