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Sad Support after Great Promises

This host, 10X Hostings, has proven to be very bad at support.

While the uptime has been fine, and the speed is very good, the support is absolutely terrible.

To date, I've submitted 12 tickets. Never have then been replied to in the 30-minute time promised when I signed up.

My current ticket has been in que 17 hours and still hasn't been replied to or even viewed.

My past email server problem took them a month to fix. The problem likely could have been fixed in a matter of hours if handled properly.

They have no phone support, so the ticket system is all you have. There is no online chat support as well. Nothing can be done real-time. And regardless of the level you sign up at, you can't get the support promised.

After uptime and speed, support is most important in web hosting. This company has not learned this, and continues to be support nightmare.

Biggest Pro: Good uptime and speed.
Biggest Con: Very bad support

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Incompetent Service at 10X Hostings

10X Hosting offered a good deal and I bought into the full service options. Sadly, like so many web hosts, their support has been terrible.

My email server stopped accepting emails about a week prior to Nov 23, 2019. I waited a week to see if it cleared up. I had changed nothing - really, I did nothing.

I sent my support ticket on Nov 23, which is supposed to be replied to in 30 minutes or less for my level of service. It took 10X Hostings over a day to reply.

There reply told me to do things to the wrong website. They did this several twice. Then they had me check some DNS records on Cloudflare. Which I did. What they keep ignoring is I changed nothing and now it is December 23rd, and I still can't receive email.

Plus, now they seem to enjoy putting me on hold and telling me nothing. From my perspective 10XHostings is doing nothing. They really don't seem to care. My primary business email has not worked for nearly a month.

I'm not a server expert, but I am pretty sure this can be fixed by a competent staff rather easily.

Nevertheless, they just refuse to do anything by putting me on never-ending hold without any explanation.

Stay away from this host. While the uptime has been fine for the main website, the support is completely incompetent.

By Wayne Sharer on December 23rd, 2019 at 04:12 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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