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Word.Net Communications
Word.Net Communications Reviews
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Word.Net Communications
By: Barbara Williams
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 08 2005 / 16:41:30
IP Address:
Rating: 2
Lack of communication is the problem; we had trouble getting invoices, then found out that our domain name had an imcomplete registration. Months went by without this situation being corrected; then we discovered that David Holst had renewed the domain name for himself. In effect (not necessarily deliberately) he had stolen our domain. I think this is due to incompetence, not a deliberate con, but it is causing me no end of trouble.
"Truly as bad as everyone says"
Word.Net Communications
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 18 2004 / 15:00:12
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I hate to do this but I have to agree with the other folks who have commented here. While Dave Holst seems to be a very nice person when you talk to him, it's nearly impossible to get ahold of him or anyone else. I am in a similar position to some of the other folks. I am trying to change services after 2 years of horrible service from (macrefuge) - as described by others, severs going down, unable to access accounts etc, and worst of all no support. What's worse; now I cannot get them to transfer my domaiin names. I do not know if I have any recourse other than to pester them until it happens or they expire. This is extremely frustrating. Buyer Beware: DO NOT use this service. Hopefuly this helps save someone else the aggrivation I went through.
"Won't Respond to Emails and Phone Calls"
Word.Net Communications
By: P. Lin
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 14 2004 / 00:00:34
IP Address:
Rating: 1
A few years ago, my friend and I signed up for a hosting account on MacRefuge, which is run by Communications. The service seemed reliable at first, but after a while, we noticed that there was a great deal of down time with both the web and mail servers. We had built up a Mac-related news site with many viewers. We finally decided to move the site to a new host but realized that our domain was registered to David Holst, not one of our names. We attempted to contact David on multiple occasions via email and telephone to have him change the name so that we could transfer the domain. After several months of attempts to contact him, he responded saying that he would take care of it. It's now been almost a year, and the domain name registration still has not been changed. The other day, the domain stopped pointing to our website and now points to a blank page. It doesn't look like we will ever be able to use the same do! main name ever again.
"A Nightmare to Get Service!"
Word.Net Communications
By: Chris
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 03 2004 / 13:05:15
IP Address:
Rating: 2
My partner got this service before we started doing business together and has never bothered to play around with the web site since he is not a technical person. when I first started uploading and adding to the web site everything seemed just fine, a hundred email addresses to check like lightning and FTP uploads with ease. the problem starts when the service goes down, in the past 4 weeks every Friday making today the 4th Friday that the domain is down, sometime the mail server goes down with it and then the real hell starts of trying to get a hold of someone at Getting Crippled during business hours is the reason why we moved our domain to better hands. getting a hold of Dave....which is probably the only person working there can take from a day to a week. I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone and from my experience try to find a host that has 24/7 support with no limits on outbound and incoming emails. I hope I helped save some souls.
"Word.Net does not honor its word..."
Word.Net Communications
By: H.G. Lee
Date/Time of Posting = Mar 28 2002 / 13:51:53
IP Address:
Rating: 2
This company appears to be a small venture that simply doesn't know how to grow. I'm sure it was a decent endeavor when they had two dozen clients and it was exciting to get paid for running websites on your servers. However, the reality of their current operations is that customers often go 30-45 days without a response from customer service inquiries. Indeed, I have waited over a month sometimes even to get a response. The lack of professionalism is astounding. The main person (or, quite possibly, the only person) that I dealt with is Dave Holst, and he is a genuinely nice fellow that gives you the impression that he is trying very hard. However, you can only be misled so many times before you have to pull the plug. I did just that, and my latest battle is over a month long (namely, to get my refund which Dave has admitted that he owes me). All in all, the self-service features of their offerings (telnet and PLESK server admin, mostly) are quite solid, and the servers proved to be reliable. However, the lack of customer attention was just too much for me; customers shouldn't have to work that hard or be treated that poorly. CAVEAT EMPTOR.
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