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Rip off and theft

Never use this company to host any website, I got a friend to set my website up and he used this appalling company,

I never opened the business so after a year they started to send me invoices for the next years hosting, as I never opened the business I decided to ignore the e mails because it stated if I don't respond then I won't own the domain name any longer (great exactly what I wanted)

Well I am amazed to find today the 16-06-2016 this company has automatically taken the payment from my credit card without my authority (I call this theft)

When I Sent a e mail to them I was advised it was a sales line that received my complaint and they advised me to send it to the billing department through the client log in page,

As I never opened the original account I have no idea what this is so I instructed the sales team to forward my complaint or I will take legal action for theft,

They replied to say if I threaten them with legal action they will not respond


Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Payments are taken with no authority

000webhost sucks

In 2010 we have created a site and have placed it on 000webhost. It was a site of our organization - movement "Venceremos" - a society of the international friendship. The site never was commercial. The address was All was normal, we accepted conditions of a free hosting, and the site was small - at the moment of blocking about 42 Mb. We had time to make an exchange of links with other sites, have registered it in different search engines. Recently our site has been closed without any warning. Having come into "members area", I have seen the short message:" Suspended (Scam.h.GeneratedSCAM-DSY-2 | /www/, )". No explanations, no offers to correct anything, inquiries in technical support are not accepted, at their forum I cannot be registered anymore, because I already "not a customer". Has written to them from other e-mail - no answer. There is no need to say that we did not post any "scam". What variants? The site was hacked, for example, the password have been stolen, posted something unwanted, have reported about it - the account is blocked. Then technical support should be at least on communication to understand, why suddenly normal people posted "scam". And they should think about safety. For example, access to "members area" (management of a site) - without SSL, not encrypted. If the support was on communication - all could be solved, but they are not. Other variant: the people on 000webhost have bothered that their hosting absolutely 0.00, and "Suspended" is such thick hint: it is time to pay, on banners only will not be full. But how to tell, if you swore: "How long will our hosting be free? Always!" It is clear they found the way. Certainly, there is a third variant: inquiry from "uncle Sam" to close a site writing, whence grow legs of war in Ukraine and many more else, but are any grounds necessary for closing? Violation of the law, or of terms of service? Or 000webhost is glad to lick any back by first request? Perhaps I am wrong. But how should I know, if there is no answer? Meanwhile, we have lost the site and we cannot restore its name any more. We must to search for other hosting.

Don't waste your time!

I have used 000webhost till now. It seemed good in first month. Than sometimes started some pause in mailing.

If I asked technical support they always apologized and recommended me to upgrade my account. And unfortunately it was happened more and more often. Last week the pause took more than 2 days and again the force recommendation is for upgrading and apology is for technical problem.

That was the last straw that broke the camel's back. If it is a characteristic of their service, it is not good. If it is the habit of their marketing (force to upgrade) it is more worse.
Don't waste your time! At last you will go away or pay. And you can find better hosting with pay plans.

Not good job!

Biggest Pro: You learn moving your web site.
Biggest Con: Force to upgrade

You Get What You Pay For

[Moved my site to this host because it was VERY fast, however, the drawbacks pushed me away.

First I'd have to reload pages because the database connection would error out. A page refresh would typically resolve it. Then I started getting "server busy" errors--a lot! I've used shared hosting for years. I know these hosts are typically shared, but I've never run into this before. That's a problem.

The final straw was when my IP got banned, because I working on the site (that's kind of the idea isn't it?). They *say* it takes 2000 hits to ban the IP (this has proven to be an inconsistent number). Regardless, even when support responded they told me I'd have to wait 24 hours. Nice. Already wasted one day of my weekend that I had planned to work on my site. Similar issues with 3iX (a low cost host that I"ve used for years) were resolved quickly--within an hour usually. They'd at least unban it--and did so several times.

I'm now in the process of transferring my site to a new host. The price and speed was right. Unfortunately it's useless if people can't even navigate your website uninterupted.

Biggest Con: Will ban your IP and leave you hanging.

Is this joke?

This is really one of worst host I have ever seen. Bugged Cpanel, too many restrictions. They give you nothing. When they need more space or servers, they just delete your account without notice or reason. All data is lost forever. Poor support.

You can see php notice and warning errors in cPanel. And now I need to recommend this webhosting? No. Stay away from 000webhostig, save money or nerves if you are using free plan.

Their affiliate system is TOTAL SCAM! Go check if you want and have time for it.

Now read this scam:
When they suspend my account without reason and notice, they wrote that I have to pay to reactivate it.
Then I wrote a new ticket where I asked them if they can restore all data if I pay your account. They told me that it is impossible to restore the data because it does not physically exist on the server.

Means they tried to fool me to pay, and yet with nothing to get. Of such acts should be prosecuted. Ordinary crooks!

Biggest Pro: Pay nothing and get nothing
Biggest Con: Disasterous hosting, scammers

000webhost - kinda buggy

I've had a few sites up with them, didn't need much performance since I was just starting out and barely had any visitors. At first I liked everything (hey it was free:) and got used to the interface, the speed was good, there was some downtime for some servers, but nothing major. A few hours tops, in 6 months.

Then one of my sites got to the first page in Google for a keyword, and I started having issues with the Database. Every now and then the site would return Database Error instead of loading.

Then after a few days my whole database was GONE. I wrote to them to find out what happened, whether I had deleted it by mistake somehow, or some problem on their side. Not only could they not tell me anything, their only suggestion was that I upgrade to paid hosting with them, if I want to stop having problems.

Also I went and tested their Backup / Restore, and it DOES NOT WORK!

I repeat do NOT rely on the one-click-bakup and restore with 000webhost, make a test right now if you don't believe me, you will remain without a database. Used Export / Import manually from phpMyAdmin, that's the only way to get files that work.

Also they SAY they have Fantastico installer for most CMS systems (WP, Joomla) but when you test it they say it is currently down, you only get installers with a paid account. They are down like that for months, basically there is no installer for free accounts. For me this was good because I learned how to do it manually, but be aware.

Altogether they're OK if you want to test things for free, the interface is clean, but be aware YOU are responsible for manual backups, and a LOT of things can go wrong with them. They also have capped per-minute traffic, so as soon as your site is popular, move it to a real host.

Do Not Use

I was shopping for a new hosting service and came upon I tried to set up a
site on the free hosting service to test them out
and they deleted all my files because my site was
under construction and had less than 10 visitors
per month! The thing was under construction and
had everything turned out great I planned to
upgrade to the regular hosting as well as pull my
other sites there. They said they sent me an
email and put a notice on the site that they were
going to delete it; neither notice did I get.
There also isnt anything that stood out that
notified me of the requirements when I signed up.
I offered to upgrade if they would restore my
files but they said they no longer had them! I
had a backup but since it was under construction
I did loose about 20 hours worth of work because
I had not backed up my last portion of work - not
realizing they would just delete my files and
suspend the account. Beware when hosting with There are too many reputable
and cheap places out there to pick from. My lost
work is 200x more than the yearly fee and I
gladly would have paid.

Biggest Con: They just delete your files without notice

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